Passenger ships

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  • MV Doña Paz
    The MV Doña Paz was a Philippine-registered passenger ferry that sank after colliding with the oil tanker MT Vector on December 20, 1987.
  • SS Savannah
    SS Savannah was an American hybrid sailing ship/sidewheel steamer built in 1818.
  • Bulgaria (ship)
    Bulgaria (Russian: Булга́рия, tr. Bulgariya) was a class 785/OL800 Russian river cruise ship (built in Komárno, Czechoslovakia) which operated in the Volga-Don basin.
  • MS Mariella
    MS Mariella is a cruiseferry delivered in 1985 to SF Line and has since operated as a part of Viking Line.
  • SS Admiral Nakhimov
    SS Admiral Nakhimov (Russian: Адмирал Нахимов), launched in March 1925 and originally named SS Berlin III, was a passenger liner of the German Weimar Republic later converted to a hospital ship, then a Soviet passenger ship.
  • MS Galaxy
    MS Galaxy is a cruise ferry built in 2006 by Aker Finnyards, Rauma, Finland and was at the time the largest ship delivered to ferry operator Tallink.
  • MS Romantika
    MS Romantika (Latvian and Estonian "Romantika" means "Romance" in English) is a cruiseferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on a route connecting Stockholm, Sweden to Tallinn, Estonia.
  • MS Stena Superfast VIII
    MS Stena Superfast VIII is a fast Ro-Pax ferry operated by Stena Line between Belfast and Cairnryan.
  • MS Stena Superfast VII
    MS Stena Superfast VII is a fast Ro-Pax ferry owned by the Estonian ferry company Tallink and chartered to Stena Line operated on their service between Belfast and Cairnryan.
  • MS Viking Grace
    MS Viking Grace is a cruiseferry constructed at STX Europe Turku Shipyard, Finland for the Finland-based ferry company Viking Line.
  • SS Albert Ballin
    SS Albert Ballin was an ocean liner of the Hamburg-America Line launched in 1923 and named after Albert Ballin, visionary director of the line who had committed suicide several years earlier.
  • MS Amorella
    MS Amorella is a cruiseferry operated by the Finnish ferry company Viking Line on the route Turku–Mariehamn/Långnäs–Stockholm.
  • SS Carnatic
    SS Carnatic was a British steamship built in 1862-63 by Samuda Brothers at Cubitt Town on the Isle of Dogs, London, for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.
  • MS Isabelle
    MS Isabelle is a cruiseferry owned and operated by the Estonia-based Tallink.
  • MS Gabriella
    MS Gabriella is a cruiseferry sailing on a route connecting Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden for Viking Line.
  • MS Hans Hedtoft
    MS Hans Hedtoft was a Danish liner that struck an iceberg and sank on 30 January 1959 on her maiden voyage off the coast of Western Greenland.
  • MS Star
    MS Star is a fast Ro-Pax ferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink.
  • MS Superstar
    MS Superstar is a fast ferry owned by the Italy-based MedInvest Spa and chartered to Estonian operator Tallink and operated on Tallink's Helsinki–Tallinn service.
  • MS Translandia
    MS Translandia was a freight/passenger ferry owned by the shipping company Salem Al Makrani Cargo from Dubai.
  • MS Silja Europa
    MS Silja Europa, owned and operated by Tallink, is one of the largest cruiseferries in the world.
  • Sultana (steamboat)
    Sultana was a Mississippi River side-wheel steamboat.
  • Passenger ship
    A passenger ship is a merchant ship whose primary function is to carry passengers.
  • MS Silja Serenade
    MS Silja Serenade is a cruiseferry owned by the Estonian shipping company Tallink Group, operated under their Silja Line brand on a route connecting Helsinki, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden via Mariehamn.
  • MS Rosella
    MS Rosella is a cruiseferry, built in 1980 by Wärtsilä Turku shipyard, Finland for SF Line, one of the owners of the Viking Line consortium.
  • MS Victoria I
    MS Victoria I is a cruiseferry operated by the Estonian ferry company Tallink on a route connecting Stockholm, Sweden to Tallinn, Estonia via Mariehamn, Finland.
  • MS Georg Ots
    MS Georg Ots was a cargo/passenger ferry that sailed between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia from 1980 to 2000.
  • Skibladner
    PS Skibladner is the only paddle steamer operating in Norway, it sails on lake Mjøsa.
  • MS Viking XPRS
    MS Viking XPRS is a fast cruiseferry owned by the Finland-based Viking Line and operated on their service between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia.
  • MV Princess of the Stars
    MV Princess of the Stars (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Princess of Stars) was a ferry owned by Filipino shipping company Sulpicio Lines.
  • MS Mega Andrea
    Mega Andrea is a cruiseferry owned and operated by Corsica Ferries Sardinia Ferries.
