Quantum physicists

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  • Konrad Osterwalder
    Konrad Osterwalder (born June 3, 1942) is a Swiss mathematician and physicist, former Undersecretary-General of the United Nations, former Rector of the United Nations University (UNU), and Rector Emeritus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich).
  • Nico van Kampen
    Nicolaas 'Nico' Godfried van Kampen (June 22, 1921 – October 6, 2013) was a Dutch theoretical physicist, who worked mainly on statistical mechanics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics.
  • Basil Hiley
    Basil J. Hiley (born 1935), is a British quantum physicist and professor emeritus of the University of London.
  • Poul S. Jessen
    Poul S. Jessen holds the position of Professor of Optical Sciences with a joint appointment in Physics at the University of Arizona.
  • Ravi Gomatam
    Ravi Veeraraghavan Gomatam (born 1950, in Chennai, India) is the Director of Bhaktivedanta Institute (Berkeley and Mumbai) and the newly formed Institute of Semantic Information Sciences and Technology (Berkeley and Mumbai).
  • Gregor Wentzel
    Gregor Wentzel (February 17, 1898 – August 12, 1978) was a German physicist known for development of quantum mechanics.
  • Helmut Hönl
    Helmut Hönl (February 10, 1903 in Mannheim, Germany – March 29, 1981 in Freiburg im Breisgau) was a German theoretical physicist who made contributions to quantum mechanics and the understanding of atomic and molecular structure.
  • Erwin Fues
    Erwin Richard Fues (January 17, 1893 in Stuttgart, Germany – 17 January 1970, Germany), was a German theoretical physicist who made contributions to atomic physics and molecular physics, quantum wave mechanics, and solid-state physics.
  • Martin Bojowald
    Martin Bojowald (born February 18, 1973, in Jülich) is a German physicist who now works on the faculty of the Penn State Physics Department, where he is a member of the Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos.
  • Siegfried Adolf Wouthuysen
    Siegfried Adolf Wouthuysen (17 August 1916 – 14 July 1996) was a Dutch physicist who made contributions to quantum mechanics.
  • Joseph H. Eberly
    Joseph H. Eberly (born 1935) is the Andrew Carnegie Professor of Physics and Professor of Optics at the University of Rochester.
  • José Enrique Moyal
    José Enrique Moyal (1 October 1910 – 22 May 1998) was a mathematical physicist who contributed to aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering and statistics, among other fields.
  • Rajendran Raja
    Rajendran Raja (14 July 1948 – 15 February 2014) was an Indian-American physicist who played a key role in the discovery of the top quark at Fermilab.
  • Michał Horodecki
    Michał Horodecki is a physicist at the University of Gdańsk working in the field of quantum information theory, notable for his work on entanglement theory.
  • Munir Ahmad Khan
    Munir Ahmad Khan (Urdu: منير احمد خان‎; b. 20 May 1926 – 22 April 1999; NI HI), was a Pakistani nuclear engineer and a nuclear physicist, who served as the chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) from 1972 to 1991.
  • Immanuel Bloch
    Immanuel Bloch (born 16 November 1972 in Fulda, Germany) is an experimental physicist from Germany.
  • Konrad Bleuler
    Konrad Bleuler (23 September 1912, Herzogenbuchsee – 1 January 1992, Königswinter) was a Swiss physicist who worked in the field of theoretical particle physics and quantum field theory.
  • Marvin Chester
    Marvin Chester (born 1931 in New York, New York) is a UCLA emeritus professor of Physics who specializes in Quantum Mechanics.
  • Lene Hau
    Lene Vestergaard Hau (born November 13, 1959 in Vejle, Denmark) is a Danish physicist.
  • John Rarity
    Prior to moving to the University of Bristol in 2001, Rarity worked as a physicist at the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) arm of the UK Ministry of Defence.
  • Ataç İmamoğlu
    Ataç İmamoğlu (born August 12, 1964 in Minneapolis, USA) is a Turkish-US physicist working on quantum optics and quantum computation.
  • Christian Møller
    Christian Møller (22 December 1904 in Hundslev, Als – 14 January 1980 in Ordrup) was a Danish chemist and physicist who made fundamental contributions to the theory of relativity, theory of gravitation and quantum chemistry.
  • H. Dieter Zeh
    Heinz-Dieter Zeh (usually referred to as H. Dieter Zeh) (born 8 May 1932 in Braunschweig, Germany) is a professor emeritus of the University of Heidelberg and theoretical physicist.
  • Maurice Pryce
    Maurice Henry Lecorney Pryce (24 January 1913 – 24 July 2003) was a British physicist.
  • Riccardo Barbieri
    Riccardo Barbieri (born 1944) is an Italian theoretical physicist and a professor at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.
  • Jonathan Oppenheim
    Jonathan Oppenheim is a professor of physics at University College London.
