French psychologists

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  • Pierre Naville
    Pierre Naville (1903 – 23 April 1993) was a French Surrealist writer and sociologist.
  • Étienne Bonnot de Condillac
    Étienne Bonnot de Condillac (/ˈɛtiˌɛn ˈbɒnoʊ də ˈkɒndiˌæk/; French: [bɔno də kɔ̃dijak]; 30 September 1714 – 3 August 1780) was a French philosopher and epistemologist, who studied in such areas as psychology and the philosophy of the mind.
  • Jacques-Alain Miller
    Jacques-Alain Miller (French: [milɛʁ]; born 14 February 1944) is a psychoanalyst and writer.
  • Cornelius Castoriadis
    Cornelius Castoriadis (French: [kastɔʁjadis]; Greek: Κορνήλιος Καστοριάδης [kastoriˈaðis]; March 11, 1922 ke December 26, 1997) was a Greek-French philosopher, social critic, economist, psychoanalyst, author of The Imaginary Institution of Society, and co-founder of the Socialisme ou Barbarie group.
  • Théodore Simon
    Théodore Simon (10 July 1872 – 4 September 1961) was a French psychologist who worked with Alfred Binet to develop the Binet-Simon scale, one of the most widely used scales in the world to measure a person's intelligence.
  • Maurice Halbwachs
    Maurice Halbwachs (French: [mɔˈʁis ˈalbvaks]; 11 March 1877 – 16 March 1945) was a French philosopher and sociologist known for developing the concept of collective memory.
  • Georges Politzer
    Georges Politzer (French: [pɔlidzɛʁ]; 3 May 1903 – 23 May 1942) was a French philosopher and Marxist theoretician of Hungarian origin, affectionately referred to by some as the "red-headed philosopher" (philosophe roux).
  • René Zazzo
    René Zazzo (27 October 1910 - September 1995) was a French psychologist and pedagogue.
  • David Lewis (psychologist)
    Dr David Lewis, a French-born neuropsychologist, is founder and Director at the independent research consultancy Mindlab International based at the Sussex Innovation Centre in Brighton.
  • René Le Senne
    René Le Senne (born Ernest René Lesenne; 8 July 1882, Elbeuf – 1 October 1954, Neuilly-sur-Seine) was a French idealist philosopher and psychologist.
  • Yvonne Artaud
    Yvonne Artaud (Lyon, 1924 - Pondicherry, 5 August 2009) was a French educator, ethnologist, psychologist and artist, and was the aide of the thinker and philosopher Medhananda.
  • Odile Jacob
    Odile Jacob is a French publisher who founded Les Éditions Odile Jacob in the middle of the 1980s.
  • Juan-David Nasio
    Juan-David Nasio (born 1942) is an Argentine psychoanalyst.
  • Henri Piéron
    Louis Charles Henri Piéron (18 July 1881 – 6 November 1964) was a French psychologist.
  • Martine Beck
    Martine Beck (born 1947) is a French psychotherapist, as well as an author of picture books and other children's literature.
  • Georges Dumas
    Georges Dumas (6 March 1866 – 12 February 1946, Lédignan) was a French doctor and psychologist.
  • Jacques Fradin
    Jacques Fradin (1954 in France) is a physician and cognitive and behavioural therapist (member of the French Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy).
  • Jacques Hassoun
    Jacques Hassoun (20 October 1936 – 24 April 1999) was a French psychoanalyst and proponent of the ideas of Jacques Lacan.
  • Juliette Favez-Boutonnier
    Juliet Favez-Boutonnier (1903-1994) was a French academic, psychologist and psychoanalyst.
  • Kalthoum Sarrai
    Kalthoum Sarrai كلثوم السراي in Arabic (25 September 1962 – 19 January 2010), best known as Cathy Sarrai, was a Tunisian-born French, television presenter, anchorwoman and television personality.
  • Paula M. Niedenthal
    Paula M. Niedenthal is a social psychologist currently working as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
  • Marc Jeannerod
    Marc Jeannerod (1935–2011) was a neurologist, a neurophysiologist and an internationally recognized expert in cognitive neuroscience and experimental psychology.
  • Gilles d'Ambra Azzopardi
    Gilles d'Ambra Azzopardi (born 2 August 1949) is a French psychosociologist.
  • Paul Sollier
    Paul Sollier (31 August 1861 – 8 June 1933) was a French doctor and psychologist.
  • Joseph Doucé
    Joseph Doucé (April 13, 1945 –c.July 1990) was born to a rural family in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.
  • Jean-Charles Gille
    Dr. Jean-Charles Gille-Maisani (22 May 1924 – 29 January 1995) was a French, born in Germany, later Canadian, engineer, psychiatrist and professor of medicine.
