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Russian brands

Russian brands

  • Ural Airlines
    Ural Airlines (Russian: Ура́льские авиали́нии, Ural’skiye avialinii) is an airline based in Yekaterinburg, Russia, operates scheduled and chartered domestic and international flights out of Koltsovo International Airport.
  • Aeroflot
    OJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (Russian: ОАО "Аэрофло́т-Росси́йские авиали́нии", OAO Aeroflot-Rossiyskiye avialinii) (MCX: AFLT), commonly known as Aeroflot (English pronunciation: /ˈɛəroʊˌflɒt/ or /ˌɛəroʊˈflɒt/) (Russian: Аэрофлот, English translation: "air fleet", pronounced [ɐɛrɐˈflot]), is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation.
  • Rossiya Airlines
    Rossiya Airlines OJSC (Russian: АО «Авиакомпания „Россия“», AO Aviakompaniya "Rossiya"), sometimes branded as Rossiya - Russian Airlines (Russian: «Россия — Российские авиалинии», Rossiya — Rossiyskie avialinii), is a Russian airline headquartered in Saint Petersburg with its hub at Pulkovo Airport.
  • Aurora (airline)
    Aurora (Russian: Аврора, Avrora) is a Russian Far East air carrier, subsidiary of Aeroflot.
  • NanoCAD
    nanoCAD is a CAD software application for 2D design and drafting, developed and sold by Russia-based software company ZAO "Nanosoft".
  • LiAZ (Russia)
    LiAZ (Russian: Ликинский автобусный завод (ЛиАЗ) Likinskiy Avtobusnyi Zavod, English: Likino Bus Plant) is a bus manufacturing company located in Likino-Dulyovo, Russia.
  • Dr. Web
    Dr.Web is a Russian anti-malware company and the name of its flagship software suite.
  • Imperial Porcelain Factory
    The Imperial Porcelain Factory (or Manufactory) (Russian: Императорский Фарфоровый Завод, Imperatorskii Farforovyi Zavod), is a producer of handpainted ceramics in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • VTB Bank
    VTB Bank (Russian: ПАО Банк ВТБ, former Vneshtorgbank) is one of the leading universal banks of Russia.
  • Nordwind Airlines
    Nordwind Airlines, LLC (Russian: ООО «Северный ветер», Severný veter) is a Russian scheduled and charter airline.
  • VIM Airlines
    VIM Avia, commonly known as VIM Airlines, is an airline based in Moscow, Russia, operating international scheduled and charter, passenger and cargo flights out of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, as well as offering aircraft wet lease.
  • Yakutia Airlines
    Yakutia Airlines (Russian: Авиакомпания «Якутия» – Aviakompanija «Jakutija» "Air Company "Yakutia"") is an airline based in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia.
  • Melodiya
    Melodiya (Russian: Μелодия, meaning melody) is a Russian (formerly Soviet) record label.
  • Novolipetsk Steel
    Novolipetsk Steel, or NLMK, is one of the four largest steel companies in Russia.
  • Sberbank of Russia
    Sberbank of Russia (Sberbank, Russian: Сбербанк России, initially a contraction of "сберегательный банк" - sberegatelʹnyĭ bank; English: "Savings bank of Russia") is a Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow.
  • Angara Airlines
    JSC Angara Airlines (Russian: ЗАО «Авиакомпания «Ангара») is an airline based in Irkutsk, Russia.
  • Krasny Oktyabr Open Joint-Stock Company
    Moskovskaya Konditerskaya Fabrika Krasny Oktyabr Open Joint-Stock Company (Russian: Открытое акционерное общество "Московская кондитерская фабрика "Красный Октябрь") is a Russian confectionery manufacturer and a member of Obyedinyonnye Kontserny holding company.
  • UTair Aviation
    UTair Aviation (Russian: ОАО «Авиакомпания «ЮТэйр») (MCX: UTAR) is a Russian airline with its head office at Khanty-Mansiysk Airport while its main base is at Roshchino International Airport near Tyumen.
  • Derways Automobile Company
    The Derways Automobile Company (ООО Автомобильная компания ДЕРВЕЙС) is a Russian automaker located in Cherkessk.
  • VK (social networking)
    VK (VKontakte; Russian: ВКонта́кте) is the largest European online social networking service, based in St.
  • Russian Post
    Russian Post (Russian: Почта России, Pochta Rossii), is a unitary enterprise which is the national postal operator of Russia.
  • Ptasie mleczko
    Ptasie mleczko (Polish pronunciation: [ptaɕɛ mlɛtʂkɔ]) is a soft chocolate-covered candy filled with soft meringue or milk soufflé.
