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Numerical programming languages

Numerical programming languages

  • Fortress (programming language)
    Fortress is a discontinued experimental programming language for high-performance computing, created by Sun Microsystems with funding from DARPA's High Productivity Computing Systems project.
  • Perl Data Language
    Perl Data Language (abbreviated PDL) is a set of free software array programming extensions to the Perl programming language.
  • Ana (programming language)
    In contexts of solar physics and data analysis, Ana is a somewhat whimsically named computer language that is designed for array processing and image data analysis.
  • O-Matrix
    O-Matrix is a matrix programming language for mathematics, engineering, science, and financial analysis, marketed by Harmonic Software.
  • ADMB
    ADMB or AD Model Builder is a free and open source software suite for non-linear statistical modeling.
  • M2001
    M2001 is a modular educational mathematical programming language for developing and presenting mathematical algorithms, from the modern discrete to the classical continuous mathematics.
    ARITH-MATIC is an extension of Grace Hopper's A-2 programming language, developed around 1955.
    MATH-MATIC is the marketing name for the AT-3 (Algebraic Translator 3) compiler, an early programming language for the UNIVAC I and UNIVAC II.
  • SequenceL
    SequenceL is a general purpose functional programming language and auto-parallelizing (Parallel computing) tool set, whose primary design objectives are performance on multi-core processor hardware, ease of programming, platform portability/optimization, and code clarity and readability.
  • Nickle (programming language)
    Nickle is a numeric oriented programming language by Keith Packard and Bart Massey.
  • ScientificPython
    ScientificPython is an open source library of scientific tools for the Python programming language.
    SAMPL, which stands for "Stochastic AMPL", is an algebraic modeling language resulting by expanding the well-known language AMPL with extended syntax and keywords.