  • John Marburger
    John Harmen Marburger III (February 8, 1941 – July 28, 2011) was an American physicist who directed the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the administration of President George W.
  • Eyvind Wichmann
    Eyvind Hugo Wichmann (* May 30, 1928 in Stockholm) is a US-American theoretical physicist.
  • Stephan W. Koch
    Stephan W. Koch (born 23 May 1953) is a German theoretical physicist.
  • Suraj N. Gupta
    Suraj N. Gupta (born December 1, 1924 in Punjab, British India) is an Indian-born American theoretical physicist, notable for his contributions to quantum field theory.
  • Berthold-Georg Englert
    Berthold-Georg Englert (born 1953) is Provost's Chair Professor at the National University of Singapore, and Principal Investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies.
  • Bo Thidé
    Bo Y. Thidé (born in Gothenburg, Sweden) is a Swedish physicist who studies radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation in space, particularly their interaction with matter and fields.
  • Gökhan Budak
    Gökhan Budak (1968 – 26 January 2013) was a Turkish professor of quantum physics.
  • Karel Niessen
    Karel Frederik Niessen (1895, Velsen – 1967) was a Dutch theoretical physicist who made contributions to quantum mechanics and is known for the Pauli-Niessen model.
  • Lev Vaidman
    Lev Vaidman (born September 4, 1955) is a Russian-Israeli physicist and Professor at Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • Lewi Tonks
    Lewi Tonks (1897–1971) was an American quantum physicist noted for his discovery (with Marvin D. Girardeau) of the Tonks-Girardeau gas.
  • Taksu Cheon
    Taksu Cheon (全 卓樹 Zen Tasuku, born 1958) is a Japanese physicist notable for his work on quantum game theory and the foundations of quantum mechanics.
  • Martin Bodo Plenio
    Martin Bodo Plenio, born May 20, 1968, is a German physicist, Alexander von Humboldt Professor, and Director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Ulm University.
  • Jean-Michel Raimond
    Jean-Michel Raimond (born 11 December 1955 in Orléans) is a French physicist working in the field of quantum mechanics.
  • Ray Streater
    Raymond Frederick "Ray" Streater (born 1936) is a British physicist, and professor emeritus of Applied Mathematics at King's College London.
  • Giancarlo Ghirardi
    Giancarlo Ghirardi (born October 28, 1935) is an Italian physicist and Emeritus professor of theoretical physics at the University of Trieste.
  • Anita Goel
    Anita Goel (Hindi: अनीता गोयल) is a physicist and physician in the United States.
  • Charles Kittel
    Charles Kittel (born July 18, 1916 in New York) is an American physicist.
  • Andreas Winter
    Andreas Winter (born 14 June 1971, Mühldorf, Germany) is a German mathematician and mathematical physicist at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Spain.
  • Anirudh Singh
    Dr Anirudh Singh is a Fiji Indian academic who has undertaken research on muon implantation in solids but is best known for the stand he has taken on national issues, in particular those relating to social inequities in Fiji, resulting from the 1987 military take-over of the Fijian Government.
  • Daniel Lidar
    Daniel Amihud Lidar is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chemistry, the Director and co-founder of the USC Center for Quantum Information Science & Technology (CQIST) as well as Scientific Director of the USC-Lockheed Martin Quantum Computation Center, notable for his research on control of quantum systems and quantum information processing.
  • Josef-Maria Jauch
    Josef Maria Jauch (September 20, 1914 in Lucerne – August 30, 1974 in Geneva) was a Swiss/American theoretical physicist.
  • Sandu Popescu
    Sandu Popescu (born 1956 in Oradea, Romania) is a Romanian-British physicist working in the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information.
  • Christopher Monroe
    Christopher Roy Monroe (born October 19, 1965) is an American physicist, an experimentalist in the areas of atomic, molecular, and optical physics and quantum information science.
  • George Karreman
    George Karreman (4 November 1920 – 27 February 1997) was a Dutch-born US physicist, mathematical biophysicist and mathematical/theoretical biologist.
  • Riccardo Rattazzi
    Riccardo Rattazzi (born 1964) is an Italian theoretical physicist and a professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.
  • Fred Alan Wolf
    Fred Alan Wolf (born December 3, 1934) is an American theoretical physicist specializing in quantum physics and the relationship between physics and consciousness.
  • Peter D. Jarvis
    Peter D. Jarvis is an Australian physicist notable for his work on applications of group theory to physical problems, particularly supersymmetry in the genetic code.
  • Peter R. Holland
    Peter R. Holland is an English theoretical physicist, known for his work on foundational problems in quantum physics and in particular his book on the pilot wave theory and the de Broglie-Bohm causal interpretation of quantum mechanics.