  • Léon Dumont
    Léon Dumont (February 5, 1837, Valenciennes - January 17, 1877, Valenciennes) was a French psychologist and philosopher.
  • Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel
    Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel (1928 – March 5, 2006) (whose surname is alternatively spelled Chasseguet-Smirguel, but generally not in English-language publications) was a leading French psychoanalyst, a training analyst, and past President of the Société psychanalytique de Paris in France.
  • Serge Leclaire
    Serge Leclaire (6 July 1924 – 8 August 1994) was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
  • Anne-Françoise Rutkowski
    Anne-Françoise Rutkowski (born 25 June 1970) is a French psychologist and Professor Management of Information: Impact on Organization, Business and Society at the Tilburg University School of Economics and Management.
  • Éric Laurent (psychoanalyst)
    Éric Laurent is a French psychoanalyst and former president of the World Association of Psychoanalysis.
  • Jean Decety
    Jean Decety is an American and French neuroscientist specializing in developmental neuroscience, affective neuroscience, and social neuroscience.
  • Marcel Foucault
    Marcel Foucault (1865 – 1947) was a French philosopher and psychologist.
  • Benjamin B. Bourdon
    Benjamin B. Bourdon (1860–1943) was a French psychologist born in Normandy on August 5th, 1860.
  • Boris Cyrulnik
    Boris Cyrulnik (birth 26 July 1937 in Bordeaux) is a French doctor, ethologist, neurologist, and psychiatrist.
  • Philippe Zawieja
    Philippe Zawieja is a French psychosociologist, essayist and researcher in occupational health at Mines ParisTech, Paris, known for his research on occupational burnout and other forms of fatigue, in particular in health care industry and Alzheimer's care.
  • Béla Grunberger
    Béla Grunberger (22 February 1903 – 25 February 2005) was a Jewish Hungarian-French psychoanalyst known for his 1969 work L'univers contestationnaire, written with fellow IPA member Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, under the joint pseudonym 'André Stéphane'.
  • Benjamin Ball (physician)
    Benjamin Ball (April 20, 1833 – February 23, 1893) was an English-born French psychiatrist, Professor of Mental Medicine in the Paris Faculty.
  • Éliane Amado Levy-Valensi
    Éliane Amado Levy-Valensi (Hebrew: אליענה אמדו לוי-ולנסי‎‎; May 11, 1919 – May 10, 2006) was a French-Israeli psychologist, psychoanalyst and philosopher.
  • Charles Féré
    Charles Samson Féré (13 July 1852 in Auffay – 22 April 1907) was a French physician.
  • Charles Rojzman
    Charles Rojzman (August 23, 1943) is a French social psychologist, author and an international leader in mediating racial, ethnic and intercultural conflicts throughout the world.
  • François Perrier (psychoanalyst)
    François Perrier (25 July 1922 – 2 August 1990) was a French doctor, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst.
  • Henri-Étienne Beaunis
    Henri-Étienne Beaunis (2 August 1830, Amboise – 20 July 1921, Le Cannet) was a French physiologist and psychologist.
  • Henri Delacroix
    Henri Delacroix (2 December 1873 – 3 December 1937, Paris) was a French psychologist, "one of the most famous and most prolific French psychologists working at the beginning of [the twentieth] century.
  • Hubert Benoit (psychotherapist)
    Hubert Benoit (1904–1992) was a 20th-century French psychotherapist whose work foreshadowed subsequent developments in integral psychology and integral spirituality.
  • Max Ringelmann
    Maximilien Ringelmann (December 10, 1861, Paris – May 2, 1931, Paris) was a French professor of agricultural engineering who discovered the "Ringelmann effect", viz, that when working in groups, individuals slacken.
  • Steve Abadie-Rosier
    Steve Abadie-Rosier is a French clinician and training psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and writer.
  • Paul Diel
    Paul Diel (July 11, 1893 – January 5, 1972) was a French psychologist of Austrian origin who developed the method of introspective analysis and the psychology of motivation.
  • Evelyne Kestemberg
    Evelyne Kestemberg (French: [kɛstɛmɡɛʁg]; 28 May 1918 – 17 April 1989) was a French psychoanalyst.
  • Pierre Weil
    Pierre Weil (16 April 1924 – 10 October 2008) was a psychologist, author and educator dedicated to the cause of world peace.
  • Robert Desoille
    Robert Desoille (May 29, 1890 - October 10, 1966) was a French psychotherapist.
  • Catherine Pinhas
    Catherine Pinhas Mulcair (born September 27, 1955) is a Canadian psychologist based in Quebec.
  • Jean-Claude Abric
    Jean-Claude Abric (died 2012) was a professor in social psychology and the former head of the Social Psychology Laboratory at the University of Aix-Marseille, in France He had a major contribution to the theory of social representation identifying the structural elements of a social representation and distinguishing the core elements from the peripheral ones.