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Media in Kiev

Media in Kiev

  • Ukrinform
    The National News Agency of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Українське національне інформаційне агентство) or Ukrinform (Ukrainian: Укрінформ) is a state information and news agency of Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian News Agency
    The Ukrainian News Agency (Ukrainian: Інформаційне агентство "Українські Новини"; Informatsiyne ahentstvo "Ukrayins'ki Novyny") is a Kiev-based Ukrainian news agency.
  • Korrespondent
    Korrespondent (Russian: Корреспондент; Ukrainian: Кореспондент; literally: Correspondent) is a weekly printed magazine published in Ukraine in Russian and Ukrainian languages.
  • Kyiv Post
    The Kyiv Post is a Ukrainian English-language newspaper.
  • All About Accounting
    All About Accounting (Ukrainian: Все про бухгалтерський облік) is a semiweekly Ukrainian and Russian-language newspaper based in Kiev (Ukraine) with a run of 93,100.
  • Novyi Kanal
    Novyi Kanal (Ukrainian: Новий Канал) is a Ukrainian television channel.
  • Uryadovy Kuryer
    Uryadovy Courier (Ukrainian: Урядовий кур'єр, literally Governmental Courier) is the national daily newspaper published by the executive branch of Ukraine.
  • Fakty i Kommentarii
    Fakty i Kommentarii (Russian: Факты и комментарии, translated as Facts and Commentaries), founded in 1997, is Ukraine's biggest selling Russian language tabloid newspaper, with a circulation of more than 1.
  • Zerkalo Nedeli
    Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Ukrainian: Дзеркало тижня; Russian: Зеркало недели, Zerkalo Nedeli), usually referred to in English as the Mirror Weekly, is one of Ukraine’s most influential analytical newspapers published weekly in Kiev, the nation's capital.
  • Interfax-Ukraine
    The Interfax-Ukraine News Agency (Ukrainian: Інтерфакс-Україна) is a Kiev-based Ukrainian news agency founded in 1992, the company belongs to the Russian news group Interfax Information Services.
  • Der Spiegel-Profil
    Der Spiegel-Profil (in Ukrainian, Der Spiegel-Профiль) was a Ukrainian weekly magazine, published in Kiev, started in 2007 and shuttered in 2008 due to being financially unsustainable.
  • Kievan Past
    Kievan Past (Russian: Киевская старина, Kievskaia starina — Ukrainian: Київська минувшина) was a historically ethographic and literal chronicle.
  • Komanda (newspaper)
    Komanda is one of Ukraine’s most influential sport newspapers published daily in Kiev, the nation's capital.
  • Dnipro (magazine)
    Dnipro — monthly color reader’s belles-lettres magazine.
  • Worldwide News Ukraine
    Worldwide News Ukraine or WNU is an independent news agency based in Ukraine that focuses on reporting globally significant news about Ukraine and events taking place in the country.
  • Ukrayina Moloda
    Ukrayina Moloda (Ukrainian: Україна молода, Young Ukraine) is a daily Ukrainian-language newspaper based in Kiev with a circulation of 99,000.
  • Focus (Ukrainian magazine)
    Focus (Russian: «Еженедельник Фокус») is a national Ukrainian weekly news magazine in Russian language published in Kiev and distributed throughout the country.
  • Novynar
    Novynar (meaning Newsmaker in English) was a Ukrainian language news magazine briefly published in Kiev, Ukraine, from 2007 to 2008.
  • Kyiv International Short Film Festival
    Kyiv International Short Film Festival is an annual festival, held in Kyiv and aimed to acquaint the audience with short films from around the world.
  • Krytyka
    Krytyka (Ukrainian: Критика; "Critique") is a Ukrainian intellectual monthly/bi-monthly magazine and publishing house dedicated to in-depth analysis of current affairs, culture and book reviews in Ukraine and the region.
  • Molod Ukrayiny
    Molod Ukrayiny (Ukrainian: Молодь України) is a Ukrainian newspaper published daily in Kiev, the nation's capital.
  • KP (newspaper)
    KP is a Ukrainian newspaper published six times a week in Kiev, the nation's capital.
  • The Ukrainian Week
    (For the English-language newspaper of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States and North America with a similar name, see The Ukrainian Weekly.) The Ukrainian Week (Ukrainian: Український Тиждень) is an illustrated weekly magazine covering politics, economics and the arts and aimed at the socially engaged Ukrainian-language reader.