Lisa Koc – Service Manager
Workforce Development
Social Care Policy Drivers
 Vision for Adult Social Care
Capable communities and Active Citizens, 2010
 The Health and Social Care Bill, 2011
 Think Local, Act Personal, 2010
Reinforces partnership working to integrate service delivery across
health and social care
The Seven ‘P’s
Central to the personalisation agenda
Protection Personalisation
Productivity Partnership Plurality
Refers to the workforce which needs to deliver care and support
in a skilled, innovative and compassionate way
Workforce Development
In order to do this and deliver wider vision
a framework is set out in the Skills for
Care document – Capable, Confident and
Skilled: A Workforce Development
Strategy for people working, supporting and caring in adult
social care, (2011)
What is Workforce Development?
• Skills of the workforce, the ones they have
now and the skills needed for the future
• Plan of how we get there
• Numbers, supply and demand for
the future
• Right people in the right place at the right
time, with the right skills, at an affordable
The nature of the workforce
One which actively enables prevention
Enables people to regain independence
Promotes independence
Promotes personalisation
Supports people to navigate through the
• Promotes good health and well being
Developing the Workforce
• Public sector continues to face unprecedented
challenges in addressing economic situation
• By 2012 LA provision likely to be very different
• Increased partnerships with the private, voluntary and
independent sector
• Traditional job roles will blur, professionally qualified staff
focus on area of expertise with care/support staff/PAs
filling any gaps of function or role
• Volunteers, unpaid carers will provide a range of support
from hands on care to preventative and universal
Effective Leadership and Management
• Transforms people and organisations
• Those who understand the purpose of the
organisation from the individual’s point of view –
most able to encourage effectiveness of teams
• Leaders who know what matters to individuals
and are able to customise the system and
promote appropriate working practices including
identifying where processes can be improved
and waste eliminated
Harnessing expertise within the workforce
• Experienced workers offer a rich source of
knowledge and expertise
• Essential to provide good support to
practicing professionals to develop
colleagues by providing appropriate
courses, coaching and mentoring
• Successful change relies on engaging and
consulting the workforce
Recruiting new staff
• Target individuals with new skills, knowledge, interests,
competences to reflect the new and emerging roles
• Opportunity to undertake positive action/ rebalance the
workforce, age, gender
• Comprehensive induction essential – principles of care,
personalisation, reablement, equality, diversity, cultural
competence, safe working practices and positive risk
How can we support you?
• Ensure adequacy of supply in line with demand
• Programme of learning and development
• Provide advice and guidance on achieving
representative workforces which in turn will be able
to deliver even more appropriate and sensitive
services. This includes engaging with traditionally
hard to reach groups
• To ensure any strategies developed link clearly to
health workforce issues and initiatives
What are the deliverables?
• Overarching:
Production of a 3 year strategic workforce plan and
action plan that identifies critical workforce issues in
relation to the transformation and personalsation of
adult social care and the remodelling of the whole
social care workforce to support service redesign,
with a focus on early intervention, prevention and
reablement; and integrated working.
Who are we?
Lisa Koc, Service Manager
Learning and Development Consultants
Dave Parkin, Elaine Betts, Andie Oliver,
Ida Bentley, Janet Lilley, Sharon Middleton,
Steph Charles and Trevor Thompson
Workforce Development Team
Adult Social Care & Inclusion
Walsall Council
1st Floor, Room 17a
Council House, Lichfield Street
Telephone: 01922 655541
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What is Workforce Development?