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United States Senators from Texas

United States Senators from Texas

  • Price Daniel
    Marion Price Daniel, Sr.
  • Tom Connally
    Thomas Terry "Tom" Connally (August 19, 1877 – October 28, 1963) was an American politician, who represented Texas in both the U.
  • Morris Sheppard
    John Morris Sheppard (May 28, 1875 – April 9, 1941) was a Democratic United States Congressman and United States Senator from Texas.
  • Sam Houston
    Samuel "Sam" Houston (March 2, 1793 – July 26, 1863) was an American politician and soldier, best known for his role in bringing Texas into the United States as a constituent state.
  • Matthias Ward
    Matthias Ward (October 13, 1805 – October 5, 1861) was a lawyer and United States Senator from Texas.
  • Bob Krueger
    Robert Charles Krueger (born September 19, 1935) is an American politician and former U.
  • Louis Wigfall
    Louis Trezevant Wigfall (April 21, 1816 – February 18, 1874) was an American politician from Texas who served as a member of the Texas Legislature, United States Senate, and Confederate Senate.
  • Roger Q. Mills
    Roger Quarles Mills (March 30, 1832 – September 2, 1911) was a United States lawyer and politician.
  • Ted Cruz
    Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz (born December 22, 1970) is an American politician and attorney, who has served as the junior United States Senator from Texas since 2013.
  • Ralph Yarborough
    Ralph Webster Yarborough (June 8, 1903 – January 27, 1996) was a Texas Democratic politician who served in the United States Senate from 1957 to 1971 and was a leader of the progressive or liberal wing of his party in his many races for statewide office.
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison
    Kay Bailey Hutchison (born Kathryn Ann Bailey; July 22, 1943) is a former United States Senator from Texas.
  • John Tower
    John Goodwin Tower (September 29, 1925 – April 5, 1991) was the first Republican United States senator from Texas since Reconstruction.
  • Joseph Weldon Bailey
    Joseph Weldon Bailey, Sr.
  • Earle Bradford Mayfield
    Earle Bradford Mayfield (April 12, 1881 – June 23, 1964) was a lawyer and Democratic Party politician from Overton, Texas who served in both the Texas State Senate and United States Senate.
  • James W. Flanagan
    James Winright Flanagan (September 5, 1805 – September 28, 1887) was an American merchant, lawyer, and farmer from Henderson, Texas.
  • Rienzi Melville Johnston
    Rienzi Melville Johnston (September 9, 1849 – February 28, 1926) was an American newspaperman and Democratic Party politician from Houston, Texas.
  • Lloyd Bentsen
    Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr.
  • John Hemphill (senator)
    John Hemphill (December 18, 1803 – January 4, 1862) was Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, and a United States Senator.
  • Samuel B. Maxey
    Samuel Bell Maxey (March 30, 1825 – August 16, 1895) was an American soldier, lawyer, and politician from Paris, Texas.
  • Thomas Jefferson Rusk
    Thomas Jefferson Rusk (December 5, 1803 – July 29, 1857) was an early political and military leader of the Republic of Texas, serving as its first Secretary of War as well as a general at the Battle of San Jacinto.
  • Phil Gramm
    William Philip "Phil" Gramm (born July 8, 1942) is an American economist and politician, who has served as a Democratic Congressman (1979–1983), a Republican Congressman (1983–1985) and a Republican Senator (1985–2002) from Texas.
  • William A. Blakley
    William Arvis "Dollar Bill" Blakley (November 17, 1898 – January 5, 1976) was an American senator and businessman from the State of Texas.
  • Horace Chilton
    Horace Chilton (December 29, 1853 – June 12, 1932) was a printer, lawyer, and Democratic United States Senator from Texas.
  • Andrew Jackson Houston
    Andrew Jackson Houston (June 21, 1854 – June 26, 1941) was an American politician.
  • John Cornyn
    John Cornyn III (born February 2, 1952) is the senior United States Senator from Texas, serving since 2002.
  • John Henninger Reagan
    John Henninger Reagan (October 8, 1818 – March 6, 1905) was an American politician from the U.
  • Richard Coke
    Richard Coke (March 18, 1829 – May 14, 1897) was an American lawyer, farmer, and statesman from Waco, Texas.
  • James Pinckney Henderson
    James Pinckney Henderson (March 31, 1808 – June 4, 1858) was a United States and Republic of Texas lawyer, politician, soldier, and the first Governor of the State of Texas.
  • Morgan C. Hamilton
    Morgan Calvin Hamilton (February 25, 1809 – November 21, 1893) was an American merchant, politician from Alabama and Texas, and brother of Andrew Jackson Hamilton.
  • W. Lee O'Daniel
    Wilbert Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel (March 11, 1890 – May 12, 1969) was a conservative Democratic Party politician from Texas, who came to prominence by hosting a popular radio program.
  • Charles Allen Culberson
    Charles Allen Culberson (June 10, 1855 – March 19, 1925) was an American political figure and Democrat who served as the 21st Governor of Texas from 1895 to 1899, and as a United States Senator from Texas from 1899 to 1923.