This Kind
Rock Cycle
Do Now
1) Move to each station that is set up with
rocks. Spend two minutes at each station
and list at least 4 characteristics of the rocks
that you see.
2) Write down the definition for a mineral.
3) What is the difference between a rock
and a mineral?
Count off by 8 and get into groups.
Try to arrange the rock cycle with the
pieces given.
Rock Definitions
Igneous Rock:
– Magma and Lava cools and hardens to form
Sedimentary Rock:
– The accumulation of various types of sediments
compacted and cemented together
Metamorphic Rock:
– Heat and pressure cause existing rocks to
change their minerals and/or shape
Intermediate States
1. Cooling/hardening
2. Compaction/Cementation
– Compaction: weight of overlying
sediments causes pressure pushing
sediments together
– Cementation: minerals dissolved in water
are transported and left behind to cement
sediments together
3. heat/pressure
4. melting
5. weathering
– Change in the physical form or chemical
composition of rock materials exposed at
the surface
What does the rock cycle that you
created tell us about the fate of rocks?
How are rocks classified? How does
this different from the classification of
Can you figure out which station held
which of the three types of rock?

Rock Cycle This Kind NOT THIS KIND

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