Languages of South Africa

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  • Fanagalo
    Fanagalo is a pidgin (simplified language) based primarily on Zulu, with English and a small Afrikaans input.
  • ǀXam language
    ǀXam (/Kham) (IPA: [|͡xam], English pronunciation /ˈkɑːm/), or ǀXam Kaǃkʼe, is an extinct Khoisan language of South Africa, part of the ǃUi branch of the Tuu languages.
  • Venda language
    (Not to be confused with Vedda language.) Venda, also known as Tshivenḓa or Luvenḓa, is a Bantu language and an official language of South Africa.
  • Lozi language
    Lozi, also known as siLozi and Rozi, is a Bantu language of the Niger–Congo language family within the Sotho languages branch of Zone S (S.30), that is spoken by the Lozi people, primarily in southwestern Zambia and in surrounding countries.
  • Khoekhoe language
    The Khoekhoe language /ˈkɔɪkɔɪ/, Khoekhoegowab, also known by the ethnic term Nama /ˈnɑːmə/ and formerly as Hottentot, is the most widespread of those non-Bantu languages of southern Africa that contain "click" sounds and have therefore been loosely classified as Khoisan.
  • Tsotsitaal and Camtho
    Tsotsitaals are a variety of mixed languages mainly spoken in the townships of Gauteng province (such as Soweto), but also in other agglomerations all over South Africa.
  • ǂAakhoe dialect
    (Not to be confused with ǂ'Amkoe language.) ǂAakhoe (ǂĀkhoe) and Haiǁom are part of the Khoekhoe dialect continuum.
  • Yiddish
    Yiddish (ייִדיש, יידיש or אידיש, yidish/idish, literally "Jewish"; [ˈjɪdɪʃ] or [ˈɪdɪʃ] in older sources ייִדיש-טײַטש "Yiddish-Taitsh" (English: Judaeo-German)) is the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews.
  • Nǁng language
    Nǁng or Nǁŋǃke, commonly known by its primary dialect Nǀuu (Nǀhuki), is a moribund Tuu (Khoisan) language once spoken in South Africa.
  • Afrikaans grammar
    This article describes the grammar of Afrikaans, a language spoken in South Africa which originated from 17th century Dutch.
  • ǃGãǃne language
    ǃGãǃne (!Gã!nge) is an extinct language of the ǃKwi family, once spoken near Tsolo and in Umtata District in South Africa, south of Lesotho.
  • Zimbabwean Ndebele language
    The Zimbabwean Ndebele language, also called Northern Ndebele, isiNdebele, Sindebele, or Ndebele is an African language belonging to the Nguni group of Bantu languages, and spoken by the Ndebele or Matabele people of Zimbabwe.
  • Khoemana
    Khoemana, also known as Korana or Griqua, is a moribund Khoe language of South Africa.
  • Phuthi language
    Phuthi (Síphùthì) is a Nguni Bantu language spoken in southern Lesotho and areas in South Africa adjacent to the same border.
  • Lala language (South Africa)
    Lala is a Bantu language of South Africa, claimed to be extinct in some sources.
  • ǁXegwi language
    ǁXegwi, also known as Batwa, is an extinct ǃKwi language spoken at Lake Chrissie in South Africa, near the Swazi border.
  • Khwe language
    Khwe (also rendered Kxoe, Khoe; /ˈkweɪ/ or /ˈkɔɪ/) is a dialect continuum of the Khoe family of Namibia, Angola, Botswana, South Africa, and parts of Zambia, with some 8,000 speakers.
  • Pretoria Sotho
    Pretoria Sotho (affectionately called Sepitori by its speakers) is the urban lingua franca of Pretoria and the Tshwane metropolitan area in South Africa.
  • Southern Ndebele language
    (This article is about the Southern Ndebele language of the Transvaal region of South Africa. For information about the language spoken by the Ndebele people of Zimbabwe (sometimes called Matabele, Sindebele or Zimbabwean Ndebele), see Zimbabwean Ndebele language.) The Transvaal Ndebele language (Southern Ndebele, isiNdebele or Nrebele) is an African language belonging to the Nguni group of Bantu languages, and spoken by the amaNdebele (the Ndebele people of South Africa).
  • Oorlams Creole
    Oorlams (also: Oorlands, Oorlans) is a dialect of Afrikaans spoken in the Republic of South Africa and Namibia, by the Oorlam people.
  • Eini dialect
    Eini is an extinct variety of Khoekhoe language on the Orange River of South Africa, sometimes listed as a distinct language or mistakenly assumed to be a variety of !Ora.
  • Manyika dialect
    Manyika is a dialect of the Shona language largely spoken by the Manyika people in the eastern part of Zimbabwe and across the border in Mozambique.
  • Nhlangwini language
    Nhlangwini (Hlangwane) is a Bantu language of South Africa.
  • Sumayela Ndebele language
    Sdebele, or Northern Transvaal Ndebele, is a Bantu language of South Africa.
  • South African Sign Language
    South African Sign Language (SASL) is the official sign language used by Deaf people in South Africa.