String quartets

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  • RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet
    RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet, also known as the RTÉ String Quartet, (Gregory Ellis, Keith Pascoe - violins; Simon Aspell - viola; Christopher Marwood - cello) is the resident string quartet to Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Ireland's national broadcasting service, and Artists in residence to University College Cork and founders of the internationally acclaimed West Cork Chamber Music Festival.
  • Budapest String Quartet
    The Budapest String Quartet was a string quartet in existence from 1917 to 1967.
  • Beethoven Quartet
    The Beethoven Quartet (Russian: Струнный квартет имени Бетховена, Strunnyĭ kvartet imeni Betkhovena) was a string quartet founded between 1922 and 1923 by graduates of the Moscow Conservatory: violinists Dmitri Tsyganov and Vasily Shirinsky, violist Vadim Borisovsky and cellist Sergei Shirinsky.
  • Tátrai Quartet
    The Tátrai Quartet was a Hungarian classical string quartet founded in 1946 and based in Hungary.
  • Curtis String Quartet
    The Curtis String Quartet was an American string quartet based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Zagreb Quartet
    The Zagreb Quartet (Zagrebački Kvartet), also known as the Zagreb String Quartet (Zagrebački Gudački Kvartet) is a Zagreb–based string quartet formed in 1919.
  • Amadeus Quartet
    The Amadeus Quartet was a world-famous string quartet founded in 1947 and disbanded in 1987, remarkable for having retained its founding members throughout its long history.
  • Guarneri Quartet
    The Guarneri Quartet was an American string quartet founded in 1964 at the Marlboro Music School and Festival.
  • Talich Quartet
    The Talich Quartet (Czech: Talichovo kvarteto) is a Czech string quartet founded in 1964, which has won several Grand Prix du Disque awards.
  • Smetana Quartet
    The Smetana Quartet (Czech: Smetanovo kvarteto) was a Czech string quartet that was in existence from 1945 to 1989.
  • Cleveland Quartet
    The Cleveland Quartet is a string quartet founded in 1969 by violinist Donald Weilerstein, at the time an instructor at the Cleveland Institute of Music, whose director Victor Babin had secured funding for an in-resident quartet (the institute's first) to be headed by Weilerstein.
  • Brentano String Quartet
    The Brentano Quartet is an American string quartet.
  • Hollywood String Quartet
    The Hollywood String Quartet (HSQ) was an American string quartet founded by violinist/conductor Felix Slatkin and his wife cellist Eleanor Aller.
  • Brodsky Quartet
    The Brodsky Quartet is a British string quartet, in existence since 1972, though only Ian Belton and Jacqueline Thomas are original members.
  • String quartet
    A string quartet is a musical ensemble of four string players – two violin players, a viola player and a cellist – or a piece written to be performed by such a group.
  • Hagen Quartet
    The Hagen Quartet was founded in 1981 by four siblings, Lukas, Angelika (first replaced by Annette Bik, who was then replaced by Rainer Schmidt in 1987), Veronika and Clemens, in Salzburg, Austria.
  • Hellmesberger Quartet
    The Hellmesberger Quartet was a String Quartet formed in Vienna in 1849.
  • Müller Brothers
    The Gebrüder Müller (“Müller Brothers”) was the name of two noted German (Duchy of Brunswick) string quartets both composed of four brothers.
  • Borodin Quartet
    The Borodin Quartet is a string quartet that was founded in 1945 in the then Soviet Union.
  • LaSalle Quartet
    The LaSalle Quartet was a string quartet active from 1946 to 1987.
  • Balanescu Quartet
    The Balanescu Quartet is a string quartet founded in 1987 by Alexander Bălănescu that achieved fame through the release of several complex cover versions of songs by German experimental electronic music band Kraftwerk on their album Possessed.
  • Kronos Quartet
    The Kronos Quartet is an American string quartet based in San Francisco.
  • London String Quartet
    The London String Quartet was a string quartet founded in London in 1908 which remained one of the leading English chamber groups into the 1930s, and made several well-known recordings.
  • Kneisel Quartet
    The Kneisel Quartet was a string quartet musical ensemble established in Boston, in the U.
  • Takács Quartet
    The Takács Quartet is a string quartet, founded in Hungary, and now based in Boulder, Colorado, United States.
  • Goldner String Quartet
    The Goldner String Quartet is an Australian string quartet formed in 1995 in honour of Richard Goldner, the founder of Musica Viva Australia.
  • Cuarteto Latinoamericano
    Cuarteto Latinoamericano is a world-renowned, Latin Grammy winning string quartet from Latin America.
  • Fundación Cultural Patagonia String Quartet
    The Fundación Cultural Patagonia String Quartet (FCP String Quartet) is a musical group from Patagonia.
  • New Zealand String Quartet
    The New Zealand String Quartet (est. 1987) is New Zealand’s only full-time string quartet.