Rock Cycle
In your notes…
Take out a BLANK page in your notes
What is a rock?
How is it different than a mineral?
Give 4 characteristics of every rock…
Do Now
1) Move to each
station that is set up
with rocks. Spend two
minutes at each station
and list at least 4
characteristics of the
rocks that you see.
2) Write down the
definition for a mineral.
3) What is the
difference between a
rock and a mineral?
Rock Definitions
Igneous Rock:
– Magma and Lava cools and hardens to form
Sedimentary Rock:
– The accumulation of various types of sediments
compacted together
Metamorphic Rock:
– Heat and pressure cause existing rocks to
change their minerals and/or shape
#1 Intermediate States: Lava & Magma
Magma is still below earth.
Lava is expelled from earth.
#2 Intermediate State: Sediment
Broken rock fragments from the process of Weathering.
Processes (There are 3!)
1. Melting and Cooling (Hardening)
2. Heat/pressure (Below Earth)
3. Weathering, Eroding, Depositing,
Compaction, Cementation (WEDCC)
– Breaking apart of rocks into sediment fragments,
and then transporting them to another location,
where they settle.
– Compaction: weight of overlying sediments
causes pressure pushing sediments together
– Cementation: minerals dissolved in water are
transported and left behind to cement sediments
Do Now!
Count off by 8 and
get into groups.
Try to arrange the
rock cycle with the
pieces given.
Take out a new blank page and
put your name at the top…
Answer these questions…
– What does the rock cycle that you created
tell us about the fate of rocks?
– How are rocks classified? How does this
different from the classification of minerals?