Volcanoes of the United States

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  • Yellowstone Caldera
    The Yellowstone Caldera is the volcanic caldera and supervolcano located in Yellowstone National Park in the United States, sometimes referred to as the Yellowstone Supervolcano.
  • Mount Tabor (Oregon)
    Mount Tabor is an extinct or dormant volcanic vent, the city park on the volcano, and the neighborhood of Southeast Portland that surrounds it, all in Oregon.
  • Capulin Volcano National Monument
    Capulin Volcano National Monument is a U.
  • Hoodoo Butte
    Hoodoo Butte is a cinder cone butte in the Cascade Range of northern Oregon, located near Santiam Pass just west of the Cascade Crest.
  • Bald Knoll
    Bald Knoll, also called Black Knoll, Buck Knoll or Corral Knoll, is a cinder cone in Utah, in the Southwestern United States.
  • Mount Sanford (Alaska)
    Mount Sanford is a shield volcano in the Wrangell Volcanic Field, in eastern Alaska near the Copper River.
  • Hualālai
    Hualālai (pronounced [huwəˈlaːlɐi] in Hawaiian) is an active volcano on the island of Hawaiʻi in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Mount Okmok
    Mount Okmok is the highest point on the rim of Okmok Caldera (Unmagim Anatuu in Aleut) on the northeastern part of Umnak Island in the eastern Aleutian Islands of Alaska.
  • Brushy Butte
    Brushy Butte is a small, poorly studied, shield volcano located immediately east of Timbered Crater, south-southeast of the Medicine Lake Highlands in northern California, U.
  • Zuni-Bandera volcanic field
    Zuni-Bandera volcanic field (also known as Bandera lava field, Grants Malpais and Malpais volcanic field) is a volcanic field located in the state of New Mexico, United States.
  • Mount Waialeale
    Mount Waiʻaleʻale (why ah lay ah lay), often spelled Waialeale in English without the ʻokina, is a shield volcano and the second highest point on the island of Kauaʻi in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Valles Caldera
    Valles Caldera (or Jemez Caldera) is a 13.
  • Belknap Crater
    Belknap Crater is a shield volcano in the Cascade Range in the U.
  • Diamond Head, Hawaii
    Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu and known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi, most likely from lae 'browridge, promontory' plus ʻahi 'tuna' because the shape of the ridgeline resembles the shape of a tuna's dorsal fin.
  • Mount Bona
    Mount Bona is one of the major mountains of the Saint Elias Mountains in eastern Alaska, and is the fifth-highest independent peak in the United States.
  • Lōʻihi Seamount
    Lōʻihi Seamount (also known as Loihi) is an active submarine volcano located about 35 km (22 mi) off the southeast coast of the island of Hawaiʻi.
  • Kīlauea
    Kīlauea (English /ˌkiːlaʊˈeɪə/ KEE-low-AY-ə, also US /ˌkɪləˈweɪə/ KIL-ə-WAY-ə; Hawaiian: [tiːlɐwˈwɛjə]) is a currently active shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands, and the most active of the five volcanoes that together form the island of Hawaiʻi.
  • Crater Lake
    Crater Lake (Klamath: giiwas) is a caldera lake in the western United States, located in south-central Oregon.