Numerical analysis software for Windows

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  • LabVIEW
    Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments.
  • SciPy
    SciPy (pronounced "Sigh Pie") is an open source Python library used for scientific computing and technical computing.
  • NumPy
    NumPy (pronounced "Numb Pie" or sometimes "Numb pee") is an extension to the Python programming language, adding support for large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, along with a large library of high-level mathematical functions to operate on these arrays.
  • Julia (programming language)
    Julia is a high-level dynamic programming language designed to address the requirements of high-performance numerical and scientific computing while also being effective for general-purpose programming, web use or as a specification language.
  • Wolfram Mathematica
    Wolfram Mathematica (sometimes referred to as Mathematica) is a symbolic mathematical computation program, sometimes called a computer algebra program, used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computing fields.
  • R (programming language)
    R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.
  • GNU Octave
    GNU Octave is software featuring a high-level programming language, primarily intended for numerical computations.
  • Scilab
    Scilab is an open source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language.
  • Gretl
    gretl is an open-source statistical package, mainly for econometrics.
  • TetGen
    TetGen is a mesh generator developed by Hang Si which is designed to partition any 3D geometry into tetrahedrons by employing a form of Delaunay triangulation whose algorithm was developed by the author.
  • FreeMat
    FreeMat is a free open source numerical computing environment and programming language, similar to MATLAB and GNU Octave.
  • Astropy
    The Astropy Project is a collection of software packages written in the Python programming language and designed for use in astronomy.
  • Programming with Big Data in R
    Programming with Big Data in R (pbdR) is a series of R packages and an environment for statistical computing with Big Data by using high-performance statistical computation.
  • SequenceL
    SequenceL is a general purpose functional programming language and auto-parallelizing (Parallel computing) tool set, whose primary design objectives are performance on multi-core processor hardware, ease of programming, platform portability/optimization, and code clarity and readability.
  • ILNumerics
    ILNumerics is a mathematical class library for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) developers and a domain specific language (DSL) for the implementation of numerical algorithms on the .
  • ND4S
    ND4S is a free, open-source extension of the Scala programming language operating on the Java Virtual Machine—though it is compatible with both Java and Clojure.
    MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language.
  • ND4J (software)
    ND4J is a scientific computing library, written in the programming language C++, operating on the Java virtual machine (JVM), and compatible with the languages Java, Scala, and Clojure.
  • Gmsh
    Gmsh is a finite element mesh generator developed by Christophe Geuzaine and Jean-François Remacle.
  • Orange (software)
    Orange is a free software machine learning and data mining package (written in Python).
  • Paradiseo
    ParadisEO is a white-box object-oriented framework dedicated to the flexible design of metaheuristics.