Icebreakers of Russia

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  • Suur Tõll (icebreaker)
    Suur Tõll is an Estonian steam-powered icebreaker preserved in the Estonian Maritime Museum in Tallinn.
  • Sevmorput
    Sevmorput (Russian: Севморпуть) is a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaking LASH carrier and container ship.
  • Yamal (icebreaker)
    The NS Yamal (Russian: Яма́л) is a Russian Arktika class nuclear-powered icebreaker operated by Atomflot (formerly by the Murmansk Shipping Company).
  • Vladimir Ignatyuk (icebreaker)
    Vladimir Ignatyuk (formerly MV Arctic Kalvik) is a diesel icebreaker that was built in 1983 at the Victoria Yard of the Burrard Yarrows Corporation located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for Beaudril Limited, an oil-drilling subsidiary of Gulf Canada Resources Ltd.
  • Purga-class icebreaker
    The Purga class are a group of icebreaker Patrol ships operated by the Russian maritime border guard.
  • Kapitan Khlebnikov (icebreaker)
    The Kapitan Khlebnikov (Russian: Капита́н Хле́бников, IPA: [kəpʲɪˈtan ˈxlʲɛbnʲɪkəf]) is a Russian (formerly Soviet) icebreaker.
  • Sadko (icebreaker)
    Sadko was a Russian and Soviet icebreaker ship of 3,800 tonnes displacement.
  • A. Sibiryakov (icebreaker)
    A. Sibiryakov (Russian Александр Сибиряков) was a Soviet icebreaker which was active in the Russian Arctic during the 1930s.
  • SS Baikal
    SS Baikal was an ice-breaking train ferry that linked the eastern and western portions of the Trans-Siberian Railroad across Lake Baikal.
  • Rossiya (icebreaker)
    Rossiya (Russian: Россия) is a Russian Arktika-class nuclear-powered icebreaker.
  • Georgiy Sedov (icebreaker)
    The Sedov was a Soviet ice-breaker fitted with steam engines.
  • 50 Let Pobedy
    NS 50 Let Pobedy (Russian: 50 лет Победы), translated as 50 Years of Victory or Fiftieth Anniversary of Victory (referring to victory in the Second World War), is a Russian Arktika-class nuclear-powered icebreaker.
  • SS Chelyuskin
    SS Chelyuskin (Russian: «Челю́скин»; IPA: [tɕɪˈlʲuskʲɪn]) was a Soviet steamship reinforced to navigate through polar ice that became ice-bound in Arctic waters during navigation along the Northern Maritime Route from Murmansk to Vladivostok.
  • Arktika-class icebreaker
    The Arktika class is a Russian (former Soviet) class of nuclear-powered icebreakers.
  • Kapitan Dranitsyn
    Kapitan Dranitsyn (Russian: «Капитан Драницын») is a Russian icebreaker, built in Finland for the former Soviet Union.
  • LK-60Ya-class icebreaker
    The LK-60YA class (Russian: ЛК-60Я) is a Russian class of nuclear-powered icebreakers; they are the largest and most powerful icebreakers ever constructed.
  • Vitus Bering (icebreaker)
    Vitus Bering (Russian: Витус Беринг) is a Russian icebreaking platform supply and standby vessel owned by Sovcomflot.
  • Project 21900 icebreaker
    Project 21900 and Project 21900M icebreakers (also referred as LK-16) are a series of five Russian icebreakers.
  • Baltika (icebreaker)
    Baltika (Балтика) is a Russian icebreaker built by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Viktor Chernomyrdin (icebreaker)
    Viktor Chernomyrdin is a new Russian icebreaker, also referred to as Project 22600 or LK-25, currently under construction at Baltiysky Zavod in St.
  • Russian Multi-Purpose Salvage Vessels
    Russian Multi-Purpose Salvage Vessels are group of three classes of ships - MPSV06, MPSV07 and MPSV12.
  • Magadan (icebreaker)
    Magadan is a Russian icebreaker.
  • SCF Sakhalin
    SCF Sakhalin (СКФ Сахалин) is a Russian icebreaking platform supply and standby vessel owned by SCF Sakhalin Vessels Limited, a subsidiary of Sovcomflot, and managed by Far East Shipping Company (FESCO).
  • Aleksey Chirikov (icebreaker)
    Aleksey Chirikov is a Russian icebreaking platform supply and standby vessel owned by Sovcomflot.
  • Ilmarinen (icebreaker)
    Ilmarinen was a small steam-powered icebreaker that was part of the Finnish state-owned icebreaker fleet in 1918–1922.