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Proprietary database management systems

Proprietary database management systems

  • Microsoft SQL Server
    Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft.
  • Integrated Data Store
    Integrated Data Store (IDS) was an early network database largely used by industry, known for its high performance.
  • M-Files
    M-Files, enterprise information management software, is developed by M-Files Corporation and provides users with a metadata-driven system for organizing and managing documents and other information.
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise
    SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise), originally known as Sybase SQL Server, and also commonly known as Sybase DB or ASE, is a relational model database server product for businesses developed by Sybase Corporation which became part of SAP AG.
  • DBase
    dBase (also stylized dBASE) was one of the first database management systems for microcomputers, and the most successful in its day.
  • InterBase
    InterBase is a relational database management system (RDBMS) currently developed and marketed by Embarcadero Technologies.
  • Oracle Database
    Oracle Database (commonly referred to as Oracle RDBMS or simply as Oracle) is an object-relational database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation.
  • ObjectDatabase++
    ObjectDatabase++ (ODBPP) is an embeddable object-oriented database designed for server applications that require minimal external maintenance.
  • Essbase
    Essbase is a multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) that provides a multidimensional database platform upon which to build analytic applications.
  • InterSystems Caché
    InterSystems Caché is a commercial operational DBMS from InterSystems, used to develop software applications for healthcare management, banking and financial services, government, and other sectors.
  • MemSQL
    MemSQL is a distributed, in-memory, SQL database management system.
  • IBM Information Management System
    IBM Information Management System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database and information management system with extensive transaction processing capabilities.
  • Microsoft Access
    Microsoft Access is a database management system (DBMS) from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools.
    SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE.
  • K (programming language)
    K is a proprietary array processing language developed by Arthur Whitney and commercialized by Kx Systems.
  • FileMaker
    FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application from FileMaker Inc.
  • SharePoint
    SharePoint is a web based application that integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Linter SQL RDBMS
    Linter SQL RDBMS is the main product of RELEX Group.
  • IBM Notes
    IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes; see , below) and IBM Domino (formerly Lotus Domino) are the client and server, respectively, of a collaborative client-server software platform sold by IBM.
  • MSQL
    mSQL or Mini SQL is a lightweight database management system from Hughes Technologies.
  • Progress Software
    Progress is a global software company.
  • Tibero
    Tibero is the name of a relational databases and database management system utilities produced and marketed by TIBERO Corporation, part of South Korean owned TmaxSoft.
  • KnowledgeMan
    KnowledgeMan was an early computer database management system (DBMS) created by Micro Data Base Systems (mdbs) of Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Polyhedra DBMS
    Polyhedra is a family of relational database management systems offered by ENEA AB, a Swedish company.
  • RDM Server
    RDM Server is an embeddable, heterogeneous, client/server database management system supporting both C/C++ and SQL APIs for programming flexibility.
  • Raima Database Manager
    Raima Database Manager (or RDM) is an ACID-compliant embedded database management system designed for use in embedded systems applications.
  • Rasdaman
    Rasdaman ("raster data manager") is an Array DBMS, that is: a Database Management System which adds capabilities for storage and retrieval of massive multi-dimensional arrays, such as sensor, image, and statistics data.
  • TeraText
    TeraText is a non-relational text database.
  • MaxDB
    MaxDB is an ANSI SQL-92 (entry level) compliant relational database management system (RDBMS) from SAP AG, which was also delivered by MySQL AB from 2003 to 2007.
  • SAP Anywhere
    SAP Anywhere is a front office software solution from SAP SE (SAP) for small and medium sized enterprises (SMBs) with 10 - 500 employees.
  • SQL Server Express
    Microsoft SQL Server Express is a version of Microsoft's SQL Server relational database management system that is free to download, distribute and use.
  • Pivotal Greenplum Database
    Pivotal Greenplum Database is a database software developed by Pivotal Software, Inc.
  • Advantage Database Server
    Advantage Database Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) for small to medium-sized businesses by SAP SE (formerly Sybase iAnywhere, formerly Extended Systems).
  • Alpha Five (database)
    Alpha Five is a relational database management system and rapid application development platform (RAD) for building desktop, web (including AJAX) and cross platform mobile applications.
  • Altibase
    Altibase is privately owned, a multinational software corporation that provides Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Pervasive PSQL
    Pervasive PSQL is an ACID-compliant DBMS developed by Pervasive Software.
