German opinion journalists

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  • Otto Suhr
    Otto Suhr (17 August 1894 – 30 August 1957) was a German politician as a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).
  • Robert Kurz (philosopher)
    Robert Kurz (24 December 1943 – 18 July 2012) was a German Marxist philosopher, social critic, journalist and editor of the journal Exit!.
  • Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl
    Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl (6 May 1823 – 16 November 1897) was a German journalist, novelist and folklorist.
  • Kurd von Schlözer
    Kurd von Schlözer (original name Conrad Nestor von Schlözer; 5 January 1822, in Lübeck – 13 May 1894, in Berlin) was an imperial German historian, diplomat and German Ambassador to the United States from 1871 to 1882.
  • Joseph Görres
    Johann Joseph von Görres (25 January 1776 – 29 January 1848) was a German writer, philosopher, theologian, historian and journalist.
  • Hermann-Josef Tenhagen
    Hermann-Josef Tenhagen (born 22 January 1963) is the Editor-in-Chief of Finanztest, the German monthly magazine dealing with financial issues published by Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organisation.
  • Gustav Karpeles
    Gustav Karpeles (November 11, 1848, Ivanovice na Hané, Margraviate of Moravia – 1909) was a German Jewish historian of literature and editor; son of Elijah Karpeles.
  • Adam Müller
    Adam Heinrich Müller (30 June 1779 – 17 January 1829; after 1827 Ritter von Nitterdorf) was a German publicist, literary critic, political economist, theorist of the state and forerunner of economic romanticism.
  • Karl-Maria Kertbeny
    Karl-Maria Kertbeny or Károly Mária Kertbeny (born Karl-Maria Benkert) (Vienna, February 28, 1824 – Budapest, January 23, 1882) was an Austrian-born Hungarian journalist, memoirist, and human rights campaigner.
  • Wolfgang Leonhard
    Wolfgang Leonhard (16 April 1921 – 17 August 2014) was a German political author, historian and a profound connoisseur on Soviet communism.
  • Jan Philipp Reemtsma
    Jan Philipp Fürchtegott Reemtsma (born 26 November 1952, Bonn, West Germany) is a German literary scholar and political activist.
  • Franz Mehring
    Franz Erdmann Mehring (27 February 1846 – 28 January 1919), was a German publicist, politician and historian.
  • Friedrich Lange (journalist)
    After taking a doctorate in ancient philosophy at the University of Göttingen in 1873, Lange taught at a preparatory school before taking up journalism in the 1880s.
  • Henryk Broder
    Henryk Marcin Broder (born 20 August 1946, self-designation Henryk Modest Broder) is a Polish-born German journalist, author and TV personality, known as the most outspoken personality in the German-Jewish community.
  • Bruno Frei
    Bruno Frei (real name, Benedikt Freistadt: 11 June 1897 – 21 May 1988) was a political (Marxist) author and journalist.
  • Peter Lehmann (author)
    Peter Lehmann (born 3 September 1950 in Calw, Black Forest, West Germany) is an author, social scientist, publisher, provider of a mail-order book-service and an independent freelance activist in humanistic anti-psychiatry, living in Berlin, Germany.
  • Necla Kelek
    Necla Kelek (pronounced [ˈnedʒɫa ˈkelek]; born December 31, 1957 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a German feminist and social scientist, holding a doctorate in this field, originally from Turkey.
  • Rita Kuczynski
    Rita Kuczynski (born 25 February 1944 in Neidenburg, Masuren) is a German author, philosopher and editorialist.
  • Johann Stephan Pütter
    Johann Stephan Pütter (25 June 1725, Iserlohn – 12 August 1807, Göttingen) was a German law lecturer and publicist.
  • Alexander Görlach
    Alexander Görlach (born December 28, 1976) is a German author, academic, journalist and entrepreneur.
  • Irene Runge
    Irene Runge (born Irene Kuperman: 3 November 1942) is a New York-born sociologist, writer and commentator.
  • Karl Wilhelm Fricke
    Karl Wilhelm Fricke (born 3 September 1929) is a German political journalist and author.
  • Richard Oehring
    Richard Oehring (16 June 1891 – 14 May 1940) was a German economist, writer and poet who became a political activist.
  • Günther Birkenfeld
    Günther Birkenfeld (9 March 1901 - 22 August 1966) was a German writer.
  • Hermann Wagener
    Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Wagener (March 8, 1815 in Segeletzt (now Wusterhausen) – April 22, 1889 in Friedenau (now part of Berlin)) was a Prussian jurist, chief editor of the Kreuzzeitung (The "New Prussian Newspaper") and was a politician and minister from the Prussian Conservative Party.