National parks of Russia

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  • Russian Arctic National Park
    Russian Arctic National Park (Russian: Национальный парк "Русская Арктика") is a national park of Russia, which was established in June 2009.
  • Alkhanay National Park
    Alkhanay National Park (Russian: Национальный парк «Алханай») encompasses the area around Mt.
  • Shorsky National Park
    Shorsky National Park (Russian: Шорский) is a forested, mountainous area in southwestern Siberia, where The West Siberian Plain meets the South Siberian Mountains.
  • Tunkinsky National Park
    Tunkinsky National Park (Russian: Тункинский) (also called Tunka National Park) is a national park located in south central Siberia, covers a mountainous region centered on the Irkut River valley (also referred to as the Tunka Valley) that continues from the rift valley of Lake Baikal southwest to the border of Mongolia.
  • Chikoy National Park
    Chikoy National Park (Russian: Чикой, национальный парк) was officially created in 2014, on the mountain-steppe border region of south-central Siberia and Mongolia.
  • Saylyugemsky National Park
    Saylyugemsky National Park (Russian: Сайлюгемский (национальный парк)) sits at the mountainous "X" where the borders of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China meet in the Altai Mountains of central Asia.
  • Beringia National Park
    Beringia National Park (Russian: Берингия) is on the eastern tip of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug ("Chukotka"), the most northeastern region of Russia.
  • Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park
    Onezhskoye Pomorye National Park (Russian: Национальный парк Онежское Поморье) is a national park in the north of Russia, located on Onega Peninsula in Onezhsky and Primorsky Districts of Arkhangelsk Oblast.
  • Sebezhsky National Park
    Sebezhsky National Park (Russian: Себежский национальный парк) is a national park in the northwest of Russia, located in Sebezhsky District of Pskov Oblast.
  • Ugra National Park
    Ugra National Park (Russian: Национальный парк Угра) is a national park in central Russia, located in Kaluga Oblast, in the valley of the Ugra River.
  • Khvalynsky National Park
    Khvalynsky National Park (Russian: Хвалынский) encompasses a raised plateau of chalk hills of the Volga Uplands, covered in mixed oak-linden and conifer forests, along the west side of the Volga River.
  • Shushensky Bor National Park
    Shushensky Bor National Park (Russian: (национальный парк «Шушенский бор»)) ("Sushenshky Forest") consists of two representative forests in the extreme southwest of Siberia, in the northern foothills of the Western Sayan Mountains.
  • Losiny Ostrov National Park
    Losiny Ostrov National Park (Russian: Национальный парк "Лосиный Остров", literally - Elk (Moose) Island) is the first national park of Russia.
  • Bashkiriya National Park
    Bashkiriya National Park (Russian: Башкирия (национальный парк)), covers a large contiguous forest on the southern end of the Urals mountains.
  • Shantar Islands National Park
    Shantar Islands National Park (Russian: Шантарские острова (национальный парк)) covers both the terrestrial and maritime surroundings of the Shantar Islands, a group of 15 currently uninhabited islands that lie close to the coast of Khabarovsk Krai, in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Russian Far East.
  • Valdaysky National Park
    Valdaysky National Park (Russian: Валдайский национальный парк) is a national park in the north of Russia, located in Valdaysky, Okulovsky, and Demyansky Districts of Novgorod Oblast.
  • Nizhnyaya Kama National Park
    Nizhnyaya Kama National Park (Russian: Национальный парк Нижняя Кама (in English Lower Kama National Park) is a national park in the center of Russia, located in Tukayevsky and Yelabuzhsky Districts of Tatarstan. It was established April 20, 1991 to protect coniferous (mostly pine) forests at the banks of the Kama River.
  • Pleshcheyevo Ozero National Park
    Pleshcheyovo Ozero National Park (Russian: Плещеево озеро (национальный парк)), (also, Pleshcheyevo Lake or Pleshcheevo Ozero) covers Lake Pleshcheyevo and surrounding areas.
  • Prielbrusye National Park
    Prielbrusye National Park (Russian: Приэльбрусье (национальный парк)) (also, Prielbrus'e, in English, "Mt. Elbrus") is centered on Mt.
  • Pripyshminskiye Bory National Park
    Pripyshminskiye Bory National Park (Russian: Припышминские Боры).
  • Chavash Varmane Bor National Park
    Chavash Varmane Bor National Park (Russian: Национальный парк «Чаваш Вармане»)) (in English, the "Chuvash Forest") is a large contiguous (unbroken) forest in the middle Volga River region.
  • Yugyd Va National Park
    Yugyd Va National Park (Komi, Russian: Югыд ва) is a national park in the Komi Republic, a constituent republic of the Russian Federation.
  • Curonian Spit National Park (Russia)
    Curonian Spit National Park (Russian: Куршская коса) (Also: Kurshskaya Kosa) covers the Russian-owned southern 41 km of the 98 km long, curved Curonian Spit – a type of depositional sandbar.
  • Taganay
    Taganay (Russian: Таганай) is a group of mountain ridges in the Southern Urals, on the territory of Chelyabinsk Oblast, with the highest point rising 1178 m.
