Silenced firearms

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  • NRS-2
    The NRS-2 (special scout knife) (official GRAU index 6P25U) is a survival knife with a built-in single-shot shooting mechanism designed to fire a 7.
  • Daewoo Telecom K7
    The Daewoo Telecom K7 is a 9×19mm Parabellum submachine gun with an integral suppressor used by the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.
  • VSK-94
    The VSK-94 is a 9 mm suppressed sniper rifle developed by the Russia KBP Instrument Design Bureau as a low-cost alternative to the VSS rifle.
  • AS Val
    The AS "Val" (Avtomat Special'nyj Val, Russian: Автомат Специальный Вал or Special Automatic Rifle, code name: "Shaft", GRAU designation 6P30) is a Soviet-designed assault rifle featuring an integrated suppressor.
  • ASh-12.7
    The ASh-12.7 (АШ-12.7, which stands for "Автомат штурмовой 12.7мм" or "Automatic assault rifle, 12.7mm") assault rifle is a dedicated CQB/Urban Operations weapon, developed by TsKIB SOO ("Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms"), a subsidiary of the KBP Instrument Design Bureau of Tula, Russia, by request from the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service).
  • PSS silent pistol
    The PSS silent pistol or MSS "VUL" (or "Wool" in English) is the last completed weapon system resulting from the Soviet development of silent pistols operating on a sealed cartridge system.
  • VKS sniper rifle
    VKS (ВКС) is a Russian bullpup, straight-pull bolt-action, magazine-fed sniper rifle chambered for the 12.
  • AK-9
    The AK-9 is a Russian fully automatic assault rifle chambered for the 9×39mm subsonic cartridge.
  • De Lisle carbine
    The De Lisle carbine or De Lisle Commando carbine was a British firearm used during World War II that was designed with an integrated suppressor.
  • PB (pistol)
    The PB silent pistol (Пистолет Бесшумный; GRAU index 6P9) is a Soviet suppressed pistol, based on the Makarov pistol design.
  • Welrod
    The Welrod was a British bolt action, magazine fed, suppressed pistol devised during World War II at the Inter-Services Research Bureau (later Station IX), based near Welwyn Garden City, UK, for use by irregular forces and resistance groups.
  • S4M
    The S4M (Russian: С4М) was a Soviet insurgency weapon pistol, designed to be used expressly for the purpose of assassination.
  • Type 64 pistol
    The Type 64 pistol (Chinese: 64式手枪; pinyin: 64 shì shǒu qiāng; literally: "Type 64 handgun") is a semi-automatic pistol, formerly in service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) but has since been replaced by several other firearms, although it still remains in service with some Chinese police forces.
  • VSS Vintorez
    The VSS (Russian: Винтовка Снайперская Специальная, Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya or "Special Sniper Rifle", GRAU designation 6P29), also called the Vintorez ("thread cutter"), is a suppressed sniper rifle that uses a heavy subsonic 9×39mm SP5 cartridge and armor-piercing SP6 cartridge.
  • BS-1 Tishina
    The BS-1 Tishina (БС-1 "Тишина") is a silenced Soviet 30mm grenade launcher.
  • High Standard HDM
    The High Standard HDM is a semiautomatic pistol equipped with an integral sound suppressor.
  • MSP Groza silent pistol
    The MSP Groza ("thunderstorm") silent pistol is a double-barrel, derringer-type firearm designed in the Soviet Union in 1972.
  • OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver
    The OTs-38 Stechkin is a 5-shot, double-action revolver, in production and service with the Russian Army since 2002 and Russian Internal Troops since 2012, chambered in the silent 7.
  • Scorpion silent pistol
    The Scorpion (Georgian: მორიელი) silent pistol is a special purpose suppressor integrated weapon which was designed by STC DELTA solely for special operation forces.