Systems scientists

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  • Heinz von Foerster
    Heinz von Foerster (German spelling: Heinz von Förster; November 13, 1911, Vienna – October 2, 2002, Pescadero, California) was an Austrian American scientist combining physics and philosophy, and widely attributed as the originator of Second-order cybernetics.
  • Russell L. Ackoff
    Russell Lincoln Ackoff (12 February 1919 – 29 October 2009) was an American organizational theorist, consultant, and Anheuser-Busch Professor Emeritus of Management Science at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Humberto Maturana
    Humberto Maturana (born September 14, 1928 in Santiago, Chile) is a Chilean biologist.
  • Donella Meadows
    Donella H. "Dana" Meadows (March 13, 1941 – February 20, 2001) was a pioneering American environmental scientist, teacher, and writer.
  • Tadeusz Kotarbiński
    Tadeusz Kotarbiński (Polish: ['kotarbiński]; 31 March 1886 – 3 October 1981), was a Polish philosopher, logician and ethicist.
  • Armen Takhtajan
    Armen Leonovich Takhtajan or Takhtajian (Armenian: Արմեն Լևոնի Թախտաջյան; Russian: Армен Леонович Тахтаджян; surname also transliterated Takhtadjan, Takhtadzhi︠a︡n or Takhtadzhian, pronounced TAHK-tuh-jahn) (June 10, 1910 – November 13, 2009), was a Soviet-Armenian botanist, one of the most important figures in 20th century plant evolution and systematics and biogeography.
  • International Society for the Systems Sciences
    The International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) is a worldwide organization for systems sciences.
  • Peter Senge
    Peter Michael Senge (born 1947) is an American systems scientist who is a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, co-faculty at the New England Complex Systems Institute, and the founder of the Society for Organizational Learning.
  • Dennis Meadows
    Dennis L. Meadows (born June 7, 1942) is an American scientist and Emeritus Professor of Systems Management, and former director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research at the University of New Hampshire.
  • Paul Watzlawick
    Paul Watzlawick (July 25, 1921 – March 31, 2007) was an Austrian-American family therapist, psychologist, communications theorist, and philosopher.
  • Ernst von Glasersfeld
    Ernst von Glasersfeld (March 8, 1917 in Munich – November 12, 2010 in Leverett, Franklin County, Massachusetts) was a philosopher, and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Georgia, Research Associate at the Scientific Reasoning Research Institute, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Aleksei Gastev
    Aleksei Kapitonovich Gastev (Russian: Алексей Капитонович Гастев) (1882–1939) was a participant in the Russian Revolution of 1905, a pioneer of scientific management in Russia, a trade-union activist and an avant garde poet.
  • George Klir
    George Jiří Klir (April 22, 1932 Prague, Czechoslovakia – May 27, 2016 Binghamton, USA) was a Czech-American computer scientist and professor of systems sciences at the Center for Intelligent Systems at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York.
  • Kjell Samuelson
    Kjell Samuelson (born 1932) is a Swedish systems scientist, Sci-Tech consultant, Professor Emeritus at the Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology, and a pioneer of Systems Science & Cybernetics, Communications & Informatics Technology and Global Networks.
  • Werner Ulrich
    Werner Ulrich (born 1948, Berne, Switzerland) is a Swiss social scientist and practical philosopher, and a former professor of the theory and practice of social planning at the University of Fribourg.
  • Diederich Hinrichsen
    Diederich Hinrichsen (born 17 February 1939) is a German mathematician who, together with Hans W.
  • Thomas Baumgartner
    Thomas Martin (Tom) Baumgartner (born ca. 1945) is a Swiss economist, known for his pioneering work in social systems theory with Walter F.
  • Miguel Ángel Fernández Sanjuán
    Miguel Angel Fernández Sanjuán (Miguel A. F. Sanjuán) is a Spanish Theoretical Physicist from Leon, Spain.
  • John Pourdehnad
    John Pourdehnad (1950 (?)) is an American organizational theorist, and consultant.
  • Béla H. Bánáthy
    Béla Heinrich Bánáthy (Hungarian: Bánáthy Béla; December 1, 1919 – September 4, 2003) was the founder of the White Stag Leadership Development Program, organized the International Systems Institute, and was co-founder of the General Evolutionary Research Group, A Hungarian-American who remained loyal to his birth country his entire life, he served as an influential professor of systems theory, systems scientist and professor at San Jose State University and UC Berkeley.
  • Henry Quastler
    Henry Quastler (November 11, 1908 – July 4, 1963) was an Austrian physician and radiologist who became a pioneer in the field of information theory applied to biology after emigrating to America.
  • Fred Emery
    (For the footballer, see Fred Emery (footballer).) Frederick "Fred" Edmund Emery (27 August 1925 – 10 April 1997) was an Australian psychologist.
  • Peter Whittle
    Peter Whittle (born 27 February 1927, in Wellington, New Zealand) is a mathematician and statistician, working in the fields of stochastic nets, optimal control, time series analysis, stochastic optimisation and stochastic dynamics.
  • Kristo Ivanov
    Kristo Ivanov (born in 1937) is a Swedish-Brazilian information scientist and systems scientist of ethnic Bulgarian origin.
