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  • Current asset
    In accounting, a current asset is any asset which can reasonably be expected to be sold, consumed, or exhausted through the normal operations of a business within the current fiscal year or operating cycle (whichever period is longer).
  • MyFootballClub
    MyFootballClub is an English Industrial and Provident Society that sought, starting in August 2007, to recruit at least 50,000 football enthusiasts from across the world to purchase an English association football club.
  • Institutional investor
    Institutional investor is a term for entities which pool money to purchase securities, real property, and other investment assets or originate loans.
  • The Intelligent Investor
    The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, first published in 1949, is a widely acclaimed book on value investing, an investment approach Graham began teaching at Columbia Business School in 1928 and subsequently refined with David Dodd.
  • Initial public offering
    Initial public offering (IPO) or stock market launch is a type of public offering in which shares of a company usually are sold to institutional investors that in turn, sell to the general public, on a securities exchange, for the first time.
  • Investor relations
    Investor Relations (IR) is a strategic management responsibility that is capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company's securities achieving fair valuation.
  • Business valuation
    Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business.
  • World Gold Council
    The World Gold Council is the market development organisation for the gold industry.
  • Carry (investment)
    The carry of an asset is the return obtained from holding it (if positive), or the cost of holding it (if negative) (see also Cost of carry).
  • Sovereign wealth fund
    A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) is a state-owned investment fund investing in real and financial assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, or in alternative investments such as private equity fund or hedge funds.
  • Public–private partnership
    A public–private partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a government service or private business venture that is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies.
  • Seed accelerator
    Seed accelerators, also known as startup accelerators, are fixed-term, cohort-based programs, that include mentorship and educational components and culminate in a public pitch event or demo day.
  • Securitization
    Securitization is the financial practice of pooling various types of contractual debt such as residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, auto loans or credit card debt obligations (or other non-debt assets which generate receivables) and selling their related cash flows to third party investors as securities, which may be described as bonds, pass-through securities, or collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).
  • Sarbanes–Oxley Act
    The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (Pub.L. 107–204, 116 Stat. 745, enacted July 30, 2002), also known as the "Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act" (in the Senate) and "Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act" (in the House) and more commonly called Sarbanes–Oxley, Sarbox or SOX, is a United States federal law that set new or expanded requirements for all U.
  • Shell corporation
    A shell corporation is a company which serves as a vehicle for business transactions without itself having any significant assets or operations.
  • Investment fund
    An investment fund is a way of investing money alongside other investors in order to benefit from the inherent advantages of working as part of a group.
  • Internal rate of return
    The internal rate of return (IRR) or economic rate of return (ERR) is a method of calculating rate of return.
  • Next Eleven
    The Next Eleven (known also by the numeronym N-11) are the eleven countries – Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey, South Korea and Vietnam – identified by Goldman Sachs investment bank and economist Jim O'Neill in a research paper as having a high potential of becoming, along with the BRICS countries, among the world's largest economies in the 21st century.
  • Serbian Chamber of Commerce
    Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is independent, modern and responsible non-budget institution, the national association of all Serbian businesses which its tradition, experience, and knowledge put in the best interest of its members and the economy of Serbia.
  • Vertex Venture Holdings
    Vertex Venture Holdings is a worldwide group of venture capital funds dedicated investments in IT and health care.
  • Bandon Capital Management
    Bandon Capital Management is a privately held, Portland, Oregon-based investment management firm concentrating on absolute return, long-short debt investment strategies.
  • Kingate Management
    Kingate Management is a Hamilton, Bermuda hedge fund.
  • Late trading
    Late trading is trading executed after the standard local national exchanges have closed.
  • Vietnam Asset Management
    Vietnam Asset Management (VAM) is a fund management company founded in 2006 by John Lyn (Executive Chairman), Nguyễn Xuân Minh (Chief Executive Officer/Chief Investment Officer) and Nguyen Hoai Thu (Investment Director/Head of Research).
  • Vulture capitalist
    Vulture capitalists are investors that acquire distressed firms in the hopes of making them more profitable so as to ultimately sell them for a profit.
