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Spanish Ministers of Economy and Finance

Spanish Ministers of Economy and Finance

  • Juan Álvarez Mendizábal
    Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, born Juan Álvarez Méndez (Chiclana de la Frontera, Andalusia, 25 February 1790 – Madrid, 3 November 1853), was a Spanish economist and politician.
  • Elena Salgado
    Elena Salgado Méndez (Spanish pronunciation: [eˈlena salˈɣaðo ˈmendeθ]) (born 12 May 1949 in Ourense, Galicia, Spain) is a Spanish politician.
  • Indalecio Prieto
    Indalecio Prieto Tuero (30 April 1883 – 11 February 1962) was a Spanish politician, a minister and one of the leading figures of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) in the years before and during the Second Spanish Republic.
  • Pedro Solbes
    Pedro Solbes Mira (born 31 August 1942 in Pinoso, Alicante) is a Spanish economist.
  • José Canga Argüelles
    José Canga Argüelles (17 July 1770 – 2 December 1843) was a Spanish statesman.
  • Juan Bravo Murillo
    Juan Bravo Murillo (24 June 1803 – 11 February 1873) was a Spanish politician, jurist and economist.
  • José Canalejas
    José Canalejas y Méndez (31 July 1854 – 12 November 1912) was a Spanish politician, born in Ferrol.
  • Luis de Guindos
    Luis de Guindos Jurado (born January 16, 1960) is a Spanish politician and currently the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain.
  • Josep Borrell
    (This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Borrell and the second or maternal family name is Fontelles.) Josep Borrell Fontelles (born 24 April 1947 in La Pobla de Segur, Lleida) is a Spanish politician.
  • Antonio Cánovas del Castillo
    Antonio Cánovas del Castillo (8 February 1828 – 8 August 1897) was a Spanish politician and historian known principally for serving six terms as Spanish Prime Minister, his role in supporting the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy to the Spanish throne and for his death at the hands of an anarchist, Michele Angiolillo.
  • Ramón de Santillán
    Ramón de Santillán González (30 August 1791 – November (?) 1863) was a Spanish soldier, politician, and Minister of Finance.
  • Amós Salvador Rodrigáñez
    Amós Salvador Rodrigáñez (March 31, 1845 - September 4, 1922) was a Spanish politician and engineer.
  • José García Barzanallana
    José García Barzanallana (February 24, 1819 - February 21, 1903) was a Spanish lawyer and politician.
  • José de Carvajal y Hué
    José de Carvajal y Hué (Málaga, Spain, 8 October 1835 – Madrid, Spain, 4 June 1899) was a Spanish lawyer, economist, writer and politician who served as Minister of State from 1873 to 1874, during the presidency of Emilio Castelar y Ripoll in the First Spanish Republic.
  • High Corps of Spanish State Economists and Trade Experts
    The Spanish State Economists and Trade Experts (Spanish: Técnicos Comerciales y Economistas del Estado, TCEE) is the body of officials which belongs to the Central Administration specialized in the development and implementation of economic and trade policies of the Spanish government.
  • Francisco Moreno Zulueta
    Francisco Moreno Zulueta (August 4, 1880 - July 3, 1963) was a Spanish lawyer, politician, and minister of National Economy.
  • Eleuterio Delgado
    Eleuterio Delgado y Martín (18 April 1852 – 13 April 1908) was a Spanish lawyer and politician, minister of Finance during the reign of Alfonso XIII.
  • Alejandro Mon y Menéndez
    Alejandro Mon y Menéndez (26 February 1801 in Oviedo, Principality of Asturias, Spain – 1 November 1882) was a Spanish politician and jurist who served as Prime Minister of Spain in 1864, during the reign of Queen Isabella II.
  • Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Spain)
    The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Spanish: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad) is the Ministry of Economic affairs and Second Vice President of the Government of Spain This Ministry is in charge of the development, proposal and execution of the economical policy of the government, specially of the State Budgets, the control of Public Companies and the levying of taxes.
  • José del Campillo
    José del Campillo y Cossío (February 13, 1693 in Alles, Peñamellera Alta, Asturias – April 11, 1743 in Madrid), was a Spanish statesman.