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Rose cultivars

Rose cultivars

  • Rosa 'Eden'
    Rosa 'Eden' (also known as 'Pierre de Ronsard', 'MEIviolin', and 'Eden Rose 85') is a light pink and white climbing rose.
  • Rosa 'Elina'
    Rosa 'Elina' (synonyms 'DICjana' and 'Peaudouce') is a light yellow hybrid tea rose introduced by Dickson Roses in 1983.
  • Rosa 'Violet Carson'
    Violet Carson is a salmon pink rose cultivar, an uncommon hybrid of the red hybrid tea 'Mme Léon Cuny' (Gaujard, 1955) and the orange floribunda 'Spartan' (Boerner, 1955), created by Samuel McGredy IV between 1963 and 1964.
  • Rosa 'Sunsprite'
    'Sunsprite' (syn. 'KORresia', 'Friesia') is a rose variety developed by Reimer Kordes and introduced in 1973.
  • Heidi Klum rose
    The Heidi Klum rose is a modern Beetrose from the home Tantau, was bred in 1999.
  • Rosa 'Général Jacqueminot'
    'Général Jacqueminot' (pronounced: zhay-nay RHAL zhock-mee-NOH), also called 'General Jack' or 'Jack Rose', is an early Hybrid Perpetual rose cultivar, developed by Roussel, an amateur from Meudon, and introduced by the gardener Rousselet in 1853.
  • Rosa Peace
    The Peace rose, correctly Rosa 'Madame A.
  • Rosa 'Ispahan'
    'Ispahan', also known as 'Rose d'Ispahan' and 'Pompon des Princes', is a clear pink, half-open kind of Damask rose, a type of garden rose introduced from the Middle East to Europe during the crusading 13th century.
  • Rosa 'Mrs. Harkness'
    'Mrs. Harkness' (syn. Paul's Early Blush) is a rare light pink rose cultivar discovered by George Paul in Great Britain in 1893.
  • Rosa 'Ingrid Bergman'
    Rosa 'Ingrid Bergman' (syn. 'POUlman') is a red hybrid tea rose, bred by the Danish rose growers Pernille and Mogens Olesen and introduced by their company Poulsen Roser in 1984.
  • Rosa Iceberg
    Iceberg is a white floribunda rose cultivar bred by Kordes in Germany in 1958.
  • Rosa 'Queen Sirikit'
    Rosa 'Queen Sirikit' is a hybrid rose of 'Königin der Rosen' and 'Golden Giant Rose'.
  • Rosa 'Blush Noisette'
    Rosa 'Blush Noisette' is a light pink Noisette rose introduced by Phillipe Noisette (Charleston, South Carolina) around 1815.
  • Rosa 'Cécile Brünner'
    Rosa 'Cécile Brünner', also known as 'Mlle Cécile Brünner', 'Sweetheart Rose', 'Malteser Rose', or 'Mignon', is a light pink polyantha rose bred in France by Marie Ducher and introduced by her son-in-law, Joseph Pernet-Ducher in 1881.
  • Rosa 'Perle d'Or'
    Rosa 'Perle d'Or' is a rose cultivar bred by Joseph Rambaux in 1875 and introduced by Francis Dubreuil in France in 1883.
  • Rosa 'Arthur Bell'
    Rosa 'Arthur Bell' (syn. 'T11 AgCan') is a rose cultivar, bred by Sam McGredy IV in Northern Ireland in 1956.
  • Julia Child rose
    The Julia Child rose, known in the UK as the Absolutely Fabulous rose, is a golden butter or golden floribunda rose, named after the chef Julia Child.
  • Rosa 'Camp David'
    'Camp David' is a red hybrid tea rose developed by Mathias Tantau, Jr.
  • Rosa 'Double Delight'
    'Double Delight' (syn. 'ANDeli') is a hybrid tea rose cultivar bred by Swim & Ellis and introduced in 1977.
  • Rosa 'Chopin'
    'Chopin' (synonym: 'Frederic Chopin', 'Frederyk Chopin') is a rose cultivar which was introduced by Stanisław Żyła in Poland in 1980.
  • Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'
    'Souvenir de la Malmaison' is a rose cultivar with large, very pale pink, flowers that open flat.
  • Rosa 'American Beauty'
    'American Beauty' is a deep pink rose cultivar, bred by Henri Lédéchaux in France in 1875, and was originally named 'Madame Ferdinand Jamin'.
  • Rosa 'Line Renaud'
    Rosa 'Line Renaud' is a hybrid tea rose cultivar bred in France by Meilland International SA and introduced in 2006.
