Karl Marx

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  • League of the Just
    The League of the Just was founded by German émigrés in Paris in 1836.
  • Laura Marx
    Jenny Laura Marx (26 September 1845 – 25 November 1911), better known as Laura Marx, was the second daughter of Karl Marx and Jenny von Westphalen.
  • Paul Lafargue
    Paul Lafargue (French: [lafaʁg]; 15 January 1842 – 25 November 1911) was a French revolutionary Marxist socialist journalist, literary critic, political writer and activist; he was Karl Marx's son-in-law having married his second daughter, Laura.
  • Jenny Longuet
    Jenny Caroline "Jennychen" Marx Longuet (1 May 1844 – 11 January 1883) was the eldest daughter of Jenny von Westphalen Marx and Karl Marx.
  • Jenny von Westphalen
    Freiin Johanna Bertha Julie Jenny von Westphalen (February 12, 1814 – December 2, 1881) was the wife of the philosopher Karl Marx.
  • Edward Aveling
    Edward Bibbins Aveling (29 November 1849 – 2 August 1898) was a prominent English biology instructor and popular spokesman for Darwinian evolution, atheism, and socialism.
  • Charles Longuet
    Charles Longuet (14 February 1839, Caen, Calvados – 5 August 1903, Paris) was a journalist and prominent figure in the French working-class movement, including the 1871 Paris Commune, as well as a Proudhonist member of the General Council of the First International or International Working Men's Association (1866–67, 1871–72).
  • Friedrich Sorge
    Friedrich Adolph Sorge (9 November 1828- 26 October 1906) was a German communist who emigrated to the United States, where he played an important role in the labor movement.
  • Parteihochschule Karl Marx
    The Party Academy Karl Marx (Parteihochschule Karl Marx) was an academy (Hochschule) that was founded in 1946 in the Soviet occupation zone.
  • Neue Rheinische Zeitung
    The Neue Rheinische Zeitung: Organ der Demokratie ("New Rhenish Newspaper: Organ of Democracy") was a German daily newspaper, published by Karl Marx in Cologne between 1 June 1848 and 19 May 1849.
  • Jean Longuet
    Jean-Laurent-Frederick Longuet (1876–1938) was a French socialist and Karl Marx's grandson.
  • Eleanor Marx
    Eleanor Marx Aveling (born Jenny Julia Eleanor Marx; 16 January 1855 – 31 March 1898) was the English-born youngest daughter of Karl Marx.
  • Lizzie Burns
    Lydia "Lizzie" Burns (6 August 1827 – 12 September 1878 in London) was a working-class Irish woman, best known as a long-term partner and wife of Friedrich Engels.
  • Karl Marx Monument
    The Karl-Marx-Monument is a 7.
  • Enid Marx
    Enid Crystal Dorothy Marx, FRSA (20 October 1902 – 18 May 1998) was an English painter and designer.
  • Classical Marxism
    Classical Marxism refers to the economic, philosophical, and sociological theories expounded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, as contrasted with later developments in Marxism, especially Leninism and Marxism–Leninism.
  • Influences on Karl Marx
    Influences on Karl Marx are generally thought to have been derived from three sources: German idealist philosophy, French socialism, and English and Scottish political economy.
  • Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray
    Hippolyte-Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray (November 24, 1838, Toulouse – January 25, 1901, Paris) was a literary animator and speaker, a Republican journalist and a French revolutionary socialist.