Kings of Athens

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  • Melanthus
    In Greek mythology, Melanthus (Ancient Greek: Μέλανθος) was a king of Messenia.
  • Codrus
    Codrus (Greek: Κόδρος) was the last of the semi-mythical Kings of Athens (r. ca 1089–1068 BC).
  • Theseus
    Theseus (/ˈθiːsiːəs/; Ancient Greek: Θησεύς [tʰɛːsěu̯s]) was the mythical king of Athens and was the son of Aethra by two fathers: Aegeus and Poseidon.
  • Erichthonius of Athens
    King Erichthonius (/ərɪkˈθoʊnɪəs/; Greek: Ἐριχθόνιος Erichthonios) was a legendary early ruler of ancient Athens, Greece.
  • Aegeus
    In Greek mythology, Aegeus (/ˈɛdʒˌjuːs/; Ancient Greek: Αἰγεύς) or Aegeas (/ˈiːdʒiəs/; Αιγέας), was an archaic figure in the founding myth of Athens.
  • Periphas
    Periphas /ˈpɛrᵻfəs/ (Ancient Greek: Περίφᾱς, Períphās) in Greek mythology may refer to: * Periphas, one of the sons of Aegyptus.
  • Oxyntes
    Oxyntes (Ancient Greek: Οξύντης) was a mythical king of Athens, son of Demophon (and therefore grandson of Theseus).
  • Menestheus
    Menestheus (Greek: Μενεσθεύς), the son of Peteus, son of Orneus, son of Erechtheus, and either Polyxene or Mnesimache, was a legendary King of Athens during the Trojan War.
  • Cecrops I
    Cecrops /ˈsiːˌkrɒps/ (Ancient Greek: Κέκροψ, Kékrops; gen.: Κέκροπος) was a mythical king of Athens who, according to Eusebius reigned for fifty years.
  • Apheidas
    In Greek mythology, the name Apheidas (/əˈfaɪdəs/; Ancient Greek: Ἀφείδας) may refer to: * Apheidas, son of Arcas * Son of Polypemon, from Alybas.
  • Munichus
    In Greek mythology, Munichus /ˈmjunᵻkəs/ (Μούνιχος) may refer to: * Munichus or Munychus, son of Panteucles or Pantacles and a king of Athens.