Russian America

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  • Russian America
    Russian America (Russian: Русская Америка, Russkaya Amerika) was the name of the Russian colonial possessions in the Americas from 1733 to 1867.
  • Promyshlenniki
    The promyshlenniki (compare the Russian промышленность (promyshlennost'), literally "a trade" or "business" or "industry") were Russian and indigenous Siberian contract workers drawn largely from the state serf and townsman class who engaged in the Siberian, maritime and later the Russian American fur trade.
  • Herman of Alaska
    Saint Herman of Alaska (Russian: Преподобный Герман Аляскинский, c. 1750s – November 15, 1836) was a Russian Orthodox monk and missionary to Alaska, which was then part of Russian America.
  • Maritime fur trade
    The maritime fur trade was a ship-based fur trade system that focused on acquiring furs of sea otters and other animals from the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and natives of Alaska.
  • New Russia (trading post)
    New Russia (Russian: Новороссийск; also called Novarassi, Slavarassi, Slavorossiya, Yakutat Colony, and Yakutat Settlement) was a maritime fur trading post and penal colony established by Russians in 1796 in what is now Yakutat Borough, Alaska.
  • Juvenaly of Alaska
    Juvenaly of Alaska (1761-1796), Protomartyr of America, was a hieromartyr and member of the first group of Orthodox missionaries who came from the monastery of Valaam to evangelize the native inhabitants of Alaska.
  • Juno and Avos (opera)
    Juno and Avos (Russian: Юнона и Авось, Junona I Avos') is a popular Russian-language rock opera written by Alexey Rybnikov, poetry by Andrei Voznesensky.
  • Mount Veniaminof
    Mount Veniaminof is an active stratovolcano located on the Alaska Peninsula.
  • Church of the Holy Ascension
    The Church of the Holy Ascension is a prominent landmark in Unalaska, the major community of the western Aleutian Islands in southwestern Alaska.
  • Yakutat, Alaska
    The City and Borough of Yakutat (/ˈjækətɑːt/, YACK-uh-tat) (Tlingit: Yaakwdáat) is a borough in the U.
  • Mount Pavlof
    Pavlof Volcano is a stratovolcano of the Aleutian Range on the Alaska Peninsula.
  • Innocent of Alaska
    Saint Innocent of Alaska (August 26, 1797 – March 31, 1879, O.S.), also known as Saint Innocent Metropolitan of Moscow (Russian Святитель Иннокентий Митрополит Московский) was a Russian Orthodox missionary priest, then the first Orthodox bishop and archbishop in the Americas, and finally the Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia.
  • Alaska Purchase
    The Alaska Purchase (Russian: Продажа Аляски, tr. Prodazha Alyaski) was the United States' acquisition of Alaska from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867 by a treaty ratified by the United States Senate, and signed by president Andrew Johnson.
  • Baranov Museum
    The Baranov Museum is a history museum at 101 Marine Way in Kodiak, Alaska.
  • Prince of Wales Island (Alaska)
    Prince of Wales Island is one of the islands of the Alexander Archipelago in the Alaska Panhandle.
  • Adventure (ship)
    The Adventure was a sloop maritime fur trade ship built by the crew of Captain Robert Gray on his second voyage to the Northwest Coast of North America.
  • Kad'yak
    The Kad'yak was a wooden-hulled sailing merchant ship belonging to the Russian-American Company.
  • Andrew Berg
    Andrew Berg (born Anders Berg on October 16, 1869, in Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire; died March 1, 1939, in Anchorage, Alaska Territory ) was an immigrant to the District of Alaska who was a prominent fisher, hunter, and trapper.