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Languages of Syria

Languages of Syria

  • Eblaite language
    Eblaite /ˈɛblə.aɪt/ (also known as Eblan ISO 639-3) is an extinct Semitic language which was used during the third millennium BCE by the East Semitic speaking populations of Northern Syria.
  • Levantine Arabic
    Levantine Arabic (Arabic: اللهجة الشامية‎‎, al-lahjah aš-šāmiyyah) is a broad dialect of Arabic spoken in the 100 to 200 km-wide Eastern Mediterranean coastal strip.
  • Mesopotamian Arabic
    Mesopotamian Arabic is a continuum of mutually-intelligible varieties of Arabic native to the Mesopotamian basin of Iraq as well as spanning into Syria, Iran, southeastern Turkey, and spoken in Iraqi diaspora communities.
  • Najdi Arabic
    Najdi Arabic (Arabic: اللهجة النجدية‎‎) is a variety of Arabic spoken in the Najd region of Saudi Arabia.
  • North Mesopotamian Arabic
    North Mesopotamian Arabic (also known as Moslawi (meaning 'of Mosul') or Mesopotamian Qeltu Arabic) is a variety of Arabic spoken north of the Hamrin Mountains in Iraq, in western Iran, northern Syria, and in southeastern Turkey (in the eastern Mediterranean Region, Southeastern Anatolia Region, and southern Eastern Anatolia Region).
  • Modern Standard Arabic
    Modern Standard Arabic (MSA; Arabic: اللغة العربية الفصحى‎‎ al-lughah al-ʻArabīyah al-fuṣḥá 'the most eloquent Arabic language'), Standard Arabic, or Literary Arabic is the standardized and literary variety of Arabic used in writing and in most formal speech.
  • Ugaritic
    Ugaritic (/ˌuːɡəˈrɪtɪk, ˌjuː-/) is a Northwest Semitic language, discovered by French archaeologists in 1929.
  • Northern Kurdish
    Northern Kurdish (کوردیا ژۆرین; kurdiya jorîn), also called Kurmanji (کورمانجی; Kurmancî), is a group of Kurdish dialects predominantly spoken in southeast Turkey, northwest Iran, northern Iraq and northern Syria.
  • Adyghe language
    Adyghe (/ˈædᵻɡeɪ/ or /ˌɑːdᵻˈɡeɪ/; Adyghe: Адыгабзэ, adyghabze IPA: [aːdəɣabza]), also known as West Circassian (КӀахыбзэ), is one of the two official languages of the Republic of Adygea in the Russian Federation, the other being Russian.
  • Arabic
    Arabic (Arabic: العَرَبِيَّة‎‎, Al-ʻarabiyyah [ʔalʕaraˈbijːah] or Arabic: عَرَبِيّ‎‎ ʻarabiyy [ʕaraˈbijː] ) is the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century and its modern descendants, excluding Maltese.
  • Kurdish languages
    Kurdish (کوردی, Kurdî) is a continuum of Northwestern Iranian languages spoken by the Kurds in Western Asia.
  • Bedawi Arabic
    Bedawi Arabic (also known as Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic [ISO 639-3], Bedawi, Levantine Bedawi Arabic) is a variety of Arabic spoken by Bedouins mostly in eastern Egypt, and also in Jordan, Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
  • Afshar language
    Afshar or Afshari, also known as "Afshar Azerbaijani" is a Turkic language spoken in Turkey, Iran, Syria, and parts of Afghanistan by the Afshar people.
  • Domari language
    Domari is an Indo-Aryan language, spoken by older Dom people scattered across the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Western Armenian
    Western Armenian (Classical spelling: արեւմտահայերէն, arevmdahayerên) is one of the two standardized forms of Modern Armenian, the other being Eastern Armenian.
  • Lomavren language
    Lomavren (Armenian: Լոմավրեն lomavren) is a nearly extinct mixed language, spoken by the Lom people, that arose from language contact between a language related to Romani and Domari and the Armenian language.
  • Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
    Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, or Assyrian, is a Northeastern Neo-Aramaic language spoken by an estimated 200,000 people throughout a large region stretching from the plain of Urmia in northwestern Iran, to the Nineveh plains, and the Irbil, Mosul, Kirkuk and Duhok regions in northern Iraq, together with the Al Hasakah region of northeastern Syria, and formerly parts of southeastern Turkey.
  • Mlahsô language
    Mlaḥsô (Syriac: ܡܠܚܬܝܐ), sometimes referred to as Suryoyo, is a Modern West Syriac language, a dialect of Aramaic.
  • Palmyrene dialect
    Palmyrene or Palmyrenean was a West Aramaic dialect spoken in the city of Palmyra, Syria, in the early centuries AD.
  • Levantine Arabic Sign Language
    Levantine Arabic Sign Language, also known as Syro-Palestinian Sign Language, is the deaf sign language of Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon.
  • Western Neo-Aramaic
    Western Neo-Aramaic is a modern Aramaic language.