Software derived from or incorporating Wine

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  • Object Windows Library
    The Object Windows Library (OWL) is a Borland C++ object-oriented framework originally designed for Windows API.
  • Borland Kylix
    Borland Kylix is a compiler and integrated development environment (IDE) formerly sold by Borland, but later discontinued.
  • Cedega (software)
    Cedega (formerly known as WineX) is the proprietary fork by TransGaming Technologies of Wine, from the last version of Wine under the X11 license before switching to GNU LGPL.
  • IEs4Linux
    IEs4Linux is a free and open source script that allows a user to run Internet Explorer (IE) using Wine.
  • ReactOS
    ReactOS is an open-source operating system for x86/x64 PCs intended to be binary-compatible with computer programs and device drivers made for Windows Server 2003.
  • PlayOnLinux
    PlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end for the Wine software compatibility layer which allows Linux users to install Windows-based video games, Microsoft Office (2000 to 2010), Microsoft Internet Explorer, as well as many other applications such as Apple iTunes and Safari.
  • Longene
    Longene is an operating system kernel intended to be binary compatible with application software and device drivers made for Microsoft Windows and Linux.
  • CrossOver (software)
    CrossOver is a Microsoft Windows compatibility layer available for macOS and Linux.
  • VirtualBox
    Oracle VM VirtualBox (formerly Sun VirtualBox, Sun xVM VirtualBox and Innotek VirtualBox) is a free and open-source hypervisor for x86 computers from Oracle Corporation.
  • Picasa
    Picasa was an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharing website, originally created by a company named Lifescape (which at that time may have resided at Idealab) in 2002.
  • Fallen Earth
    Fallen Earth is a free-to-play MMO developed by Reloaded Productions (formerly by North Carolina-based Icarus Studios and Fallen Earth).
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac
    Parallels Desktop for Mac, by Parallels, is software providing hardware virtualization for Macintosh computers with Intel processors.
  • Pipelight
    Pipelight is a compatibility layer that allows NPAPI plugins designed for Windows to run on Linux.
  • Blackmagic Fusion
    Blackmagic Fusion (formerly eyeon Fusion and briefly Maya Fusion, a version produced for Alias-Wavefront) is an image compositing software program created by eyeon Software Inc, now developed by Blackmagic Design.
  • MPlayer
    MPlayer is a free and open media player software.
  • Disposable Soft Synth Interface
    Disposable Soft Synth Interface (DSSI) is a virtual instrument (software synthesizer) plugin architecture for use by music sequencer applications.
  • Wine-Doors
    Wine-Doors is a free and open source application-management tool for the GNOME desktop which adds functionality to Wine.
  • Odin (software)
    In computing, Odin is a project to run Microsoft Windows programs on OS/2 or convert them to OS/2 native format.
  • Darwine
    Darwine was a port of the Wine libraries to Darwin and Mac OS X (the Wine project provides source code for OS X but not binary builds).
  • Qtractor
    Qtractor is a hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application for Linux.
  • PlayOnMac
    PlayOnMac is a free Microsoft Windows compatibility layer allowing the easy installation and use of numerous games and software designed to run with Microsoft Windows.
  • ScimoreDB
    ScimoreDB is a proprietary freeware relational database management system for Microsoft Windows, developed by Scimore UAB.