  • Rosa 'La France'
    'La France' is a pink rose cultivar found in France in 1867 by the rosarian Jean-Baptiste André Guillot (1827–1893).
  • Rosa 'Buff Beauty'
    'Buff Beauty' is a tall-growing rose shrub cultivar with arching branches and double flowers with a strong tea-rose scent.
  • Rosa 'Great Maiden's Blush'
    'Great Maiden's Blush' is an old rose cultivar known since the 14th century.
  • Rosa 'Charles Austin'
    'Charles Austin' (Ausfather) is an apricot rose cultivar bred and introduced by David Austin in England in 1973.
  • Rosa 'Garden Party'
    'Garden Party' is an ivory hybrid tea rose cultivar created by Herbert C.
  • Rosa 'Alain'
    'Alain' is a popular red floribunda rose variety.
  • Rosa 'Albéric Barbier'
    Rosa 'Albéric Barbier' is a popular old rambling rose cultivar that was bred in 1900 by Barbier Frères et Compagnie.
  • Rosa 'Angel Face'
    'Angel Face' is a large-flowered floribunda rose introduced in 1968 by Swim & Weeks.
  • Rosa 'Anne Harkness'
    'Anne Harkness' (syn. 'HARkaramel' and 'Ann Harkness') is a floribunda rose variety developed by Jack Harkness (R. Harkness & Co.) and introduced in 1979.
  • Rosa 'Belmonte'
    Rosa 'Belmonte' (syn. 'HARpearl') is a robust pearly blush floribunda rose, with medium scent, created by Robert Harkness of Harkness Roses at Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
  • Rosa 'Bridge of Sighs'
    'Bridge of Sighs' is a rose introduced by Harkness Roses in 2000.
  • Rosa 'Chrysler Imperial'
    'Chrysler Imperial' is a strongly fragrant, dark red hybrid tea rose cultivar.
  • Rosa 'English Miss'
    'English Miss' is a floribunda rose bred by Roger Pawsey of Cants of Colchester, England, and introduced in 1977.
  • Rosa 'Mrs Fred Danks'
    'Mrs Fred Danks' is a hybrid tea rose cultivar which was bred by Alister Clark in Australia in 1952.
  • Rosa 'Old Blush'
    Rosa 'Old Blush', also known as 'Parsons' Pink China', 'Old Blush China', 'Old China Monthly', is a China rose derived from Rosa chinensis, and is generally accepted as the first East Asian rose cultivar to reach Europe.
  • Rosa 'Pink Wonder'
    Rosa 'Pink Wonder' (synonyms 'Kalinka', 'MEIhartfor') is a light pink floribunda rose cultivar.
  • Rosa 'Oklahoma'
    The 'Oklahoma' is a dark red rose cultivar with a strong and sweet fragrance.
  • Rosa 'Precious Platinum'
    Rosa 'Precious Platinum' is a medium red hybrid tea rose.
  • Rosa 'SPIcup'
    Rosa 'SPIcup' (Cupcake) is a miniature rose.
  • Rosa 'Schoener's Nutkana'
    'Schoener's Nutkana' is a deep pink rose variety named after Father Georg Schöner (1864-1941), a priest who became a notable rose breeder, who developed this rose in 1930 as a cross between Rosa nutkana and the hybrid perpetual 'Paul Neyron' (Levet, 1869).
  • Rosa 'Sun Flare'
    'Sun Flare' is a floribunda rose cultivar that was bred in the United States in 1981 by William A.
  • Rosa 'Wife of Bath'
    Rosa 'Wife of Bath', also known as 'Rosarium Glücksburg', 'Glücksburg', AUSwife or 'AUSbath', is a common pink rose cultivar developed by David C.
  • Royal William rose
    The Royal William rose, registered under the cultivar name 'KORzaun', is a red hybrid tea rose.
  • Rosa 'Duchess of Cornwall'
    Rosa 'Duchess of Cornwall' is an orange blend rose cultivar bred by Hans Jürgen Evers from Rosen Tantau in Germany and introduced in 2005.
  • Louis de Funès rose
    The rose Louis de Funès is a cultivar (type hybrid tea).
  • Rosa 'Abraham Darby'
    Abraham Darby (synonyms 'AUScot', Candy Rain, Country Darby tree) is a popular apricot rose cultivar which was introduced by David Austin in England in 1985.
  • Rosa 'Harison's Yellow'
    'Harison's Yellow', also known as R.
  • Rosa 'Mister Lincoln'
    Mister Lincoln is a large flowered (hybrid tea) bush rose introduced in 1964.
  • Rosa 'Nevada'
    Rosa 'Nevada' is a white rose cultivar developed by Pedro Dot in Spain in 1927.