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  • Michele Stefano de Rossi
    Michele Stefano de Rossi (30 October 1834, Rome – 23 October 1898, Rocca di Papa) was an Italian seismologist.
  • Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1st Marquis of Pombal
    D. Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1st Marquis of Pombal, 1st Count of Oeiras (Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐɾˈkeʃ dɨ põˈbaɫ]; 13 May 1699 – 8 May 1782) was an 18th-century Portuguese statesman.
  • Gustav Herglotz
    Gustav Herglotz (2 February 1881, Wallern – 22 March 1953, Göttingen) was a German Bohemian mathematician.
  • Raymundo Punongbayan
    Dr. Raymundo Santiago Punongbayan (13 June 1937 – 28 April 2005) was the former director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) .
  • Adam Dziewonski
    Adam Marian Dziewoński (November 15, 1936 – March 1, 2016) was a Polish-American geophysicist who made seminal contributions to the determination of the large-scale structure of the Earth's interior and the nature of earthquakes using seismological methods.
  • Giuseppe Mercalli
    Giuseppe Mercalli (May 21, 1850 – March 19, 1914) was an Italian volcanologist and Catholic priest.
  • Ota Kulhánek
    Ota Kulhánek, born 1935, is a Czech seismologist who currently resides in Uppsala, Sweden, where he is emeritus professor of geophysics at Uppsala University.
  • Ramón Jardí i Borrás
    Ramon Jardí i Borras (Tivissa, November 13, 1881 – June 5, 1972) was a Catalan meteorologist, astronomer and seismologist.
  • Victor Conrad
    Victor Conrad was an Austrian-American physicist, seismologist and meteorologist.
  • Cinna Lomnitz
    Cinna Lomnitz Aronsfrau (4 May 1925 – 7 July 2016) was a Chilean-Mexican geophysicist known for his contributions in the fields of rock mechanics and seismology.
  • Robert Mallet
    Robert Mallet, FRS, MRIA (3 June 1810 – 5 November 1881), Irish geophysicist, civil engineer, and inventor who distinguished himself in research on earthquakes and is sometimes called the father of seismology.
  • Walter Zürn
    Walter Zürn (born August 21, 1937) is a German physicist and seismologist.
  • Keith Edward Bullen
    Keith Edward Bullen FRS (29 June 1906 – 23 September 1976) was a New Zealand-born mathematician and geophysicist.
  • Karl Bernhard Zoeppritz
    Karl Bernhard Zoeppritz (22 October 1881 – 20 July 1908) was a German geophysicist who made important contributions to seismology, in particular the formulation of the Zoeppritz equations.
  • Alessandro Serpieri
    Alessandro Serpieri (31 October 1823, San Giovanni in Marignano, near Rimini, – 22 February 1885, Fiesole) was an Italian scientist known for work in astronomy and seismology.
  • Alexis Perrey
    Alexis Perrey (1807–1882) was a historical French seismologist and compiler of earthquake catalogs.
  • Edward Pigot
    Edward Francis Pigot (18 September 1858 – 22 May 1929) was an Irish-born Australian Jesuit priest, seismologist and astronomer.
  • Jesús Emilio Ramírez
    Jesús Emilio Ramírez González (1904–1981) was a Colombian geophysicist and seismologist.