  • Stolichnaya
    Stolichnaya (Russian: Столичная, also known as Stoli) is a vodka made of wheat and rye grain.
  • Russian Standard (vodka)
    Russian Standard (Russian: Русский Стандарт, Russkij Standart) Vodka is a major Russian premium vodka brand.
  • Metrowagonmash
    Metrowagonmash (Russian: ОАО "Метровагонмаш") is an engineering company in Russia.
  • LifeNews
    Life (stylized as L!FE, formerly LifeNews) is a Russian news website and 24-hour television channel that is owned by the News Media holding company.
    T-FLEX CAD (T-FLEX) is a Parasolid-based parametric CAD software application for 3D solid modeling and 2D design and drafting, developed and sold by Russia-based software company Top Systems.
  • Rossiya Bank
    The Rossiya Bank (Bank Rossiya, in Russian: Акционерный коммерческий банк Россия, АКБ Россия) is a Russian joint stock bank founded on June 27, 1990.
  • Odnoklassniki
    Odnoklassniki, OK.
  • Yo-Mobile
    The Yo-mobil (Russian: ё-мобиль; IPA: [ˈjɵ mɐˈbʲilʲ]) was a planned hybrid electric car that was going to be produced by Yo-auto, a Russian company that was a joint venture between SKD truck maker Yarovit and the ONEXIM investment group.
  • Kinor
    The Kinor company of Russia (Kinor-Cinema) is a manufacturer of High Definition cinematography equipment and a former manufacturer of 35-millimeter and 16-millimeter movie cameras, most notably the 16CX-1m and 16cx-2m 16mm cameras.
  • Aviakor
    OJSC Aviakor (Russian: Авиако́р) is an aviation plant located in Samara.
  • A. Korkunov
    A. Korkunov (Russian: А.Коркунов) is a luxury chocolate maker in Russia, founded in 1999 by two entrepreneurs, Andrey Korkunov and Sergey Lyapuntsov.
  • Transaero
    (For the flying boat "Transaereo", see Caproni Ca.60.) Transaero (Russian: Трансаэро), officially OJSC Transaero Airlines (Russian: ОАО «АК «ТРАНСАЭРО», Открытое акционерное общество "Авиационная компания "ТРАНСАЭРО"), was a Russian airline with its head office in Saint Petersburg.
  • KAvZ
    KAvZ (Russian: Курга́нский авто́бусный заво́д, КАвЗ, Kurgansky Avtobusny Zavod) is a bus manufacturer in Kurgan, KGN, Russia.
  • Kalashnikov Concern
    Kalashnikov Concern (Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant until 2013; Russian: Ижевский машиностроительный Завод) or IZHMASH (ИЖМАШ) is the largest arms manufacturer in Russia headquartered in both Izhevsk (Udmurtia, Russia) and Moscow that produces a wide range civilian and military weapons including assault and sniper rifles, guided artillery projectiles and a wide range of other precision weapons.
  • NVS Telematic Systems
    NVS Telematic System Ltd is a Russian company that builds technology and equipment controlled by signals from satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS; it was founded in 2011 and is part of the Navis Group.
  • Yarovit Motors
    CJSC "Yarovit Motors' (Russian:Яровит Моторс(spring)) is a St.
  • Fesco Transport Group
    FESCO Transportation Group (Russian: Fesco, tr. FESCO Group) is the largest intermodal transport operator in Russia, which provides services, including marine shipping, rail transportation and port handling via more than 70 sales offices located around the world.
  • Kombat Armouring
    Kombat Armouring is a Russian armoured vehicle and car manufacturer.
  • Mobile Inform Group
    Mobile Inform Group is a Russian company, designing and manufacturing consumer electronics, known for manufacturing advanced Sailfish OS smartphone Ermak 50 as partner of Jolla which the developer of the OS.
  • MaximaTelecom
    MaximaTelecom is an Russian technology company engaged in the development and commercialization of public wireless networks, Wi-Fi network operator in the Moscow Metro.
  • Kristall Smolensk
    Kristall Smolensk is a Russian worldwide luxury jewelry retailer, headquartered in Smolensk, Russia.
  • Mail.Ru
    Mail.Ru Group (London Stock Exchange listed since November 5, 2010) is a Russian Internet company.
  • Concern Tractor Plants
    Concern Tractor Plants (CTP), is a leading Russian machine building company.
  • S7 Airlines
    PJSC Siberia Airlines (Russian: ПАО «Авиакомпания „Сибирь"» "PАО Aviakompania Sibir"), operating as S7 Airlines, is an airline headquartered in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia, with offices in Moscow.