French ophthalmologists

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  • Jacques Daviel
    Jacques Daviel (11 August 1696 – 30 September 1762) was a French ophthalmologist credited with originating the first significant advance in cataract surgery since couching was invented in ancient India.
  • Louis Émile Javal
    Louis Émile Javal (May 5, 1839 – January 20, 1907) was a French ophthalmologist born in Paris.
  • Jacques Guillemeau
    Jacques Guillemeau (1550–1613) was a French surgeon from Orléans.
  • Xavier Galezowski
    Xavier Galezowski (1832–1907) was a Franco-Polish ophthalmologist who was one of the first clinical practitioners of his specialty.
  • Louis-Auguste Desmarres
    Louis-Auguste Desmarres (September 22, 1810 – August 22, 1882) was a French ophthalmologist born in Évreux, Eure.
  • Yves Pouliquen
    Yves Pouliquen (born 17 February 1931 in Mortain, France) is a doctor by profession, his work has been dedicated to the pathology of the cornea.
  • Victor Morax
    Victor Morax (16 March 1866 – 14 May 1935) was a French ophthalmologist born in Morges, Switzerland.
  • Claude-Nicolas Le Cat
    Claude-Nicolas Le Cat (6 September 1700 – 20 August 1768) was a French surgeon.
  • José-Alain Sahel
    José-Alain Sahel is a French ophthalmologist and scientist.
  • Eugène Kalt
    Eugène Jean Baptiste Kalt (24 February 1861, Landser, Haut-Rhin – 9 May 1941) was a French ophthalmologist who developed the first known application of a contact lens for the correction of keratoconus.
  • Charles Deval
    Charles Deval (December 6, 1806 – April 9, 1862) was a French ophthalmologist born in Pera, Constantinople, He was the son of dragoman Constantin Deval (1767–1816).
  • Charles Saint-Yves
    Charles Saint-Yves, or Charles de Saint-Yves, (1667 – August 3, 1731) was a French ophthalmologist, famous for his treatment of the cataract and his treatise on ophthalmology.
  • Ferdinand Monoyer
    Ferdinand Monoyer was a French ophtamologist, known for introducing the dioptre in 1872.
  • Henri Parinaud
    Henri Parinaud (1 May 1844, Bellac – 23 March 1905, Paris) was a French ophthalmologist and neurologist, most noted for his work in the field of neuro-ophthalmology.
  • Louis Joseph Sanson
    Louis Joseph Sanson (24 January 1790, Paris – 2 August 1841, Paris) was a French surgeon and ophthalmologist.
  • Frédéric Jules Sichel
    Frédéric Jules Sichel (14 May 1802 – 11 November 1868) was a German-born, French physician and entomologist.
  • Paul Bailliart
    Paul Alfred Marie Bailliart (9 November 1877, Poitiers – 29 October 1969, Val-de-Grâce, Paris) was a French ophthalmologist.
  • Photinos Panas
    Photinos Panas (30 January 1832 – 5 January 1903) was an ophthalmologist born on the Greek island of Cefalonia.
  • Pierre-Félix Lagrange
    Pierre-Félix Lagrange (22 January 1857 – 22 April 1928) was a French ophthalmologist.