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  • Ananda Marga
    Ánanda Márga (Sanskrit: আনন্দ মার্গ ānanda mārga "The Path of Bliss", also spelled Anand Marg and Ananda Marg) or officially Ánanda Márga Pracáraka Saḿgha (organisation for the propagation of the path of bliss) is a socio-spiritual organisation and movement founded in Jamalpur, Bihar, India in 1955 by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.
  • Dhyāna in Buddhism
    Dhyāna (Sanskrit) or Jhāna (Pali), commonly translated as meditation, is a practice which alters the state of mind.
  • Patanjali
    Patañjali (Sanskrit: पतञ्जलि) is a proper Indian name.
  • Sri Aurobindo Ashram
    The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual community (ashram) located in Pondicherry, in the Indian territory of Puducherry.
  • Kundalini
    Kundalini (Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī, कुण्डलिनी, , "coiled one"), in the Dharma religions, is a primal energy, or shakti, located at the base of the spine.
  • International Yoga Day
    International Day of Yoga (Hindi: अंतर्राष्ट्रीय योग दिवस: Antarāshtriya Yog Divas; IAST: Antarāṣṭrīya Yog Divas), or commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015.
  • Ahimsa
    Ahimsa (Sanskrit: अहिंसा; IAST: ahimsā, Pāli: avihiṃsā) is a term meaning 'not to injure' and 'compassion'.
  • Shakti
    In Hinduism, Shakti (Devanagari: शक्ति; from Sanskrit shak, "to be able"), also spelled as Sakthi, meaning "power" or "empowerment" is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.
  • Mudra
    A mudra (/muˈdrɑː/; Sanskrit मुद्रा, "seal", "mark", or "gesture"; Tibetan: ཕྱག་རྒྱ་ THL chakgya) is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Yamas
    Yamas, and its complement, Niyamas, represent a series of "right living" or ethical rules within Hinduism and Yoga.
  • Tummo
    Tummo (Tibetan: gtum-mo; Sanskrit: caṇḍālī) is a form of breathing, found in the Six Yogas of Naropa, Lamdre, Kalachakra and Anuyoga teachings of Tibetan Vajrayana.
  • Samadhi
    Samādhi (Sanskrit: समाधि, Hindi pronunciation: [səˈmaːd̪ʱi]), also called samāpatti, in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and yogic schools refers to a state of meditative consciousness.
  • Hatha yoga
    Hatha yoga (Sanskrit haṭhayoga, IPA: [ɦəʈʰəˈjoːɡə]), also called Haṭhavidyā , is a branch of yoga.
  • Kundalini yoga
    Kundalini Yoga (kuṇḍalinī-yoga), also known as laya yoga, is a school of yoga that is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra schools of Hinduism.
  • Yogi Matsyendranath
    Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj is a Guru of Russian origin recognised in India (his mundane name is Maxim Matsiendranatkh).
  • Sādhanā
    Sādhana (Sanskrit: साधन; Tibetan: སྒྲུབ་ཐབས་, THL druptap, Chinese: 修行), literally "a means of accomplishing something", is an ego-transcending spiritual practice.
  • Siddhi
    Siddhis (Sanskrit and Pali; Devanagari सिद्धि; Tibetan: དངོས་གྲུབ, THL: ngödrup, Chinese: 神通,悉地, 成就) are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga.
  • Three Bodies Doctrine (Vedanta)
    According to Sarira Traya, the Doctrine of the Three bodies in Hinduism, the human being is composed of three sariras or "bodies" emanating from Brahman by avidya, "ignorance" or "nescience".
  • Recovering Yogi
    Recovering Yogi, “a refuge for the spiritually disenfranchised,” is a web site created in 2010 for those disillusioned with Western yoga culture and its various branches and ideologies.
  • Namaste Yoga
    Namaste Yoga is an instructional yoga television series produced by Namaste TV, a division of Omnifilm Entertainment.
  • Timli Sanskrit Pathshala
    Shri Timli Sanskrit Pathshala (श्री तिमली संस्कृत पाठशाला), established in 1882, is the first Sanskrit school in Garhwal Himalaya that was recognized and funded by United Provinces from 1911 to 1915 and offered high school completion programs in Sanskrit (Karmakanda, Tantra and Vedic philosophy) to hundreds of students.
  • Michelle Paisley
    Michelle Lyn Paisley is an American author of two novels and one non-fiction book.
  • YYoga
    YYoga is a yoga and wellness company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga
    The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (acronym MDNIY) is an autonomous, non profit making institute, acting as the nodal agency for the development and promotion of yoga culture across the country.
  • Kumar Anish
    Kumar Anish is an Indian yoga practitioner who began practicing yoga in 1982.
  • Yogi Vilasnath Maharaj
    Yogi Vilasnath Maharaj (born 19 September 1957) is a famous Guru of Natha Tradition, who is making a lot of efforts for the development and spreading of tradition in India and abroad.
  • Naked Yoga (film)
    Naked Yoga is a short documentary released in 1974 and illustrates the practice of yoga in a natural setting and in the nude.
  • Om Swami
    Om Swami is a mystic, non-traditional monk and author of If Truth Be Told : A Monk's Memoir
  • AntiGravity Fitness
    AntiGravity Fitness is a fitness company founded by Christopher Harrison in 2007 and based in New York City, specializing in hybrid aerial fitness techniques that combine silk hammocks with yoga practices, Pilates, ballet barre exercises, and traditional strength training techniques into different exercise curriculums.
  • H. R. Nagendra
    H. R. Nagendra is an Indian mechanical engineer, Yoga therapist, academic, writer and the founder vice chancellor of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), a deemed university located in Bengaluru.
  • Breath of the Gods
    Breath of the Gods – A Journey to the Origins of Modern Yoga (German: ''Der atmende Gott – Reise zum Ursprung des modernen Yoga'') is a 2012 German documentary about the origins of modern Hatha yoga.
  • Theos Casimir Bernard
    Theos Casimir Bernard (1908–1947) was an explorer, and author, known for his work on yoga and religious studies, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Kumbhaka
    Kumbhaka is the pause between an inhale and exhale.
  • Lululemon Athletica
    Lululemon Athletica Inc.
  • André Van Lysebeth
    André Van Lysebeth (October 10, 1919 – January 28, 2004) was a Belgian yoga instructor and author whose works have been translated into a variety of languages.
  • Dhyana in Hinduism
    Dhyana (IAST: Dhyāna) in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism means contemplation and meditation, though their technical context is different.
  • Jangama dhyana
    Jangama dhyana is a meditation technique, which has been practiced by various sages over the centuries.