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  • John Rock (American scientist)
    John Rock (March 24, 1890 – December 4, 1984) was an American obstetrician and gynecologist.
  • François Mauriceau
    François Mauriceau (1637 – October 17, 1709) was a French obstetrician.
  • Agnodice
    Agnodice or Agnodike (Ancient Greek: Ἀγνοδίκη, Greek pronunciation: [aŋnodíkɛː] c. 4th century BCE) was the first female Athenian physician, midwife, and gynaecologist, whose story was recorded by Gaius Julius Hyginus.
  • Samia al-Amoudi
    Samia al-Amoudi is a Saudi Arabian consultant obstetrician and gynecologist.
  • Anastasie Fătu
    Anastasie Fătu (originally Năstase Fêtu or Fĕtu, also known as Anastasius Fétul, Anastasie Fĕtul or Anastase Fătul; January 2, 1816 – March 15, 1886) was a Moldavian and Romanian physician, naturalist, philanthropist and political figure, a titular member of the Romanian Academy and founder of Iași's Botanical Garden.
  • Jan Palfijn
    Jan Palfijn (name sometimes spelled Jean Palfyn or Jan Palfyn) (November 28, 1650 – April 21, 1730) was a Flemish surgeon and obstetrician who was a native of Kortrijk, Flanders.
  • Kypros Nicolaides
    Kypros Nicolaides (born 1953) is a Greek Cypriot maternal fetal medicine specialist, and a world expert in fetal surgery and interventions.
  • Hein Odendaal
    Hein Odendaal (born 17 July 1942) is a South African medical doctor and internationally recognised specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • Christian Macedonia
    Christian Macedonia is a medical doctor and a retired United States Army officer.
  • Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia
    Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia (26 September 1921 – 2 November 1996) was a Uruguayan doctor who pioneered the field of maternal-fetal medicine, or perinatology.
  • Endre Czeizel
    Endre Czeizel (3 April 1935 – 10 August 2015) was a Hungarian physician, geneticist, public health administrator, and professor.
  • Carl Edvard Marius Levy
    Carl Edvard Marius Levy (September 10, 1808 – December 30, 1865) was professor and head of the Danish Maternity institution in Copenhagen (Fødsels- og Plejestiftelsen).