Power electronics

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  • Thyristor
    A thyristor is a solid-state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating N and P-type material.
  • Electric power
    Electric power is the rate, per unit time, at which electrical energy is transferred by an electric circuit.
  • Rectifier
    A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction.
  • Switched-mode power supply
    A switched-mode power supply (switching-mode power supply, switch-mode power supply, switched power supply, SMPS, or switcher) is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently.
  • Motor controller
    A motor controller is a device or group of devices that serves to govern in some predetermined manner the performance of an electric motor.
  • Insulated-gate bipolar transistor
    An insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as an electronic switch which, as it was developed, came to combine high efficiency and fast switching.
  • Power inverter
    A power inverter, or inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
  • Variable-frequency drive
    A variable-frequency drive (VFD) (also termed adjustable-frequency drive, variable speed drive, AC drive, micro drive or inverter drive) is a type of adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage.
  • PIN diode
    A PIN diode is a diode with a wide, undoped intrinsic semiconductor region between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region.
    TRIAC, from triode for alternating current, is a generic trademark for a three terminal electronic component that conducts current in either direction when triggered.
  • Magnetic amplifier
    The magnetic amplifier (colloquially known as a "mag amp") is an electromagnetic device for amplifying electrical signals.
  • DC-to-DC converter
    A DC-to-DC converter is an electronic circuit or electromechanical device that converts a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another.
  • Power electronics
    Power electronics is the application of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power.
  • Power MOSFET
    A power MOSFET is a specific type of metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) designed to handle significant power levels.
  • Joule thief
    A joule thief is a minimalist Armstrong self-oscillating voltage booster that is small, low-cost, and easy to build, typically used for driving small loads.