  • Kyoichi Kijima
    Kyoichi Jim Kijima (木嶋 恭一, born 1951) is a Japanese systems scientist and professor of Decision Systems Science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
  • Ying-Cheng Lai
    Ying-Cheng Lai is a Chinese theoretical physicist who works in the area of chaos theory.
  • Ray Ison
    Raymond L. (Ray) Ison (born ca. 1952) is an Australian environmental scientist, Professor of Systems at the Open University, Professor Systems for Sustainability at Monash University, and fellow at the Centre for Policy Development, who was President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences in the year 2014-15.
  • Mihajlo D. Mesarovic
    Mihajlo D. Mesarovic (Serbian: Mihajlo D. Mesarović, Serbian Cyrillic: Михајло Д. Месаровић; born July 2, 1928) is a Serbian scientist, who is a professor of Systems Engineering and Mathematics at Case Western Reserve University.
  • Gerd Sommerhoff
    Gerd Walter Christian Sommerhoff OBE (born 13 February 1915, Wiesbaden, Germany – 28 April 2002, Cambridge, England) was a pioneer of theoretical neuroscience and a noted humanist.
  • Mario Bunge
    Mario Augusto Bunge (Spanish: [ˈbuŋxe]; born September 21, 1919) is an Argentine philosopher, philosopher of science and physicist mainly active in Canada.
  • Celso Grebogi
    Celso Grebogi (born 1947) is a Brazilian theoretical physicist who works in the area of chaos theory.
  • Gordon Foster
    Frederic Gordon Foster (24 February 1921 – 20 December 2010) was an Irish computational engineer, statistician, professor, and college dean who is widely known for devising, in 1965, a nine-digit code upon which the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is based.
  • Hasan Özbekhan
    Dr. Hasan Özbekhan (1921 – February 12, 2007) was a Turkish American systems scientist, cyberneticist, philosopher and planner who was Professor Emeritus of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Hartmut Bossel
    Hartmut Bossel (born 3 March 1935) is a German environmental scientist and systems scientist.
  • Peter Schwartze
    Peter Heinrich Schwartze (born 1931) is a German neurophysiologist, systems scientist and cyberneticist well known in the ex-German Democratic Republic.
  • Yiannis Laouris
    Yiannis Laouris (Greek: Γιάννης Λαούρης) is a social and business entrepreneur.
  • Yong Pil Rhee
    Yong Pil Rhee (December 20, 1933 – March 23, 2004) was a Korean political scientist, systems scientist and Professor and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Seoul National University, South Korea.
  • Horst Rittel
    Horst Willhelm Jakob Rittel (14 July 1930 – 9 July 1990) was a design theorist and university professor.
  • Fredmund Malik
    Fredmund Malik (born September 1, 1944 in Lustenau, Vorarlberg) is an Austrian economist with focus on management science and the founder and chairman of a management consultancy in St.
  • Henk G. Sol
    Henk Gerard Sol (born 11 August 1951 in Borger, Netherlands) is a Dutch organizational theorist and Professor of Business Engineering and ICT at Groningen University.
  • Gerhard Chroust
    Gerhard Chroust (born 23 April 1941) is an Austrian systems scientist, and Professor Emeritus for Systems Engineering and Automation at the Institute of System Sciences at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.
  • Christa Muth
    Christa Muth (born November 24, 1949) is a German systems scientist, management professor and management consultant.
  • Paul Tseng
    Paul Tseng was a Taiwanese-born American and Canadian applied mathematician and a professor at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington.
  • Dimitri Bertsekas
    Dimitri Panteli Bertsekas (Greek: Δημήτρης Παντελής Μπερτσεκάς) is an applied mathematician and computer scientist, and a professor at the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in School of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Loet Leydesdorff
    Louis André (Loet) Leydesdorff (born 21 August 1948 in Djakarta (Dutch Indies)) is a Dutch sociologist, cyberneticist and Professor in the Dynamics of Scientific Communication and Technological Innovation at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Alexander Christakis
    Alexander (Aleco) Christakis (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Χρηστάκης; born 1937) is a Greek American social scientist, systems scientist and cyberneticist, former faculty member of several Universities, organizational consultant and member of the Club of Rome, known for his "study and design of social systems".
  • Anupam Saraph
    Anupam Saraph is a respected innovator and polymath who has been an advisor in governance, informatics and strategic planning.
  • Carlos Cirne Lima
    Carlos Roberto Velho Cirne Lima also referred to as Carlos Cirne Lima (born in 1931, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil) is a Brazilian contemporary dialectical philosopher.
  • Einar Thorsrud
    Einar Thorsrud (30 April 1923 – 29 May 1985) was a Norwegian psychologist, researcher and professor at theNorwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim and University of Oslo, who is known for his work in the field of organizational development (OD), particularly in the development of theory around participative work design structures.
  • Hugo O. Engelmann
    Hugo Otto Engelmann (September 11, 1917 – February 2, 2002) was an American sociologist, anthropologist and general systems theorist.
  • Lennart Ljung (engineer)
    Lennart Ljung is a Swedish Professor in the Chair of Control Theory at Linköping University since 1976.
  • J. Donald R. de Raadt
    J. Donald R. de Raadt (born 1946) is a Swedish organizational theorist and Professor Emeritus in Informatics and System Science at Luleå University of Technology.
  • Peter Stoica
    Peter (Petre) Stoica (born 1949) is a researcher and educator in the field of signal processing and its applications to radar/sonar, communications and bio-medicine.