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2017-07-27T19:13:16+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Pressure ulcer, Joint dislocation, Wound, Flail chest, Traumatic asphyxia, Whiplash (medicine), Facet syndrome, Salter–Harris fracture, Surgical suture, Polytrauma, Osseointegration, Cauda equina syndrome, Stab wound, Blast injury, Crush injury, Railway spine, Liver injury, Blunt trauma, Geriatric trauma, Olecranon fracture, Pediatric trauma, Outline of trauma & orthopedics, Major trauma, Spinal cord injury, Penetrating trauma, Index of trauma & orthopaedics articles, Thermal trauma, Stress fracture, Splenic injury, Superior canal dehiscence, Traumatic aortic rupture, Strain (injury), Pancreatic injury, Wound contracture, Thoracic aorta injury, Sports-related traumatic brain injury, Anterior cruciate ligament injury flashcards Traumatology
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