  • Jonathan Dowling
    (For the American football player, see Jonathan Dowling (American football).) Jonathan P.
  • Robert W. Boyd
    Robert William Boyd (born 8 March 1948) is an American physicist noted for his work in optical physics and especially in nonlinear optics.
  • Fernando Brandao
    Fernando Brandão (born 22 January 1983, Belo Horizonte, Brazil) is a Brazilian physicist and computer scientist working on quantum information and quantum computation.
  • John G. Cramer
    John Gleason Cramer, Jr.
  • Henry Stapp
    Henry Pierce Stapp (born March 23, 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American mathematical physicist, known for his work in quantum mechanics, particularly the development of axiomatic S-matrix theory, the proofs of strong nonlocality properties, and the place of free will in the "orthodox" quantum mechanics of John von Neumann.
  • Neil F. Johnson
    Neil Fraser Johnson (born 1961, Southend, Essex, UK) is a Professor of physics notable for his work in complexity theory and complex systems, spanning quantum information, econophysics, and condensed matter physics.
  • Ross H. McKenzie
    Ross H. McKenzie is a Professor in Physics at the University of Queensland.
  • Walther Kossel
    Walther Ludwig Julius Kossel (4 January 1888 in Berlin, Germany – 22 May 1956 in Tübingen, Germany) was a German physicist known for his theory of the chemical bond (ionic bond/octet rule), Sommerfeld–Kossel displacement law of atomic spectra, the Kossel-Stranski model for crystal growth, and the Kossel effect.
  • Rudolf Grimm
    Rudolf Grimm (born 10 November 1961) is an experimental physicist from Austria.
  • Rainer Blatt
    Rainer Blatt (born 8 September 1952) is a German-Austrian experimental physicist.
  • Christoph Helmut Keitel
    Christoph Helmut Keitel (born 30 July 1965 in Lübeck, Germany) is a German physicist, presently a director at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics) in Heidelberg and an honorary professor ("Honorarprofessor") at Heidelberg University.
  • Leigh Page
    Leigh Page (October 13, 1884 – September 14, 1952) was an American theoretical physicist.
  • Francesco Sannino
    Francesco Sannino (born February 9, 1968) is an Italian theoretical physicist and a professor at the University of Southern Denmark.
  • Kôdi Husimi
    Kôdi Husimi (June 29, 1909 – May 8, 2008, Japanese: 伏見康治) was a Japanese theoretical physicist who served as the president of the Science Council of Japan.
  • Abner Shimony
    Abner Eliezer Shimony (March 10, 1928 – August 8, 2015) was an American physicist and philosopher.
  • Chad Orzel
    Chad Orzel is a popular science author, noted for his books How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog (also called How to Teach Physics to Your Dog) which has been translated into 9 languages, and How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog.
  • Dirk Bouwmeester
    Dirk (Dik) Bouwmeester (born 1967) is a Dutch experimental physicist specializing in quantum optics and quantum information.
  • Lucien Hardy
    Lucien Hardy is a theoretical physicist, known for his work on the foundation of quantum physics including Hardy's paradox, a thought experiment he devised in 1992.
  • Antony Valentini
    Antony Valentini is a theoretical physicist and a professor at Clemson University.
  • Apoorva D. Patel
    Apoorva D. Patel is a Professor at the Centre for High Energy Physics,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • Arun K. Pati
    Arun Kumar Pati (Odia:ଅରୁଣ କୁମାର ପତି) is an Indian physicist notable for his research in quantum information and computation, the theory of geometric phases and its applications, as well as quantum mechanics.
  • Edward W. Piotrowski
    Edward W. Piotrowski (b. Rybnik, Poland, 1955) is head of the Applied Mathematics Group at the University of Białystok, Poland.
  • H. Stanley Allen
    Herbert Stanley Allen FRSE FRS (29 December 1873 – 27 April 1954) was an English physicist noted as a pioneer in early X-ray research, working under J.
  • Howard Brandt
    Howard Edward Brandt (born in Emerado, North Dakota) was a physicist with the United States Army Research Laboratory in Maryland, and was notable for his work in general relativity and quantum field theory and quantum information.
  • Howard M. Wiseman
    Howard Mark Wiseman (born 19 June 1968) is a theoretical quantum physicist notable for his work on quantum feedback control, quantum measurements, quantum information, open quantum systems, the many interacting worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and other fundamental issues in quantum mechanics.
  • Ignazio Licata
    Ignazio Licata, born 1958, is an Italian theoretical physicist, professor and scientific director of the Institute for Scientific Methodology, Italy.
  • Jens Eisert
    Jens Eisert, born October 9, 1970, is a German physicist, ERC fellow, and professor at the Free University of Berlin.
  • Samuel L. Braunstein
    Samuel Leon Braunstein (born 1961) is a professor in the Computer Science department at the University of York, UK.