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  • Fire lance
    The fire lance (simplified Chinese: 火枪; traditional Chinese: 火槍; pinyin: huǒ qiāng) or fire spear was one of the first gunpowder weapons in the world.
  • Congreve rocket
    The Congreve rocket was a British military weapon designed and developed by Sir William Congreve in 1804, based directly on Mysorean rockets.
  • Missile
    In modern usage, a missile is a self-propelled precision-guided munition system, as opposed to an unguided self-propelled munition, referred to as a rocket (although these too can also be guided).
  • Rocket (weapon)
    A rocket is a self-propelled, unguided weapon system powered by a rocket motor.
  • Surface-to-air missile
    A surface-to-air missile (SAM), or ground-to-air missile (GTAM), is a missile designed to be launched from the ground to destroy aircraft or other missiles.
    Terrain Contour Matching, or TERCOM, is a navigation system used primarily by cruise missiles.
  • Anti-ship missile
    Anti-ship missiles are guided missiles that are designed for use against ships and large boats.
  • Mark 13 missile launcher
    The Mark 13 guided missile launching system (GMLS) is a single-arm missile launcher designed for use on frigates and other military vessels.
  • Mark 41 Vertical Launching System
    The Mark 41 Vertical Launching System (Mk 41 VLS) is a shipborne missile canister launching system which provides a rapid-fire launch capability against hostile threats.
  • List of anti-ship missiles
    This is a list of anti-ship missiles.
  • Mark 26 missile launcher
    The Mark 26 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) was a United States Navy fully automated system that stows, handles, and launches a variety of missiles.
  • NAVAIR Spike
    The Spike is a small missile developed by the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD), NAVAIR's Weapons Division.
  • Zarb missile
    The Zarb missile is a land-based anti-ship guided cruise missile system currently in operation with Pakistan Navy.
  • SPEAR 3
    The Select Precision Effects At Range (SPEAR) Capability 3 is a future British air-to-ground, possibly anti-tank, anti-structure, and anti-ship missile.
  • List of surface-to-air missiles
    This is a list of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs).
  • List of missiles
    Below is a list of missiles, sorted alphabetically by name.