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  • PACMAD clade
    The PACMAD clade (previously PACCMAD, PACCAD, or PACC) is one of two major lineages (or clades) of the true grasses (Poaceae), regrouping six subfamilies and about 5700 species, more than half of all true grasses.
  • BOP clade
    The BOP clade (sometimes BEP clade) is one of two major lineages (or clades) of undefined taxonomic rank in the grasses (Poaceae), containing more than 5,400 species, about half of all grasses.
  • Micrairoideae
    Micrairoideae is a subfamily of the grass family Poaceae, distributed in tropical and subtropical regions.
  • Aeluropus lagopoides
    Aeluropus lagopoides, sometimes called mangrove grass or rabbit-foot aeluropus, is a species of Eurasian and African plant in the grass family, found primarily in salty soils and waste places.
  • Lachnagrostis billardierei
    Lachnagrostis billardierei, commonly known as Coast Blown-grass or Sand Wind Grass, is a species of plant in the true grass family.
  • Ptilagrostis
    Ptilagrostis is a genus of grasses in the family Poaceae.
  • Oryzopsis hymenoides
    Oryzopsis hymenoides (Synonym: Stipa hymenoides, common names: Indian ricegrass and sand rice grass) is a perennial cool-season bunchgrass with very narrow, rolled leaf blades.
  • Austrodanthonia caespitosa
    Austrodanthonia caespitosa, known by various common names including common wallaby-grass, ringed wallaby-grass, and white-top, is a species of grass native to southern parts of Australia.
  • Brachiaria ruziziensis
    Brachiaria ruziziensis or Congo grass is a forage crop that is grown throughout the humid tropics.
  • Brachiaria nigropedata
    Brachiaria nigropedata (Spotted brachiaria, Afrikaans: swartvoetjie, Juǀ'hoan: beye- ǁxui-doa, German: Schwarzfüßchen) is a perennial grass belonging to the grass family (Poaceae).
  • Triraphis devia
    Triraphis devia is a species of grass endemic to Brazil, the only member of its genus native to the Western Hemisphere.
  • Harpachne schimperi
    Harpachne schimperi is a species of grass in the true grass family (Poaceae), found from Ethiopia and Sudan south to Zambia.
  • Neololeba atra
    The black bamboo (Neololeba atra) is a species of tropical Asian, Australian, and Papuasian genus of bamboos in the grass family.
  • Homopholis belsonii
    Homopholis is a genus of Australian plants in the grass family.
  • Odyssea paucinervis
    Odyssea paucinervis is a species of African plants in the grass family.
  • Ochlandra stridula
    The Ceylon reed-bamboo, (Ochlandra stridula), also known as Reed bamboo, and Forest bamboo, is a species of bamboo in the grass family).
  • Schmidtia pappophoroides
    Schmidtia pappophoroides (Afrikaans: meerjarige Kalaharisandkweek, Khoekhoe: ǀkhurub, Otjiherero: ongorondji, Juǀ'hoan: beye-ǁxui-doa, German: Ausdauerndes Fünfborstengras) is a perennial grass belonging to the grass family (Poaceae).
  • Aristideae
    The Aristideae is the sole tribe of grasses in the monotypic subfamily Aristidoideae of the true grass family Poaceae.
  • Lachnagrostis limitanea
    Lachnagrostis limitanea (syn. Agrostis limitanea, Spalding blown grass) is a threatened plant native to South Australia.
  • Arundinoideae
    The Arundinoideae are a subfamily of the true grass family Poaceae with around 40 species, including giant reed and common reed.
  • Oryzoideae
    Oryzoideae (syn. Ehrhartoideae) is a subfamily of the true grass family Poaceae.
  • Stipagrostis obtusa
    Stipagrostis obtusa (Afrikaans: kortbeen boesmangras, Khoekhoe: ǂhabob, Hebrew: מלענן ריסני‎‎) is a perennial grass belonging to the grass family (Poaceae).
  • Pharoideae
    Pharoideae is a subfamily of the true grass family Poaceae, containing the single tribe Phareae with the two genera Leptaspis and Pharus.
  • Ptilagrostis kingii
    Ptilagrostis kingii is a species of grass known by the common names Sierra false needlegrass and King's ricegrass.
  • Jardin Jungle Karlostachys
    The Karlostachys Jungle Garden, or Jardin Jungle Karlostachys, is a jungle park and botanical garden in Eu, in the department of Seine-Maritime in Normandy, in northern France.
  • Piptatherum miliaceum
    Piptatherum miliaceum is a species of grass known by the common name smilograss.
  • Puelioideae
    The Puelioideae is a subfamily of the true grass family Poaceae with two genera, Guaduella and Puelia, each in its own tribe.
  • Arthraxon hispidus
    Arthraxon hispidus, is a grass commonly known as small carpetgrass or hairy jointgrass.
  • Rostraria cristata
    Rostraria cristata, the Mediterranean hairgrass, is an annual grass species which is native to Eurasia and widely naturalised elsewhere.
  • Pseudopogonatherum
    Pseudopogonatherum is a genus of Asian and Australian plants in the grass family .
  • Diarrhena americana
    Diarrhena americana, also known as American beak grass or American beakgrain, is a native, perennial grass of North America, where it grows in rich, moist woodlands from Missouri to Maryland and south to Oklahoma and Alabama.
  • Chasmanthium latifolium
    Chasmanthium latifolium, known as Woodoats, Inland sea oats, Northern sea oats, and River oats is a grass native to the central and eastern United States, Manitoba, and northeastern Mexico; it grows as far north as Pennsylvania and Michigan, where it is a threatened species.
  • Mibora minima
    Mibora minima, the early sandgrass, is a small (between 2 and 15 cm high) annual species of grass that is indigenous in western and southwestern Europe and is also known from both sides of the Canada–United States border east from Lake Huron and west from Maine.
  • Olyra latifolia
    Olyra latifolia, carrycillo, is a grass species in the Poaceae family.