  • Visual FoxPro
    Visual FoxPro is a data-centric, object-oriented, procedural, programming language produced by Microsoft.
  • IBM Informix
    IBM Informix is a product family within IBM's Information Management division that is centered on several relational database management system (RDBMS) offerings.
  • Gemstone (database)
    GemStone/S is a proprietary application framework that was first available for Smalltalk as an object database.
  • WindowBase
    WindowBase was a database management system created by Software Products International (SPI) as the successor to its manager for MS-DOS, Open Access.
  • Vectorwise
    Actian Vector (formerly known as VectorWise) is an SQL relational database management system designed for high performance in analytical database applications.
  • IBM Lotus Approach
    Lotus Approach is a relational database management system included in IBM's Lotus SmartSuite for Microsoft Windows.
  • R:Base
    R:BASE (or RBASE) was the first relational database program for the PC.
  • 4th Dimension (software)
    4D (4th Dimension, or Silver Surfer, as it was known during early development) is a relational database management system and IDE developed by Laurent Ribardière.
  • Kdb+
    kdb+ is a column-based relational database with in-memory capabilities, developed and marketed by Kx Systems.
  • Adabas D
    Adabas D is a relational database management system owned by Software AG since 1994, when Software AG acquired SQL-Datenbanksysteme GmbH from Siemens Nixdorf AG.
  • Bento (database)
    Bento was a database application for Mac OS X made by FileMaker Inc.
  • Kinetica (software)
    Kinetica (formerly GPUdb) is an in-memory database that uses a distributed rendering pipeline of many core devices (mainly graphics processing units (GPUs)), to process large amounts of data.
  • Sones GraphDB
    Sones GraphDB was a graph database developed by the German company sones GmbH, available from 2010 to 2012.
    Datacom/DB is a relational database management system for mainframe computers.
    DATATRIEVE is a database query and report writer tool from Hewlett-Packard.
  • DBASE Mac
    dBASE Mac was a database management system for the Apple Macintosh, released by Ashton-Tate in 1987.
  • OpenInsight
    OpenInsight is a database application development tool from Revelation Software.
  • Oracle Multimedia
    Oracle Multimedia (formerly Oracle interMedia from versions 8 to 11g), is a feature available for Oracle databases, which provides multimedia utilities in a database environment, generating as a result a multimedia database (MMDB).
  • Q (programming language from Kx Systems)
    Q is a proprietary array processing language developed by Arthur Whitney and commercialized by Kx Systems.
  • NexusDB
    NexusDB is a relational commercial database engine for the Delphi, C++ Builder and .
  • TimesTen
    TimesTen is an in-memory, relational database management system with persistence and recoverability.
  • Rocket U2
    Rocket U2 is a suite of database management (DBMS) and supporting software now owned by Rocket Software.
  • Clusterpoint
    Clusterpoint is a European software technology company developing and supporting Clusterpoint database management system platform.
  • EXtremeDB
    eXtremeDB is a high performance, low-latency, ACID-compliant embedded database management system using an in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture and designed to be linked into C/C++ based programs.
  • Applications-By-Forms
    Applications-By-Forms (ABF) is an early 4GL computer programming language provided by the Ingres relational database.
  • C-treeACE
    c-treeACE is a cross-platform database engine developed by FairCom Corporation.
  • InfiniDB
    InfiniDB (formerly Calpont Corporation) was a database management software company based in Frisco, Texas.
  • Cornerstone (software)
    Cornerstone is a relational database for DOS by Infocom.
  • Datablitz
    DataBlitz is a general purpose main memory database management system, developed by Lucent Bell Labs Research from 1993 to 1995.
  • Db for dummies
    Db for Dummies (DBD) is a flexible, lightweight, memory-resident database.
  • DevInfo
    DevInfo is a database system developed under the auspices of the United Nations and endorsed by the United Nations Development Group for monitoring human development with the specific purpose of monitoring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which is a set of Human Development Indicators.
  • IBM DB2 Express-C
    IBM DB2 Express-C is a free to download, use and redistribute edition of the IBM DB2 data server, which has both XML database and relational database management system features.
  • InfiniteGraph
    InfiniteGraph is an enterprise distributed graph database implemented in Java, and is from a class of NOSQL (or Not Only SQL) database technologies that focus on graph data structures.
  • ScimoreDB
    ScimoreDB is a proprietary freeware relational database management system for Microsoft Windows, developed by Scimore UAB.