Case study house 8
Midterm Presentation
IND 336-U01
Annelise Fiad
Eames House Case Study House 8
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
The Eames House was
designed by Eero Saarinen,
Charles Eames and Ray
The house was designed for
Charles and Ray to serve as
both their home and studio.
History behind the Eames House
The house was made from 1945-1949
It was an experiment in American
Residential architecture undertaken by
Jon Entenza’s arts & architecture
magazine. One of the many architects
assigned to create inexpensive and
efficient homes for the emerging
middle class after world war two. It
made its debut in the magazine shortly
after it was constructed.
I found this so interesting because they
were making more affordable houses
that looked high end and modern.
The De-stijl movement was portrayed through the color scheme
used throughout the house (Yellow, blue and red).
It was a Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917 in Amsterdam.
It proposed simplicity and abstraction through which expressed a
Utopian idea of harmony and order.
Use of their Matrix
The building’s most
important spaces were
double height spaces.
The combination of single
and double height
spaces allows for a
composition that breaks
the space up rhythmically
and is read on the exterior
of the house revealing the
matrix of the home which
allows a flow throughout
the home without
unnecessary boundaries.
Site Responsive
The home was built on a 1.4
acre lot in Pacific Palisades.
It was site responsive because
Charles and Ray built along the
ridge leaving the trees and
meadow intact.
Clustered with four other single
family case study residences.
It is on a hillside along the
urban periphery of LA.
It is not visible from the street
and accessed through a
private road from Chaut
auqua boulevard.
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