  • Zyuratkul National Park
    Zyuratkul National Park (Russian: Зюраткуль) is a Russian national park established in 1993 in the southern part of Satkinsky Raion (Chelyabinsk Oblast, Urals).
  • Paanajärvi National Park
    Paanajärvi National Park is a Russian national park in the Loukhsky District of northwestern Republic of Karelia, in northwestern Russia.
  • Buzuluksky Bor National Park
    Buzuluksky Bor National Park (Russian: Бузулукский бор) encompasses the Buzuluk Pine Forest, which is the largest grove of isolated high pine trees in the world.
  • Zabaykalsky National Park
    Zaybaybalsky National Park (Russian: Забайкальский национальный парк) (in English, "Trans-Baikal") covers the middle section of the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, the west slope of the Barguzin mountains to the east, the Ushkany Islands, and the only large peninsula on the lake Svyatoy Nos ("Holy Nose").
  • Zov Tigra National Park
    Zov Tigra National Park (Russian: Зов Тигра национальный парк)), (in English, "Call of the Tiger National Park", or "Roar of the Tiger") is a mountainous refuge for the endangered Amur Tiger.
  • Mariy Chodra National Park
    Mariy Chodra (Mari and Russian: Марий Чодра; Mari for The Mari Forest) is a national park, located largely in Morkinsky, Zvenigovsky, and Volzhsky Districts of the Mari El Republic, Russia.
  • Russky Sever National Park
    Russky Sever National Park (Russian: Национальный парк «Русский Север») is a national park in the north of Russia, located in Kirillovsky District of Vologda Oblast.
  • Sochi National Park
    Sochi National Park (Russian: Сочинский национальный парк, also Sochinsky National Park) is a national park in Western Caucasus, near the city of Sochi, in Southern Russia.
  • Pribaikalsky National Park
    Pribaikalsky National Park (also spelled Pribaykalski, Russian: Прибайкальский национальный парк) covers the southwest coast of Lake Baikal in southeastern Siberia.
  • Alaniya National Park
    Alaniya National Park (Russian: Национальный парк «Ала́ния»), is a heavily glaciated, mountainous section of the northern slope of the Central Caucasus Mountains.
  • Anyuysky National Park
    Anyuysky National Park (Russian: Анюйский (национальный парк)), covers the basin of the Anyuy River, on the west slope of the Central Sikhote-Alin Mountain range in the Russian Far East.
  • Vodlozersky National Park
    Vodlozersky National Park (Russian: Водлозерский национальный парк) is a national park in the north of Russia, located in Onezhsky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast and Pudozhsky District in the Republic of Karelia.
  • Smolenskoye Poozerye National Park
    Smolenskoye Poozerye National Park (Russian: Смоленское Поозерье) (also Smolenskoe, or Smolensk Lakes) is a forest-wetland ecosystem of 35 lakes and surroundings in the northwest of Smolensk Oblast near the Russian border with Belarus.
  • Kalevalsky National Park
    Kalevalsky National Park (Russian: Калевальский) covers one of the last old-growth boreal pine forest in Europe.
  • Meshchyora National Park
    Meshchyora National Park (Russian: Мещёра (национальный парк)) covers extensive wetlands (swamps, peat bogs, rivers and lakes) and pine/birch woodlands in the Meshchera Lowlands on the East European Plain in Vladimir Oblast, about 120 km east of Moscow.
  • Meshchyorsky National Park
    Meshchyorsky National Park (Russian: Национальный парк «Мещерский») covers extensive wetlands (swamps, peat bogs, rivers and lakes) and pine/birch woodlands in the Meshchera Lowlands on the East European Plain in the northern section of Ryazan Oblast, Russia, about 120 km east of Moscow.
  • Nechkinsky National Park
    Nechkinsky National Park (Russian: Национальный парк «Нечкинский») is an important biological and cultural reserve of Udmurtia (the Udmurt Republic), situated in the middle valley of the Kama River, its tributary the Siva River, and the coastal part of the Votkinsk reservoir.
  • Udegeyskaya Legenda National Park
    Udegeyskaya Legenda National Park (Russian: Удэгейская легенда) (also, Udege Legend) covers the richest coniferous-deciduous forest on the western slope of the Central Sikhote-Alin mountains of the Russian Far East.
  • Kenozersky National Park
    Kenozersky National Park (Russian: Кенозерский национальный парк) is a national park in the north of Russia, located in Kargopolsky and Plesetsky Districts of Arkhangelsk Oblast.
  • Curonian Spit
    The Curonian Spit (Lithuanian: Kuršių nerija, Russian: Ку́ршская коса́ (Kurshskaya kosa), German: Kurische Nehrung, Latvian: Kuršu kāpas) is a 98 km long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast.
  • Samarskaya Luka National Park
    Samarskaya Luka National Park (Russian: Самарская Лука национальный парк) (in English, "Samara Bend") covers most of the peninsula formed by the 180-degree bend of the Volga River as it flows around the Zhiguli Mountains, near the cities of Samara and Zhigulyovsk in the Stavropolsky District, Samara Oblast.
  • Bikin National Park
    Bikin National Park (Russian: (национальный парк «Бикин»)) was created on November 3, 2015 to protect the largest remaining old-growth mixed forest in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as the territory of 10% of all Amur tigers in the wild.