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Quantum field theory

2017-07-27T19:30:55+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Propagator, Parity (physics), Path integral formulation, Functional integration, Helicity (particle physics), Boson, Dirac equation, Fermion, Higgs boson, Higgs mechanism, Spin (physics), Anyon, Chirality (physics), Quantization (physics), Fermi's interaction, Renormalization group, Noether's theorem, S-matrix, Electroweak interaction, Gauge fixing, Majorana fermion, Alternatives to the Standard Model Higgs, No-go theorem, Quantum nonlocality, Symmetry in quantum mechanics, Axiomatic quantum field theory, QED vacuum, Wess–Zumino–Witten model, Bargmann–Wigner equations, Gluon field strength tensor, Vacuum manifold, Ward–Takahashi identity, Schwinger's quantum action principle, Thirring model, Thirring–Wess model, Composite field, Quantum hadrodynamics, History of quantum field theory, Scalar field theory, Free field flashcards Quantum field theory
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