Orations of Cicero

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  • Catiline Orations
    The Catiline Orations, or Catilinarian Orations, were speeches given in 63 BC by Marcus Tullius Cicero, the consul of Rome to expose to the Roman Senate the plot to overthrow the Roman government, purportedly led by Lucius Sergius Catilina (Catiline) and his allies.
  • Pro Quinctio
    The speech Pro Quinctio was given by Marcus Tullius Cicero on behalf of Publius Quintius.
  • Pro Roscio Amerino
    The speech Pro Roscio Amerino was given by Marcus Tullius Cicero on behalf of Roscius of Ameria.
  • De Imperio Cn. Pompei
    De Imperio Cn. Pompei, also known as Pro Lege Manilia, was a speech delivered by Cicero in 66 BC in support of the proposal made by Gaius Manilius, a tribune of the people, that Pompey the Great be given sole command against Mithridates in the Third Mithridatic War.
  • Pro Caelio
    Pro Caelio is a speech given on April 4, 56 BC, by the famed Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero in defence of Marcus Caelius Rufus, who had once been Cicero's student but more recently was a political rival.
  • Divinatio in Caecilium
    Cicero's Divinatio in Caecilium is his oration against Quintus Caecilius in the process for selecting a prosecutor of Gaius Verres (70 BCE).
  • In Toga Candida
    In Toga Candida is a speech given by Cicero during his election campaign in 64 BC for the consulship of 63 BC.
  • Pro Archia Poeta
    Cicero's oration Pro Archia Poeta is the published literary form of his defense of Aulus Licinius Archias, a poet accused of not being a Roman citizen.
  • Pro Marcello
    Pro Marcello is a speech by Marcus Tullius Cicero.
  • Pro Milone
    The Pro Tito Annio Milone ad iudicem oratio (Pro Milone) is a speech made by Marcus Tullius Cicero on behalf of his friend Titus Annius Milo.
  • Pro Ligario
    In this speech Cicero defends Ligarius, who is accused of crimes in Africa.
  • Pro Caecina
    The Pro Aulo Caecina is a speech made by Marcus Tullius Cicero on behalf of his friend Aulus Caecina.
  • Pro Tullio
    Pro Tullio (Latin for "On behalf of Tullius") is a partially preserved speech delivered by the Roman orator Cicero in 72 or 71 BC.
  • Pro Cluentio
    Pro Cluentio is a speech by the Roman orator Cicero given in defense of a man named Aulus Cluentius Habitus Minor.