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  • Barbara Ansell
    Barbara Mary Ansell CBE, FRCP, FRCS (30 August 1923 – 14 September 2001) was the founder of paediatric rheumatology.
  • Ravinder N. Maini
    Sir Ravinder Nath Maini FMedSci (1937 - ) is rheumatology professor at the Kennedy Institute, part of Imperial College London.
  • Gerónimo Lluberas
    Gerónimo "Gerry" Lluberas (January 7, 1956 - May 7, 2003) was a Puerto Rican physician, humanitarian, writer and composer.
  • Allen Steere
    Allen Caruthers Steere is a professor of rheumatology at Harvard University and previously at Tufts University and Yale University.
  • Ephraim Engleman
    Ephraim Engleman (March 24, 1911 – September 2, 2015) was an American rheumatologist and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.
  • J. Edwin Seegmiller
    J(arvis) Edwin Seegmiller, or Jay Seegmiller, (June 22, 1920 – May 31, 2006) was an American physician and biochemical geneticist best known for his role in discovering the biochemical basis of the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.
  • Clodoveo Ferri
    Clodoveo Ferri (born 22 March 1947) is an Italian researcher of clinical rheumatology, immunology and internal medicine.
  • Jane Dacre
    Jane Elizabeth Dacre is a professor of medical education at University College London, director of UCL Medical School, and past medical director of the MRCP(UK) exam.
  • Betty Diamond
    Betty Diamond, a physician and researcher, was born in Hartford, CT on 11 May 1948.
  • M. N. Passey
    Mohinder Nath Passey (1934–2002) was an Indian physician, rheumatologist and an honourary physician to the President of India.
  • Michael D. Lockshin
    Michael D. Lockshin, M.
  • Leonard Calabrese
    Leonard Calabrese, D.
  • Frederic John Poynton
    Dr. Frederic John Poynton M.
  • Peter K. Gregersen
    Peter K. Gregersen, M.
  • Petia Arnaudova
    Petia Arnaudova (Bulgarian: Петя Арнаудова) is an eminent physician and author of medical books.
  • Helen Muir
    Isabella Helen Mary Muir CBE FRS (20 August 1920 – 28 November 2005) was a British rheumatologist.
  • Marc Feldmann
    Sir Marc Feldmann, AC FAA FRS FRCP FRCPath FMedSci (born 2 December 1944), is an Australian immunologist, and a professor at the University of Oxford.
  • Dilian Francisca Toro
    Dilian Francisca Toro Torres (born 6 January 1959) is a Colombian physician and politician, she served as Senator of Colombia from 2002 to 2013.
  • Douglas Kinsella
    T. Douglas Kinsella, CM (15 February 1932 – 15 June 2004) was a Canadian medical doctor and expert on medical ethics and founder of Canada's National Council on Ethics in Human Research.
  • Mark Walport
    Walport is the son of a general practitioner and was born in London.
  • Hulon
    Hulon E. Crayton (c. 1956 – February 14, 2015) was a smooth jazz saxophonist hailing from Panama City, Florida who made his started his jazz career as a member of noted jazz group On Call.