  • MS Princess Maria
    MS Princess Maria is a cruiseferry operated by St.
  • Iosif Stalin-class passenger ship
    The Iosif Stalin-class passenger ship was a two-strong class of large turbo-electric powered passenger ships, operated by the Soviet Baltic State Shipping Company (BGMP).
  • MS Baltic Princess
    MS Baltic Princess is a cruiseliner owned by the Estonia-based ferry operator Tallink and operated under their Silja Line brand.
  • MS Baltic Queen
    MS Baltic Queen is a cruiseferry owned by the Estonia-based ferry operator Tallink.
  • MS Moby Zazà
    Moby Zazà is a ferry operated by Moby Lines between Nice and Bastia.
  • SS Californian
    The SS Californian was a British Leyland Line steamship that is best known for its inaction during the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912, despite being the closest ship in the area.
  • SS Great Eastern
    SS Great Eastern was an iron sailing steam ship designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and built by J.
  • MS Estonia
    MS Estonia, previously Viking Sally (1980–1990), Silja Star (1990–1991), and Wasa King (1991–1993), was a cruise ferry built in 1979/80 at the German shipyard Meyer Werft in Papenburg.
  • MS Almariya
    MS Isabella 1 is a cruiseferry owned by the shipping company Isabella Cruises on their route connecting Almería, Spain, to Nador, Morocco.
  • RMS Carpathia
    RMS Carpathia was a Cunard Line transatlantic passenger steamship built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson.
  • RMS Queen Elizabeth
    RMS Queen Elizabeth was an ocean liner operated by the Cunard Line (after its merger with the White Star Line).
  • RMS Lucania
    RMS Lucania was a British ocean liner owned by the Cunard Steamship Line Shipping Company, built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company of Govan, Scotland, and launched on Thursday, 2 February 1893.
  • Truro (ship)
    Truro was the ship from Madras carrying the first 342 indentured Indian laborers to arrive in Port Natal (present-day Durban) on 16 November 1860.
  • MF Liburnija
    MF Liburnija was a ferry owned by Croatian shipping company Jadrolinija, built in 1965 by the NV Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek "De Merwede" Van Vliet & Co, Hardinxveld, Netherlands for Jadrolinija.
  • MS Sapphire
    MS Sapphire was a 1967 Italian built cruise ship that most recently operated for Louis Cruise Lines, once laid up at Eleusis Bay and was sold for scrap in May 2012.
  • Duffy-Herreshoff watertaxi
    The Duffy-Herreshoff DH30 watertaxi is an 18 person hydrogen fueled passenger ship, power-assisted by an electric motor that gets its electricity from a fuel cell.
  • Enchanté
    The Enchanté (French: Nice to meet you (Literally: Enchanted)) is a Belgian barge of the spitz category, constructed in 1958 as a trading barge and refitted in 2009 as a luxury hotel barge.
  • Scottish Highlander (barge)
    The Scottish Highlander is a boutique hotel barge cruising the Caledonian Canal in Scotland, from Inverness to Fort William.
  • SS Koning der Nederlanden
    SS Koning der Nederlanden was a Dutch liner of the Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland.
  • SS Canadian
    SSCanadian was a British Passenger ship which struck an iceberg and sank in the Straits of Belle Isle 4 nautical miles (7.4 km) north of Cape Bauld (51°30′N 55°30′W / 51.500°N 55.500°W) while she was travelling from Quebec, Canada to Liverpool, United Kingdom.
  • Anjodi
    Anjodi is a Luxe motor Dutch steel barge built as a trading barge but refitted in 1982 as a hotel barge.
  • MV Celestyal Odyssey
    MV Celestyal Odyssey is a Malta-registered passenger ship.
  • HSC Dubravka
    HSC Dubravka is a catamaran type passenger ship owned by Croatian shipping company Jadrolinija with a capacity of 306 passengers.
  • HSC Adriana
    HSC Adriana is a catamaran type passenger ship owned by Croatian shipping company Jadrolinija.
  • SS Abbotsford
    The SS Abbotsford was a brig-rigged iron passenger ship built by the Gourlay Brothers of Dundee for the Red Star Line, of Antwerp.
  • SS Exochorda
    SS Exochorda, a 473-foot, 14,500-ton cargo liner in service with American Export Lines from 1948 to 1959.
  • SS Haimun
    SS Haimun was a Chinese steamer ship commanded by war correspondent Lionel James in 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War for The Times of London.
  • Arahura (twin screw ship)
    TSS Arahura was a twin screw steam passenger/cargo ship (also schooner rigged) built for the Union Steam Ship Company.
  • Darien II
    Darien II was the last ship to bring Aliya Bet refugees to Haifa during World War II.