Languages of Oman

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  • Bahrani Arabic
    Bahrani Arabic (also known as Bahrani and Baharna Arabic) is a variety of Arabic spoken in Eastern Arabia and Oman.
  • Gulf Arabic
    Gulf Arabic (خليجي Khalījī local pronunciation: [χɐˈliːdʒi] or اللهجة الخليجية el-lahja el-Khalijiyya local pronunciation: [elˈlɑhdʒɐ lχɐˈliːdʒɪj.jɐ]) is a variety of the Arabic language spoken in Eastern Arabia around the coasts of the Persian Gulf in Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, eastern Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran and northern Oman.
  • Omani Arabic
    Omani Arabic (also known as Omani Hadari Arabic) is a variety of Arabic dialect spoken in the Hajar Mountains of Oman and in a few neighboring coastal regions.
  • Shehri language
    Shehri – frequently called Jibbali ("mountain" language) in Omani Arabic – is a Modern South Arabian language spoken by a minority native population in the coastal towns and in the mountains and wilderness areas upland from Salalah in Dhofar Province in the southwest of the Oman.
  • Modern Standard Arabic
    Modern Standard Arabic (MSA; Arabic: اللغة العربية الفصحى‎‎ al-lughah al-ʻArabīyah al-fuṣḥá 'the most eloquent Arabic language'), Standard Arabic, or Literary Arabic is the standardized and literary variety of Arabic used in writing and in most formal speech.
  • Arabic
    Arabic (Arabic: العَرَبِيَّة‎‎, Al-ʻarabiyyah [ʔalʕaraˈbijːah] or Arabic: عَرَبِيّ‎‎ ʻarabiyy [ʕaraˈbijː] ) is the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century and its modern descendants, excluding Maltese.
  • Harsusi language
    Harsusi (also known as Ḥarsūsī, Harsiyyet, Hersyet, or Harsi `Aforit) is a Semitic language of Oman, spoken by the Harasis people.
  • Mehri language
    Mehri or Mahri is a member of the Modern South Arabian languages, a subgroup of the Semitic branch of the Afroasiatic family.
  • Shihhi Arabic
    Shihhi Arabic (also known as Shehhi, Shihu, Shihuh, or Al-Shihuh) is a variety of Arabic spoken in the Musandam Governorate of Oman.
  • Dhofari Arabic
    Dhofari Arabic (also known as Dhofari, Zofari) is a variety of Arabic spoken in Salalah, Oman and the surrounding coastal regions (the Dhofar Governorate).
  • Modern South Arabian languages
    The Modern South Arabian (Eastern South Semitic or Eastern South Arabian) languages are spoken mainly by small populations inhabiting the Arabian Peninsula, in Yemen and Oman.
  • Kumzari language
    Kumzari (Persian: کمزاری‎‎) is a Southwestern Iranian language that is similar to the Larestani and Luri languages.
  • Bathari language
    Bathari is an Afro-Asiatic language of Oman, located on the coast facing the Khuriya Muriya Islands (17°40′46″N 55°22′19″E).
  • Hobyót language
    Hobyot (also known as Hewbyót or Hobi) is an endangered Semitic language spoken in a small area of Yemen and neighboring Oman.
  • Luwati language
    Lawati (or Lawatiyya) is an Indo-Iranian language spoken by between 5,000 and 10,000 people of the Al-Lawati ethnic group in Oman.
  • Omani Sign Language
    The Royal Oman Police has provided interpreters to all units.