Samuel de Champlain
Jessica Spudowski
Basic Info.
• Samuel de
• The country he
sailed for was
Canada ,
• The date he
sailed for was
July 1608
Early Life
• Samuel de Champlain was born in
Brouage , France 1575
• He joined French King’s army
• Samuel de Champlain was in the
military in his twenties
• He met with the Iroquois Indians
What he was looking for
• Samuel de Champlain
was looking for furs.
• He traded with the
Native American
• He bought a colonist
site of Quebec city and
built a fort and called it
”The Fur Trading
The route he took
• He took traveled west ward along the
Ottawa River, he crossed the Lake
Nipissing and then on to Georgian Bay
in Lake Huron. Then crossed Lake
Ontario into New York. Making the first
known record of explorations of these
What Samuel de
Champlain Faced During
the Journey
• In 1612 the fur
companies appointed
Samuel de Champlain
governor of Quebec
• France went into war
,the English ships
blocked Quebec and he
was forced to surrender
his fort the following
Discoveries Made and How
That Impacted The World
• Champlain
increased the
volume of the
French fur trade.
Other Additional Facts
• Samuel de Champlain died on
December 25 1635.
• Lake Champlain was named
after him.
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Samuel de Champlain