Unclassified languages of Africa

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  • Laal language
    Laal is an unclassified language spoken by 749 people (as of 2000) in three villages in the Moyen-Chari prefecture of Chad on opposite banks of the Chari River, called Gori (lá), Damtar (ɓual), and Mailao.
  • Ongota language
    Ongota (also known as Birale, Birayle) is a moribund language of southwest Ethiopia.
  • Shabo language
    Shabo (or preferably Chabu; also called Mikeyir) is an endangered language and likely language isolate spoken by about 400 former hunter-gatherers in southwestern Ethiopia, in the westernmost part of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region.
  • Sandawe language
    Sandawe is a click language spoken by about 60,000 Sandawe people in the Dodoma region of Tanzania.
  • Oropom language
    Oropom (Oworopom, Oyoropom, Oropoi) is an African language, possibly spurious and, if real, almost certainly extinct.
  • Berta language
    Berta proper, AKA Gebeto, is spoken by the Berta (also Bertha, Barta, Burta) in Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • Hadza language
    Hadza is a language isolate spoken along the shores of Lake Eyasi in Tanzania by fewer than a thousand Hadza people, the last full-time hunter-gatherers in Africa.
  • Bangime language
    The Bangime /ˌbæŋɡiˈmeɪ/ (bàŋɡí–mɛ̀) language, or in full Bàŋgɛ́rí-mɛ̀, is spoken by some 1,500 ethnic Dogon in seven villages in southern Mali, who call themselves the bàŋɡá–ndɛ̀ ('hidden people').
  • Jalaa language
    Jalaa (autonym bàsàrə̀n dà jàlààbè̩), also known as Cèntûm Centúúm or Cen Tuum is an endangered language of northeastern Nigeria (Loojaa settlement in Balanga Local Government Area, Bauchi State), of uncertain origins.
  • Kwadi language
    Kwadi /ˈkwɑːdi/ was a "click language" of uncertain classification once spoken in the southwest corner of Angola.
  • Meroitic language
    The Meroitic language (/mɛroʊˈɪtɪk/) was spoken in Meroë and the Sudan during the Meroitic period (attested from 300 BCE) and became extinct about 400 CE.
  • Kujargé language
    The Kujargé language is spoken in seven villages in Chad near Jebel Mirra (11°45′N 22°15′E / 11.750°N 22.250°E) and in Sudan in villages scattered along the lower Wadi Salih and Wadi Azum.
  • Mpra language
    Mpra AKA Mpre is a language spoken in the village of Butei (8°52′N 1°15′W / 8.867°N 1.250°W) in central Ghana, located between the towns of Techiman and Tamale near the confluence of the Black and White Voltas.
  • Kwisi people
    The Kwisi are a seashore-fishing and hunter-gatherer people of southwest Angola that physically seem to be a remnant of an indigenous population—along with the Kwadi, the Cimba, and the Damara—that are unlike either the San (Bushmen) or the Bantu.
  • Asa language
    The Asa (Aasá) language, commonly rendered Aasax, was spoken by the Asa people of Tanzania.
  • Mpur language (Ghana)
    Mpur is an unclassified and unattested language once spoken in the village of Tuluwe at the confluence of the Black and White Voltas, and in Kusawgu Division.
  • Dompo language
    Dompo is an endangered unclassified language of Ghana.
  • Gomba language
    Gomba is an unclassified language of Ethiopia.
  • Rimba language
    Rimba (Irimba) is the speech variety of the Babongo-Rimba pygmies of Gabon.
  • Kw'adza language
    Kw'adza (Qwadza) is an extinct Afroasiatic language formerly spoken in Tanzania in the Mbulu District.
  • Dama language (Sierra Leone)
    Dama is an extinct language of Sierra Leone.
  • Boro language (Ghana)
    Boro is an extinct language once spoken in central eastern Ghana.
  • Bayot language
    Bayot (Baiot, Baiote, Bayotte) is a language of southern Senegal, southwest of Ziguinchor in a group of villages near Nyassia, in northwestern Guinea-Bissau, along the Senegalese border, and in the Gambia.
  • Bung language
    The Bung language is a nearly extinct, endangered language of Cameroon spoken by 3 people (in 1995) at the village of Boung on the Adamawa Plateau.
  • Luo language (Cameroon)
    The Luo language is an unclassified language spoken in a section of the Atta region of Cameroon.
  • To language
    To is an unclassified Mbum language of northern Cameroon and the Central African Republic.
  • Mimi of Decorse
    Mimi of Decorse, also known as Mimi of Gaudefroy-Demombynes and Mimi-D, is a language of Chad that is attested only in a word list labelled "Mimi" that was collected ca.
  • Oblo language
    Oblo is a poorly attested, unclassified, and possibly extinct language of northern Cameroon.