  • Investors United (School of Real Estate Investing)
    Investors United School of Real Estate Investing is an educational institution and membership association based out of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • Spell Capital Partners
    Spell Capital Partners is based in Minnesota, and specializes in the management of private equity and mezzanine capital.
  • William Spell
    William Spell is an American entrepreneur based in Minneapolis.
  • Cabot Investing Advice
    Cabot Investing Advice is an independent investment advisory company based in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Prolifico Group
    Prolifico is an alternative real estate and private equity investment management firm based in Brazil.
  • Access International Advisors
    Access International Advisors and Marketers (AIA Group), a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered investment advisor and a hedge fund of funds, was a research analyst investment agency that specialized in managing hedged and structured investment portfolios that involve commercial physical and biological research.
  • Panic selling
    Panic selling is a wide-scale selling of an investment which causes a sharp decline in prices.
  • Fundrise
    Fundrise is an eREIT platform.
  • Financial sponsor
    A financial sponsor is a private equity investment firm, particularly a private equity firm that engages in leveraged buyout transactions.
  • Goldline International
    Goldline, LLC is a retail seller of gold and silver coins, and other precious metals for investors and collectors.
  • Juniperus Capital
    Juniperus Capital Limited (Juniperus Capital or JCL) is a Bermuda-based hedge fund.
  • Low Exercise Price Option
    A Low Exercise Price Option (LEPO) is an Australian Stock Exchange traded option with a low exercise price that was specifically designed to be traded on margin.
  • Flipping
    Flipping is a term used primarily in the United States to describe purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or "flipping") it for profit.
  • Asia Venture Group
    Asia Venture Group (AVG) is a private holding company investing in digital businesses.
  • Partners Capital
    Partners Capital Investment Group, LLC is an Outsourced Investment Office (OCIO) that serves endowments, foundations, pensions, investment professionals, and high-net-worth families in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Modern portfolio theory
    Modern portfolio theory (MPT), or mean-variance analysis, is a mathematical framework for assembling a portfolio of assets such that the expected return is maximized for a given level of risk, defined as variance.
  • G20 developing nations
    The G20 developing nations (and, occasionally, the G21, G23 or G20+) was a bloc of developing nations established on 20 August 2003.
  • Index fund
    An index fund (also index tracker) is a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) with specific rules of construction that are adhered to regardless of market conditions.
  • Silver as an investment
    Silver, like other precious metals, may be used as an investment.
  • Groundfloor
    Groundfloor (styled all caps as GROUNDFLOOR) is an American real estate lending marketplace.
  • Life annuity
    A life annuity is an annuity, or series of payments at fixed intervals, paid while the purchaser (or annuitant) is alive.
  • QuietGrowth
    QuietGrowth is an automated, online investment management service.
  • Real estate investing
    Real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit.
  • Extended-hours trading
    Extended-hours trading is stock trading that happens either before or after the normal trading hours of a stock exchange, i.
  • National Investor Relations Institute
    The National Investor Relations Institute, known as "NIRI," is a United States professional association for investor relations (IR) professionals.
  • The Motley Fool
    The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial-services company that provides financial solutions for investors through various stock, investing, and personal finance services.
  • Diamonds as an investment
    The value of diamonds as an investment is of significant interest to the general public, because they are expensive gemstones, often purchased in engagement rings, due in part to a successful 20th century marketing campaign by De Beers.
  • Buy to let
    Buy-to-let is a British phrase referring to the purchase of a property specifically to let out, that is to rent it out.
  • CPP Investment Board
    The CPP Investment Board, formally the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, is a Canadian Crown corporation established by way of the 1997 Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act, to oversee and invest the funds contributed to and held by the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).
  • China International Fair for Investment and Trade
    The China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT, simplified chinese:中国国际投资贸易洽谈会, traditional chinese:中國國際投資貿易洽談會), approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, takes place on September every year in Xiamen, China.
  • David E. Shaw
    David Elliot Shaw (born March 29, 1951) is an American computer scientist and computational biochemist who founded D.
  • Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development
    The Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development (IPFSD) is a dynamic document created to help governments formulate sound investment policy, especially international investment agreements (IIAs), that capitalize on foreign direct investment (FDI) for sustainable development.
  • Investment function
    The investment function is a summary of the variables that influence the levels of aggregate investments.