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Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems

  • Fortress (programming language)
    Fortress is a discontinued experimental programming language for high-performance computing, created by Sun Microsystems with funding from DARPA's High Productivity Computing Systems project.
  • Sun Java System
    Sun Java System is a brand used by Sun Microsystems to market computer software.
  • Oracle Grid Engine
    Oracle Grid Engine, previously known as Sun Grid Engine (SGE), CODINE (Computing in Distributed Networked Environments) or GRD (Global Resource Director), was a grid computing computer cluster software system (otherwise known as batch-queuing system), acquired as part of a purchase of Terraspring, then improved and supported by Sun Microsystems and later Oracle.
  • Snoop (software)
    snoop is a very flexible command line packet analyzer included as part of Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system.
  • SBus
    SBus is a computer bus system that was used in most SPARC-based computers (including all SPARCstations) from Sun Microsystems and others during the 1990s.
  • Dbx (debugger)
    DBX is a source-level debugger found primarily on Solaris, AIX, IRIX, Tru64 UNIX, Linux and BSD operating systems.
  • OpenStep
    OpenStep is an object-oriented application programming interface (API) specification for a legacy object-oriented operating system, with the basic goal of offering a NeXTSTEP-like environment on a non-NeXTSTEP operating system.
  • Wabi (software)
    Wabi was a commercial product from Sun Microsystems that implemented the Windows Win16 API specification on Solaris; a version for Linux was also released by Caldera Systems.
  • Squawk virtual machine
    Squawk is a Java micro edition virtual machine for embedded system and small devices.
  • JXTA
    JXTA (Juxtapose) is an open source peer-to-peer protocol specification begun by Sun Microsystems in 2001.
  • K virtual machine
    The K virtual machine (KVM) is a virtual machine developed by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle Corporation), derived from the Java Virtual Machine specification.
  • Agnews Developmental Center
    Agnews Developmental Center is a psychiatric and medical care facility, now located in Santa Clara, California.
  • Sumaya Kazi
    Sumaya Kazi (Bengali: সুমাইয়া কাজী, born July 17, 1982) is a Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur.
  • Oak (programming language)
    Oak is a discontinued programming language created by James Gosling in 1991, initially for Sun Microsystems' set-top box project.
  • Project DReaM
    Project DReaM was a Sun Microsystems project aimed at developing an open interoperable DRM architecture that implements standardized interfaces.
  • Java (programming language)
    Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.
  • JavaTest harness
    The JavaTest harness (or jtreg) is a regression tests framework specifically designed by Sun Microsystems to test the reference Java platform implementation.
  • Nexenta Systems
    Nexenta Systems, Inc.
  • SUN workstation
    The SUN workstation was a modular computer system designed at Stanford University in the early 1980s.
  • Java Research License
    The Java Research License (JRL) is a software distribution license created by Sun in an effort to simplify and relax the terms from the "research section" of the Sun Community Source License.