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  • Ad usum Delphini
    Ad usum Delphini means “for the use of the Dauphin”.
  • List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels
    Buffy novels have been published since 1998.
  • Great Books of the Western World
    Great Books of the Western World is a series of books originally published in the United States in 1952, by Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
  • The Cambridge History of China
    The Cambridge History of China is an ongoing series of books published by Cambridge University Press (CUP) covering the history of China from the Qin dynasty to the 20th century.
  • Martin Beck
    Martin Beck is a fictional Swedish police detective who is the main character in series of ten novels by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, collectively titled The Story of a Crime.
  • The X-Files literature
    During the run of the TV series The X-Files, many books based on it were released, written, including novels based on episodes, a series of comic books from Topps Comics, and many "official" and "unauthorized" non-fiction books.
  • Monumenta Germaniae Historica
    The Monumenta Germaniae Historica (frequently abbreviated MGH in bibliographies and lists of sources) is a comprehensive series of carefully edited and published primary sources, both chronicle and archival, for the study of German history (broadly conceived) from the end of the Roman Empire to 1500.
  • Gor
    Gor /ˈɡɔːr/ is the Counter-Earth setting for John Norman's extended series of sword and planet novels.
  • Tetralogy
    A tetralogy (from Greek τετρα- tetra-, "four" and -λογία -logia, "discourse") is a compound work that is made up of four distinct works.
  • Patrologia Latina
    The Patrologia Latina (Latin for The Latin Patrology) is an enormous collection of the writings of the Church Fathers and other ecclesiastical writers published by Jacques-Paul Migne between 1841 and 1855, with indices published between 1862 and 1865.
  • Heptalogy
    A heptalogy (from Greek ἑπτα- hepta-, "seven" and -λογία -logia, "discourse") is a compound literary or narrative work that is made up of seven distinct works.
  • Tales of the Slayer
    Tales of the Slayer are volumes containing prose short stories.
  • Gateway to the Great Books
    Gateway to the Great Books is a 10-volume series of books originally published by Encyclopædia Britannica Inc.
  • Patrick Quentin
    Patrick Quentin, Q.
  • Armed Services Editions
    Armed Services Editions (ASEs) were small, compact, paperback books printed by the Council on Books in Wartime for distribution within the American military during World War II.
  • Clue (book series)
    The Clue series is a book series of 18 children's books published throughout the 1990s based on the board game Clue.
  • The Culture
    (This article is about the fictional civilisation in Iain M. Banks' Culture series novels. For other uses, see culture (disambiguation).) The Culture is a fictional interstellar anarchist utopian society created by the Scottish writer Iain M.
  • Blandings Castle
    Blandings Castle is a recurring fictional location in the stories of British comic writer P.
  • Perry Rhodan
    Perry Rhodan is the eponymous hero of a German science fiction novel series which has been published each week since 8 September 1961 in the ‘Romanhefte’ format (digest-sized booklets, the German equivalent of the now-defunct American pulp magazine) by Pabel-Moewig Verlag, a subsidiary of Bauer Media Group.
  • Bradshaw's Guide
    Bradshaw's was a series of railway timetables and travel guide books published by W.
  • Peterson Field Guides
    The Peterson Field Guides (PFG) are a popular and influential series of American field guides intended to assist the layman in identification of birds, plants, insects and other natural phenomena.