Suicides in France

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  • François Buzot
    François Nicolas Léonard Buzot (1 March 1760 – 18 June 1794) was a French politician and leader of the French Revolution.
  • Pierre Quinon
    Pierre Quinon (February 20, 1962 in Lyon – August 17, 2011 in Hyères) was a pole vaulter from France who won the 1984 Olympic Games pole vault gold medal and held the pole vault outdoor world record for just four days in the summer of 1983.
  • Laura Marx
    Jenny Laura Marx (26 September 1845 – 25 November 1911), better known as Laura Marx, was the second daughter of Karl Marx and Jenny von Westphalen.
  • Danielle Collobert
    Danielle Collobert was a French author, poet and journalist, born in Rostrenen, Côtes-d'Armor on 23 July 1940.
  • Paul Lafargue
    Paul Lafargue (French: [lafaʁg]; 15 January 1842 – 25 November 1911) was a French revolutionary Marxist socialist journalist, literary critic, political writer and activist; he was Karl Marx's son-in-law having married his second daughter, Laura.
  • Robert Sassone (cyclist)
    Robert Sassone (23 November 1978 – 21 January 2016) was a French racing cyclist.
  • Sarah Kofman
    Sarah Kofman (French: [kɔfman]; September 14, 1934 – October 15, 1994) was a French philosopher, born in Paris.
  • Hector-Jonathan Crémieux
    Hector-Jonathan Crémieux (10 November 1828 – 30 September 1892) was a French librettist and playwright.
  • Jeanne Agnès Berthelot de Pléneuf, marquise de Prie
    Jeanne Agnès Berthelot de Pléneuf, marquise de Prie (1698 – 7 October 1727), was a French noblewoman who for a brief period exercised extraordinary control of the French court during the reign of Louis XV.
  • Philippe Volter
    Philippe Volter (23 March 1959 – 13 April 2005) was a Belgian actor and director.
  • Antonieta Rivas Mercado
    María Antonieta Rivas Mercado Castellanos (b. Mexico City, April 28, 1900 - d. Paris, February 11, 1931) was a Mexican intellectual, writer, feminist and arts patron.
  • Jean-Baptiste Krumpholz
    Jean-Baptiste Krumpholz (French pronunciation: ​[ʒanbatist kʁœ̃fɔlz]; Czech: Jan Křtitel Krumpholtz) (8 May 1742 – 19 February 1790) was a Czech composer and harpist.
  • Étienne Clavière
    Étienne Clavière (27 January 1735 – 8 December 1793) was a Swiss-born French financier and politician of the French Revolution.
  • Charles de Choiseul-Praslin
    Charles Laure Hugues Théobald, duc de Choiseul-Praslin (29 June 1805 – 24 August 1847) was a French nobleman and politician, who served as a member of the Chamber of Deputies in 1838–1842.
  • Octave Tassaert
    Octave Tassaert (Paris, 26 July 1800 – Paris, 24 April 1874) was a French painter of portraits and genre, religious, historical and allegorical paintings, as well as a lithographer and engraver, though this family was of Flemish origin.
  • Jean-François Adam
    Jean-François Adam (14 February 1938 – 14 October 1980) was a French actor and director, mostly famous for his mysterious death.
  • Jules Moigniez
    Jules Moigniez (28 May 1835 – 29 May 1894) was a French animalier sculptor who worked during the 19th century.
  • Rembrandt Bugatti
    Rembrandt Bugatti (16 October 1884 – 8 January 1916) was an Italian sculptor, known primarily for his bronze sculptures of wildlife subjects.
  • Berty Albrecht
    Berty Albrecht was a French Resistance Fighter, born Berthe Wild at Marseille, 15 February 1893.
  • Zo d'Axa
    Alphonse Gallaud de la Pérouse (28 May 1864 – 30 August 1930), better known as Zo d'Axa (French pronunciation: ​[zo daksa]), was a French adventurer, anti-militarist, satirist, journalist, and founder of two of the most legendary French magazines, L'EnDehors and La Feuille.
  • Georges Figon
    Georges Figon (died, on January 17, 1966) was a French freelance barbouze (secret agent) who arranged the meeting with Mehdi Ben Barka in the Brasserie Lipp in Paris.
  • Bernhard Hirzel
    Bernhard Hirzel (12 August 1807 – 6 June 1847 in Paris) was a Swiss theologian and Orientalist.
  • Michel Bernholc
    Michel Bernholc (1941–2002) was a French composer, arranger and producer.
  • Phạm Duy Khiêm
    Phạm Duy Khiêm (24 April 1908 – 2 December 1974) was a Vietnamese writer, academic and South Vietnam ambassador in France.
  • Pierre Molinier
    Pierre Molinier (April 13, 1900 – March 3, 1976) was a French painter, photographer and "maker of objects".
  • Ronny Coutteure
    Ronny Louis Edmond Coutteure (2 July 1951 – 21 June 2000) was a Belgian actor, director, author, TV presenter and restaurateur and worked in cinema, radio, television, opera and theatre.
  • Otto von Stülpnagel
    Otto von Stülpnagel (16 June 1878 – 6 February 1948) was a German military commander of occupied France during the Second World War.
  • Hector MacDonald
    Major General Sir Hector Archibald MacDonald, KCB, DSO (Scottish Gaelic: Eachann Gilleasbaig MacDhòmhnaill; 4 March 1853 – 25 March 1903), also known as Fighting Mac, was a distinguished Victorian soldier.
  • Gilles Châtelet
    Gilles Châtelet (2 February 1944 – 11 June 1999) was a French philosopher and mathematician.
  • Pierre Chanal
    Pierre Chanal (Saint-Étienne, Loire, 18 November 1946 – Reims, 15 October 2003) was a French soldier and suspected serial killer.
  • Marie Goldsmith
    Marie Isidorovna Goldsmith was a Russian Jewish anarchist and collaborator of Peter Kropotkin.
  • Qiu Miaojin
    Chiu Miao-Chin (Qiu Miaojin) (Chinese: 邱妙津; May 29, 1969 – June 25, 1995) was a Taiwanese novelist.
  • Albert Caraco
    Albert Caraco (8 July 1919 – 7 September 1971) was a French-Uruguayan philosopher, writer, essayist and poet of Turkish Jewish descent.
  • Charles Félix Jean-Baptiste Camerata-Passionei di Mazzoleni
    Charles Félix Jean-Baptiste Camerata-Passionei di Mazzoleni (20 September 1826 – 4 March 1853) was a French-Italian aristocrat born in Ancona, the son of Filippo Camerata-Passionei di Mazzoleni, an Italian count, and Princess Elisa Napoléone Baciocchi, the daughter of Felice Baciocchi Levoy and Elisa Bonaparte.
  • Samson Cerfberr
    Samson Cerfberr of Medelsheim (born at Strasburg about 1780; committed suicide at Paris, 1826) was a French soldier and author.