Languages of Guyana

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  • Macushi language
    Macushi is the most populous of the Cariban languages, spoken by 30,000 in Brazil and Guyana.
  • Mawayana language
    Mawayana (Mahuayana), also known as Mapidian (Maopidyán), is a moribund Arawakan language of Guyana.
  • Pemon language
    The Pemon language, or Arekuna, is a Native American language of the Cariban family spoken by some 30,000 Pemon people, in Venezuela's Southeast, particularly in the Canaima National Park, in the Roraima State of Brazil and in Guyana.
  • Kapóng language
    Kapóng is a Cariban language spoken mainly in Guyana, most commonly in the region of the Upper Mazaruni.
  • Atorada language
    Atorada is a moribund Arawakan language of Brazil and Guyana.
  • Wapishana language
    Wapishana (Wapixana) is an Arawakan language of Guyana and Brazil.
  • Waiwai language
    Waiwai /ˈwaɪwaɪ/ (Uaiuai, Uaieue, Ouayeone) is a Cariban language of northern Brazil, with a couple hundred speakers across the border in southern Guyana.
  • American Sign Language
    American Sign Language (ASL) is the predominant sign language of Deaf communities in the United States and most of anglophone Canada.
  • Carib language
    Carib or Kari'nja is a Cariban language spoken by the Kalina people (Caribs) of South America.
  • Berbice Creole Dutch
    Berbice Dutch Creole is a now extinct Dutch-based creole language.
  • Warao language
    Warao (also known as Guarauno, Guarao, Warrau) is the native language of the Warao people.
  • Arawak language
    Lokono (Lokono Dian, literally 'people’s talk' by its speakers), also referred to as Arawak (Arowak/Aruák), is an Arawak language spoken by the Lokono people of South America in eastern Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.
  • Caribbean Hindustani
    Caribbean Hindustani is a form of the Bhojpuri dialect of Hindustani spoken in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, Barbados, and the rest of the Caribbean region with significant Indian influence.
  • Guyanese Sign Language
    Guyanese Sign Language is the deaf sign language of Guyana.
  • Guyanese Creole
    Guyanese Creole (Creolese by its speakers: or simply Guyanese) is an English-based creole language spoken by people in Guyana.
  • Skepi Creole Dutch
    Skepi is an extinct Dutch-based creole language of Guyana, spoken in the region of Essequibo.