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  • Ardo
    Ardo (or Ardonus, possibly short for Ardabastus; died 720/721) is attested as the last of all Visigothic kings of Hispania, reigning from 713 or likely 714 until his death.
  • Taifa of Murcia
    The Taifa of Murcia was one of the Taifas of medieval Al-Andalus, in what is now southern Spain.
  • Caliphate of Córdoba
    The Caliphate of Córdoba (Arabic: خلافة قرطبة‎‎; trans. Khilāfat Qurṭuba) was a state in Islamic Iberia along with a part of North Africa ruled by the Umayyad dynasty.
  • Covadonga
    Covadonga (Asturian: Cuadonga, from Latin: Cova Dominica, "Cavern of the Lady", Arabic: صخرة بلاي‎‎ Ṣakhrat Bilāy ("the rock of the affliction or of the putting to the test")) is a village and one of 11 parishes in Cangas de Onís, a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northwestern Spain.
  • Tariq ibn Ziyad
    Ṭāriq ibn Ziyād (Arabic: طارق بن زياد‎‎) was a Muslim commander who led the Islamic Umayyad conquest of Visigothic Hispania in 711–718 A.
  • Battle of La Higueruela
    The Battle of La Higueruela (literally: "Battle at the little fig tree") was fought in the Vega of the river Genil near Granada on 1 July 1431 between the forces of John II of Castile, led by Álvaro de Luna, and troops loyal to Muhammed IX, Nasrid Sultan of Granada.
  • Catholic Monarchs
    The Catholic Monarchs (Spanish: Reyes Católicos) is the joint title used in history for Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon.
  • Portugal in the Middle Ages
    The kingdom of Portugal was established from the county of Portugal in the 1130s, ruled by the Alfonsine Dynasty.
  • Battle of Río Salado
    The Battle of Río Salado, also known as the Battle of Tarifa (30 October 1340) was a battle of the armies of King Afonso IV of Portugal and King Alfonso XI of Castile against those of sultan Abu al-Hasan 'Ali of Marinid dynasty and Yusuf I of Granada.
  • County of Portugal
    The County of Portugal (Portuguese: Condado de Portugal, Condado Portucalense, Condado de Portucale, in documents of the period the name used was Portugalia) refers to two successive medieval counties in the region around Braga and Porto, today corresponding to littoral northern Portugal, within which the identity of the Portuguese people formed.
  • Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi
    Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi (died 732; Arabic: عبد الرحمن الغافقي‎‎), also known as Abd er Rahman, Abdderrahman, Abderame, and Abd el-Rahman, unsuccessfully led the Andalusian Muslims into battle against the forces of Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours on October 10, 732 AD.
  • Kingdom of Toledo
    The Kingdom of Toledo (Spanish: Reino de Toledo), was a realm in the Iberian Peninsula, created after Alfonso VI of León's capture of Toledo in 1085.
  • Mozarabs
    The Mozarabs (Spanish: mozárabes [moˈθaɾaβes]; Portuguese: moçárabes [muˈsaɾɐβɨʃ]; Catalan: mossàrabs [muˈsaɾəps]; Arabic: مستعرب‎‎ trans. musta'rab, "Arabized") is a modern historical term that refers to the Iberian Christians who lived under Moorish rule in Al-Andalus.
  • History of the Order of Christ
    The Military Order of Christ (previously Ordem dos Cavaleiros de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo "Order of the Knights of Our Lord Jesus Christ") was founded in 1318 as the continuation of the Knights Templar of Tomar, following the suppression of the Templars in 1312.
  • Kingdom of Asturias
    The Kingdom of Asturias (Latin: Regnum Asturorum) was a kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula founded in 718 by the nobleman Pelagius of Asturias (Spanish: Pelayo).
  • Kingdom of León
    The Kingdom of León (Spanish: [leˈon]; Leonese: Reinu de Llïón, Spanish: Reino de León, Galician: Reino de León, Portuguese: Reino de Leão, Latin: Regnum Legionense) was an independent kingdom situated in the northwest region of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Guilhem Ademar
    Guilhem Ademar (Old Occitan [ɡiˈʎɛm adeˈmaɾ]; also spelled Guillem, Adamar, or Azemar; fl. 1190/1195–1217) was a troubadour from the Gévaudan.
  • Puerto del Suspiro del Moro
    Puerto del Suspiro del Moro or Pass of the Moor's Sigh is a mountain pass in the Spanish Sierra Nevada.
  • Crusade of Barbastro
    The Crusade of Barbastro (also known as the Siege of Barbastro or War of Barbastro) was an international expedition, sanctioned by Pope Alexander II, to take the Spanish city of Barbastro, then part of the Hudid Emirate of Lārida.