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  • Snoring
    Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping.
  • Rip Van Winkle
    "Rip Van Winkle" is a short story by American author Washington Irving published in 1819.
  • Alarm clock
    An alarm clock (or sometimes just an alarm) is a clock that is designed to alert an individual or group of individuals at specified time.
  • Biorhythm
    A biorhythm (from Greek βίος - bios, "life" and ῥυθμός - rhuthmos, "any regular recurring motion, rhythm") is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person's life through simple mathematical cycles.
  • Hibernation
    Hibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in endotherms.
  • Nightmare
    A nightmare, also called a bad dream, is an unpleasant dream that can cause a strong emotional response from the mind, typically fear but also despair, anxiety and great sadness.
  • Rapid eye movement sleep
    Rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep, REMS) is a unique phase of mammalian sleep characterized by random movement of the eyes, low muscle tone throughout the body, and the propensity of the sleeper to dream vividly.
  • Night terror
    Night terror, also known as sleep terror, is a sleep disorder, causing feelings of terror or dread, and typically occurs during the first hours of stage 3-4 non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep.
  • Chronotype
    Chronotype refers to the behavioral manifestation of underlying circadian rhythms of myriad physical processes.
  • Bedtime story
    A bedtime story is a traditional form of storytelling, where a story is told to a child at bedtime to prepare the child for sleep.
  • Sleep and memory
    Memory is the cognitive process whereby experiences, learning and recognition are recalled.
  • Somnolence
    Somnolence (alternatively "sleepiness" or "drowsiness") is a state of strong desire for sleep, or sleeping for unusually long periods (compare hypersomnia).