Truman Scholars

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  • Jon Favreau (speechwriter)
    Jonathan E. "Jon" Favreau (born June 2, 1981) is the former Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama.
  • Warwick Sabin
    Warwick Sabin is a Democratic member of the Arkansas House of Representatives representing the 33rd district.
  • Chris Coons
    Christopher Andrew "Chris" Coons (born September 9, 1963) is the junior United States Senator from Delaware and a member of the Democratic Party.
  • Ted Deutch
    Theodore Eliot "Ted" Deutch (born May 7, 1966) is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives for Florida's 21st congressional district.
  • Matt Delligatti
    Matt Delligatti is the former mayor of Fairmont, West Virginia, the county seat of Marion County.
  • Jedediah Purdy
    Jedediah S. Purdy (born 1974 in Chloe, West Virginia) is a professor of law at Duke University and the author of two widely discussed books: For Common Things: Irony, Trust, and Commitment in America Today (1999) and Being America: Liberty, Commerce and Violence in an American World (2003).
  • Brendan Johnson
    Brendan Van Johnson (born June 24, 1975) is the former United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota.
  • John Cranley
    John Joseph Cranley (born February 28, 1974) is the mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Neil Gorsuch
    Neil McGill Gorsuch (born August 29, 1967 in Denver, Colorado) is a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.
  • Jake Sullivan
    Jacob Jeremiah "Jake" Sullivan (born November 28, 1976) is an American policymaker and the top foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton's 2016 election campaign.
  • Bill Halter
    William A. Halter (born November 30, 1960) was the 14th Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas.
  • Bill de Blasio
    Bill de Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm Jr., May 8, 1961) is an American politician who is serving as the 109th mayor of New York City.
  • Eric Greitens
    Eric Robert Greitens (born April 10, 1974) is an American politician, author, humanitarian, former Navy SEAL, and the Republican nominee for Governor of Missouri.
  • Leonardo Martinez-Diaz
    Leonardo Martinez-Diaz (born October 28, 1976) is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy and Environment in the United States Department of the Treasury.
  • Wayne W. Williams
    Wayne W. Williams is an American attorney and politician.
  • Terry Babcock-Lumish
    Dr. Terry Babcock-Lumish is an American professor, entrepreneur, and policymaker.
  • Janet Napolitano
    Janet Ann Napolitano (/nəpɒlᵻˈtænoʊ/; born November 29, 1957) is an American politician, lawyer, and university administrator who served as the 21st Governor of Arizona from 2003 to 2009 and United States Secretary of Homeland Security from 2009 to 2013, under President Barack Obama.
  • Andrew Klaber
    Andrew Klaber is the president and founder of Even Ground (previously Orphans Against AIDS), an international non-profit organization that annually provides more than 1,500 children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS with academic support, basic health care, and nutrition.
  • Cyrus Habib
    Cyrus Habib (born August 22, 1981) is a politician, lawyer, and professor from the U.
  • Emily Calandrelli
    Emily Calandrelli is the host and producer of Xploration Outer Space, a show in the STEM block, Xploration Station.
  • Heidi Williams
    Heidi Williams (born 1981) is an Associate Professor (with tenure) in Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • William J. Dobson
    William J. "Will" Dobson is an American journalist and author who writes frequently on foreign affairs and international politics.
  • Noam Scheiber
    Noam Scheiber /ˈnoʊm ˈʃaɪbər/ is writer for The New York Times and a former senior editor for The New Republic.
  • Kesha Ram
    Kesha Ram (born August 2, 1986) is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who serves in the Vermont House of Representatives.
  • Susan Rice
    Susan Elizabeth Rice (born November 17, 1964) is currently serving as the 24th United States National Security Advisor.
  • Chris Nybo
    Chris Nybo (born April 30, 1977) is a Republican member of the Illinois Senate, representing the 24th District since 2014 after his predecessor, Kirk Dillard, resigned to take up a position as head of the RTA.
  • Luis Ubiñas
    Luis Antonio Ubiñas (born 1963) is an American businessman and nonprofit advisor.
  • Ryan Quarles
    Ryan Francis Quarles (born October 20, 1983) is an American politician and a member of the Republican from the Commonwealth of Kentucky who has served as Agriculture Commissioner of Kentucky since 2016.
  • Jeffrey Toobin
    Jeffrey Ross Toobin (born May 21, 1960) is an American lawyer, author, and legal analyst for CNN and The New Yorker.